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Modern Warriors

Real Stories from Real Heroes

By Pete Hegseth
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Modern Warriors by Pete Hegseth

Modern Warriors (2020) is a collection of gut-wrenching yet heartfelt stories about US war veterans’ years in service. These tales expose the harsh realities of combat, as well as the cherished moments of love and companionship that saw these soldiers through the hardest times.

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Pete Hegseth wants to share the untold tales of US army veterans.

Meet Pete Hegseth, a former US Army soldier. He had three deployments, to Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan, and Iraq. He earned two Bronze Stars and a Combat Infantryman’s Badge for his service.

When Hegseth hung up his army boots in 2006, he began working for Vets For Freedom – the largest conservative veterans’ organization in the United States. 

In 2014 he landed a job at Fox News as a contributor, hosting his own morning show called Fox & Friends, and later created a televised special called Modern Warriors. His aim was to tell the stories of veterans who had left their families and friends to fight for their country.

The key message here is: Pete Hegseth wants to share the untold tales of US army veterans.

Before he came up with the idea for Modern Warriors, Hegseth was convinced that Americans just didn’t care about the lives of soldiers. He thought that regular people weren’t really interested in hearing about war and suffering. 

But when he started covering war topics on his show Fox & Friends, he realized he’d been wrong about the public. Their reactions to discussions about soldiers and combat were always positive. It showed him that Americans did want to hear the stories of men and women in service – especially those who had been involved in combat since 9/11.

The thing is, soldiers’ stories don’t end when they finish service. Often, soldiers come home with hopes, dreams, and the scars of war. And they struggle in transitioning back to civilian life.

For example, many return home wounded – not just physically, but psychologically, too. Many wrestle with post-traumatic stress. Some contemplate, or even commit, suicide. 

This is why Hegseth encourages soldiers to share their stories. He thinks it’s imperative for veterans to engage in honest conversations about their experiences, to expose the realities of bloody combat and the grief of losing your closest friends.

In doing so, soldiers can figure out what all the fighting meant to them – and to their country. It can also offer them ways to move forward.

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