The best 15 Mediation books

Discover the transformative power of mediation with this thoughtfully curated book list. Whether you're seeking to resolve conflicts or simply improve your communication skills, these books offer practical techniques and insightful advice.
Explore the art of mediation and learn how to foster peaceful resolutions in any situation. Whether you're a professional mediator or simply interested in personal growth, these books will guide you on your journey to becoming a skilled mediator.

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What's Doing Statistical Mediation and Moderation about?

Doing Statistical Mediation and Moderation by Paul E. Jose provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and implementing mediation and moderation analysis in statistical research. It covers the theoretical foundations, practical applications, and step-by-step instructions for conducting these analyses using popular statistical software. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced researcher, this book offers valuable insights and tools for exploring and interpreting complex relationships in your data.

Who should read Doing Statistical Mediation and Moderation?

  • Graduate students and researchers in social and behavioral sciences
  • Practitioners who want to understand and apply statistical mediation and moderation
  • Professionals looking to expand their knowledge in research methods and data analysis

Mediation Books: Disarm Daily Conflict by Chris Roberts

Disarm Daily Conflict

Chris Roberts

What's Disarm Daily Conflict about?

Disarm Daily Conflict by Chris Roberts provides practical strategies for diffusing and de-escalating everyday conflicts. Drawing on his extensive experience in conflict resolution, Roberts offers valuable insights and techniques to help readers navigate challenging situations with confidence and composure. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to improve their communication and conflict resolution skills.

Who should read Disarm Daily Conflict?

  • Individuals who want to feel more confident in handling conflict and threats
  • People who want to learn practical self-defense and safety skills
  • Those who want to protect themselves and their loved ones in various daily situations

Mediation Books: Success as a Mediator for Dummies by Joe Kraynak, Victoria Pynchon

Success as a Mediator for Dummies

Joe Kraynak, Victoria Pynchon

What's Success as a Mediator for Dummies about?

Success as a Mediator For Dummies provides a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to excel in the field of mediation. From understanding the core principles of mediation to practical tips for handling difficult situations, this book offers valuable insights and actionable advice. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced mediator, this book will help you hone your skills and achieve success in this rewarding profession.

Who should read Success as a Mediator for Dummies?

  • Aspiring mediators seeking a comprehensive guide to starting and succeeding in the field
  • Professionals looking to enhance their conflict resolution and negotiation skills
  • Individuals interested in understanding the principles and practices of mediation

Mediation Books: Beyond Neutrality by Bernard S. Mayer

Beyond Neutrality

Bernard S. Mayer

What's Beyond Neutrality about?

'Beyond Neutrality' by Bernard S. Mayer challenges the traditional approach to conflict resolution and offers a new perspective on how to effectively address disputes. Focusing on the concept of "engaged neutrality," the book advocates for mediators and practitioners to actively engage with the parties involved and acknowledge their own values and biases. Mayer proposes practical strategies and ethical considerations to guide professionals in facilitating more meaningful and sustainable resolutions.

Who should read Beyond Neutrality?

  • Individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution
  • Professionals in fields such as law, mediation, social work, and human resources
  • Organizational leaders and managers looking to improve their conflict management skills

What's The Fundamentals of Family Mediation about?

The Fundamentals of Family Mediation by John M. Haynes provides a comprehensive guide to the principles and practices of family mediation. Drawing on his extensive experience as a mediator and trainer, Haynes offers practical insights and strategies for resolving family disputes in a peaceful and constructive manner. This book is an essential resource for anyone seeking to understand the dynamics of family conflict and learn effective mediation techniques.

Who should read The Fundamentals of Family Mediation?

  • Family mediators and professionals looking to enhance their skills and knowledge
  • Individuals going through family conflicts such as divorce or custody disputes
  • Students and academics studying family mediation and conflict resolution

What's Conflict Management Coaching about?

Conflict Management Coaching by Cinnie Noble offers a comprehensive guide to coaching individuals in managing and resolving their conflicts effectively. Drawing from her extensive experience, Noble provides practical tools, techniques, and strategies for coaches to help their clients navigate difficult situations and improve their conflict resolution skills. This book is essential for anyone seeking to enhance their coaching practice in the realm of conflict management.

Who should read Conflict Management Coaching?

  • Professionals seeking to improve their conflict resolution skills
  • Managers who want to effectively handle conflicts within their teams
  • Coaches looking to specialize in conflict management coaching

What's Effective Legal Negotiation and Settlement about?

Effective Legal Negotiation and Settlement by Charles B. Craver provides a detailed guide to achieving successful outcomes in legal negotiations. Drawing from real-life examples and extensive research, the book offers practical strategies for preparing, conducting, and concluding negotiations, as well as dealing with difficult counterparts. It is a valuable resource for lawyers, law students, and anyone involved in legal or business negotiations.

Who should read Effective Legal Negotiation and Settlement?

  • Lawyers and legal professionals looking to improve their negotiation skills
  • Business professionals involved in legal negotiations
  • Law students and aspiring attorneys seeking a comprehensive understanding of negotiation in a legal context

Mediation Books: Practicing Mindfulness by Matthew Sockolov

Practicing Mindfulness

Matthew Sockolov

What's Practicing Mindfulness about?

