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Bedtime Biography: Napoleon The Great

How Napoleon Conquered Europe and Changed the World

By Andrew Roberts
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Bedtime Biography: Napoleon The Great by Andrew Roberts

Narrated by Cathleen McCarron

Music by Federico Coderoni

Napoleon the Great (2014) is an in-depth look into the life and times of the infamous French conqueror, Napoleon Bonaparte. These blinks detail how Napoleon, once a penniless young man, became a general at the age of 24 before going on to revolutionize the French military and government, and leaving an indelible mark on European and world history. 

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Few people have left as large a mark on history as Napoleon Bonaparte – a man of relatively humble origins who became an emperor and conquered much of Europe. 

In this bedtime biography, we’ll explore Napoleon’s story. We’ll learn about his upbringing, his rise to power, and his many battles and wars. It’s a long and fascinating story, so make sure you’re comfy, and we’ll begin.

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