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Marie Forleo

A pragmatic philosophy of self-empowerment

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    Marie Forleo’s life story illustrates both the inspiring and realistic underpinnings of her personal philosophy.

    As human beings, we have an incredible gift: the ability to turn our ideas into realities. It’s almost magical, if you stop to think about it: a little spark of our imagination can eventually become a life-changing personal decision, technological innovation, artistic creation or professional ambition.

    The story of Marie Forleo’s success provides a case in point. Back in the late 1990s, after she graduated from college, she was having trouble finding a fulfilling career path. She’d been bouncing from one job to another: assistant trader at the New York Stock Exchange, ad sales assistant at Gourmet magazine, fashion assistant at Mademoiselle magazine. Nothing felt right.

    Then, one day, she came across an article about life coaching. It was a new profession at the time, so she’d never heard of it before, and it came as a revelation to her. This is what she was meant to do – helping other people achieve their personal and professional goals. The idea kept beckoning to her, and when the publishing company Condé Nast offered her a promotion to a position at Vogue magazine, she decided to decline it to pursue her newfound dream of coaching instead. Fast-forward to the present, and Marie is now providing life advice to millions of people through her online TV show, podcast and business training program.

    Of course, our ideas don’t just automatically turn into realities by themselves. There are all sorts of obstacles, challenges and problems standing in our way, and it takes a lot of hard work, skills, resources, knowledge and courage to overcome them.

    In Marie’s case, she first had to shrug off her self-doubts. “I’m only 23 years old,” she thought. “Why would anyone trust me to be their life coach?” She was also saddled with tens of thousands of dollars of debt, and she had to take on extra shifts as a bartender just to put up a website. From waitressing to cleaning toilets, it then took her seven years of working various side jobs before she could stabilize her finances enough to focus on her life coaching business full-time.

    The road from initial idea to successful reality is rarely a short or easy one, and the philosophy of “everything is figureoutable” does not ask us to pretend otherwise. Indeed, as we’ll see in the blinks ahead, it encourages us to embrace the inevitable difficulties of life and tackle them head-on.

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    Worum geht es in Everything is Figureoutable?

    Everything is Figureoutable (2019) provides an optimistic, but also pragmatic philosophy of self-empowerment. While fully recognizing the fact that life is full of difficulties, it encourages us to roll up our sleeves and pursue our dreams anyway. To that end, it teaches us how to counteract our self-limiting beliefs and other self-defeating tendencies, such as letting fear and indecisiveness get the best of us.

    In these blinks, you’ll learn

    • how to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs; 
    • how to stop holding yourself back with excuses; and 
    • how to turn fear from an enemy into a friend.

    Wer Everything is Figureoutable lesen sollte

    • Pessimists wanting to become optimists  
    • Optimists wanting to become pragmatists  
    • Pragmatists wanting to become higher achievers

    Über den Autor

    Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur who hosts The Marie Forleo Podcast and the web television show MarieTV. She also runs the online business-training program B-School. A former life coach and dance instructor, she was named one of today's top thought leaders in Oprah Winfrey's SuperSoul 100 list.

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