Practicing Mindfulness by Matthew Sockolov offers a practical guide to incorporating mindfulness into your daily life. With simple exercises and insights, the book teaches you how to be present, reduce stress, and cultivate a sense of inner peace. Whether you're new to mindfulness or looking to deepen your practice, this book provides valuable tools for living with greater awareness and intention.

Who should read Practicing Mindfulness?

  • Individuals seeking to reduce stress and anxiety in their lives
  • Anyone looking to improve their overall mental well-being and emotional resilience
  • Those interested in incorporating mindfulness and meditation practices into their daily routines

Mediation Books: The Promise of Mediation by Robert A. Baruch Bush

The Promise of Mediation

Robert A. Baruch Bush

What's The Promise of Mediation about?

The Promise of Mediation by Robert A. Baruch Bush explores the potential of mediation as a transformative and empowering process for resolving conflicts. Drawing on real-life examples and theoretical insights, the book challenges traditional adversarial approaches and offers a compelling vision for how mediation can promote understanding, collaboration, and lasting solutions.

Who should read The Promise of Mediation?

  • Professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of the theory and practice of mediation
  • Individuals interested in alternative dispute resolution and conflict resolution
  • Mediators looking to enhance their skills and approach to guiding parties toward resolution

What's Little Book of Circle Processes about?

Little Book of Circle Processes by Kay Pranis is a concise guide to implementing the restorative practice of circle processes in various settings such as schools, communities, and organizations. It offers practical advice and step-by-step instructions for facilitating circles to foster communication, understanding, and healing in a group setting. It is a valuable resource for anyone interested in conflict resolution and creating a sense of community.

Who should read Little Book of Circle Processes?

  • Individuals who are interested in restorative justice and conflict resolution
  • Community leaders and activists seeking alternative approaches to addressing social issues
  • Educators and school administrators looking to create a more inclusive and supportive learning environment

Mediation Books: Getting Past No by William Ury

Getting Past No

William Ury

What's Getting Past No about?

Getting Past No by William Ury is a guide to negotiating and resolving conflicts effectively. Ury provides practical strategies for dealing with difficult situations and difficult people, and offers a step-by-step approach to turning opposition into cooperation. Whether in business, personal relationships, or international diplomacy, this book offers valuable insights into the art of negotiation.

Who should read Getting Past No?

  • Professionals who want to improve their negotiation skills
  • Anyone seeking to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings in a productive way
  • Business leaders looking to create win-win situations in their interactions

What's The Principles and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration about?

The Principles and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration by Margaret L. Moses provides a comprehensive guide to the theory and application of international commercial arbitration. It covers key principles, legal frameworks, and practical considerations, offering valuable insights for both practitioners and students in the field.

Who should read The Principles and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration?

  • Lawyers specializing in international commercial arbitration
  • Legal professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of arbitration
  • Business executives involved in international transactions and disputes

Mediation Books: The Mediation Process by Christopher W. Moore

The Mediation Process

Christopher W. Moore

What's The Mediation Process about?

The Mediation Process by Christopher W. Moore provides a comprehensive overview of the mediation process, from the initial stages of preparation to the final agreement. It offers practical guidance and strategies for mediators, as well as valuable insights into the dynamics of conflict resolution. Whether you are a mediator or someone interested in understanding the intricacies of mediation, this book is an essential resource.

Who should read The Mediation Process?

  • Anyone interested in learning about the mediation process and conflict resolution
  • Professionals who want to improve their negotiation and communication skills
  • Individuals seeking to resolve disputes and find mutually satisfactory solutions

Mediation Books: Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

Mindfulness in Plain English

Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

What's Mindfulness in Plain English about?

about the practical teachings of mindfulness in a clear and straightforward manner. With a focus on meditation and its benefits, this book offers valuable insights and guidance on how to cultivate mindfulness in everyday life. It's an essential read for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of mindfulness practice.

Who should read Mindfulness in Plain English?

  • Individuals seeking practical guidance on mindfulness meditation
  • People interested in understanding the benefits of mindfulness for stress reduction and overall well-being
  • Readers who prefer a no-nonsense and direct approach to learning about meditation

Mediation Books: Hollywood Dealmaking by Dina Appleton

Hollywood Dealmaking

Dina Appleton

What's Hollywood Dealmaking about?

In this comprehensive guide, entertainment attorney Dina Appleton offers a behind-the-scenes look at the intricate world of dealmaking in Hollywood. From negotiating contracts to navigating the legal and financial aspects of film and television production, Hollywood Dealmaking provides invaluable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to succeed in the industry. Whether you're a filmmaker, producer, or aspiring entertainment lawyer, this book is a must-read for understanding the complexities of Hollywood dealmaking.

Who should read Hollywood Dealmaking?

  • Entertainment industry professionals seeking to understand the intricacies of dealmaking
  • Aspiring filmmakers, writers, and actors looking to navigate legal and business aspects of their careers
  • Lawyers and agents representing talent in the entertainment industry

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