The best 13 Venture Capital books

Venture Capital is a vital component of the startup ecosystem, fueling innovation and driving economic growth. Understanding the intricacies of venture capital can empower entrepreneurs and investors alike. Our curated book list is designed to help you navigate this complex field.

These books offer insights into the world of venture capital, from fundraising strategies to evaluating investment opportunities. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or an experienced investor, this list will help you master the art of venture capital. So, let's embark on this exciting journey together!
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Venture Capital Books: Venture Deals by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson

Venture Deals

Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson
Be Smarter than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist
4.0 (96 ratings)

What's Venture Deals about?

Venture Deals offers insider insights into the mechanisms that govern venture capital deals as well as tricks that will help you get the most out of negotiations with investors. It lays out the nuts and bolts of venture capital deals in a way that is both easily understood and will give you an edge at the negotiations table.

Who should read Venture Deals?

  • First-time entrepreneurs who want to take their company to the next level
  • Experienced entrepreneurs who want to hone their negotiating skills
  • Anyone who needs financial resources to turn his or her great idea into a business

Venture Capital Books: The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital by Andrew Romans

The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital

Andrew Romans
Inside Secrets from the Leaders in the Start-up Game
4.5 (158 ratings)

What's The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital about?

The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital (2013) is a must-read for any entrepreneur or business leader looking to fund their next great idea. Venture capital firms seek start-ups that show potential and often commit to the tune of millions of dollars. If you want to make it in today’s competitive start-up world, you need to understand how venture capital works.

Who should read The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital?

  • Entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking venture funding
  • Business students curious about the start-up scene
  • Investors looking to become venture capitalists

Venture Capital Books: Reset by Ellen Pao


Ellen Pao
My Fight for Inclusion and Lasting Change
4.5 (10 ratings)

What's Reset about?

In Reset (2017), Ellen Pao recounts the story of her legal battle against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers for discrimination. Her high-profile case caused waves in Silicon Valley, and the bravery and honesty she displayed inspired many women all over the world to share their own experiences, furthering the fight for equality.

Who should read Reset?

  • Women who have experienced sexual harassment at work
  • Managers who want to ensure their workplace is free from discrimination
  • Anyone interested in powerful women bringing about change in the world

Venture Capital Books: Lost and Founder by Rand Fishkin

Lost and Founder

Rand Fishkin
A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World
4.2 (64 ratings)

What's Lost and Founder about?

Lost and Founder (2018) is a hands-on guide to getting your startup off the ground. Written by the founder of a company that’s already made it and packed with cheat codes and hacks, this is the ultimate insider’s playbook of strategies and tactics for struggling founders and would-be innovators.

Who should read Lost and Founder?

  • Aspiring startup founders
  • Entrepreneurs looking for insider tips
  • Anyone fascinated by the world of business

Venture Capital Books: Mastering the Market Cycle by Howard Marks

Mastering the Market Cycle

Howard Marks
Getting the Odds on Your Side
4.1 (131 ratings)

What's Mastering the Market Cycle about?

Mastering the Market Cycle (2018) tackles a subject that’s often misunderstood, ignored or both: financial cycles. It not only explains what cycles are, how they tend to act and what influences them, but how best to position yourself within them to deal with risk and the current market environment. Along the way, it discusses multiple recent financial cycles, teasing out the lessons that can be learned from each.

Who should read Mastering the Market Cycle?

  • Aspiring investors wondering how to choose their assets
  • People who’ve already made investments
  • Investors trying to gain a competitive edge

Venture Capital Books: Secrets of Sand Hill Road by Scott Kupor

Secrets of Sand Hill Road

Scott Kupor
Venture Capital and How to Get It
4.4 (166 ratings)

What's Secrets of Sand Hill Road about?

Secrets of Sand Hill Road (2019) unveils the inner workings of one of Silicon Valley’s most iconic streets. Many of the area’s top venture capital firms are located here and have played a part in funding some of the biggest names in tech today. VC insider Scott Kupor has worked with many of them, and these blinks share their secrets – allowing the rest of us to decipher the mystery of venture capital, how to get it and why it can make or break a company.

Who should read Secrets of Sand Hill Road?

  • Founders and CEOs seeking advice on how to navigate the world of venture capital
  • Beginner venture capitalists looking for wisdom from an industry veteran
  • Tech enthusiasts curious about how their favorite apps came to fruition

Venture Capital Books: Resilient by Rick Hanson with Forrest Hanson


Rick Hanson with Forrest Hanson
How to Grow an Unshakable Core of Calm, Strength, and Happiness
4.5 (416 ratings)

What's Resilient about?

Resilient (2018) is a practical guide on how to cultivate your inner strengths and develop qualities like compassion, confidence, and grit. Through simple techniques and concrete examples, it explains the ways you can harness your brain’s resources to cope with stress and anxiety – and find the motivation to follow your dreams.

Who should read Resilient?

  • Pursuers of happiness looking for guidance on personal growth
  • Life explorers who want to discover their inner strengths
  • Travelers on difficult paths who are in need of encouragement

Venture Capital Books: The Unfair Advantage by Ash Ali & Hasan Kubba

The Unfair Advantage

Ash Ali & Hasan Kubba
How Startup Success Starts With You
4.0 (171 ratings)

What's The Unfair Advantage about?

The Unfair Advantage (2020) demonstrates how we all have something that can catapult us to success.  Drawing on their extensive experience in the start-up world, co-authors Ash Ali and Hasan Kubba break down various personal advantages and how they can be leveraged for the benefit of your business.   Wherever you are on your start-up journey, The Unfair Advantage will help you identify what gives you the upper hand and how you can immediately start making it work for you.

Who should read The Unfair Advantage?

  • Aspiring founders who want to build their start-ups on solid groundwork
  • Early-stage entrepreneurs grappling with challenges, from finding that big idea to funding their start-up
  • Anyone looking to glean the secrets to a successful start-up

Venture Capital Books: Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us by Mike Belsito

Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us

Mike Belsito
How to Raise $1 Million for Your Startup – Even Outside of Silicon Valley
4.6 (94 ratings)

What's Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us about?

Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us (2015) provides insight into how to secure investors for your new business, even if you’re located outside a major start-up community. Its practical advice will explain how to make your business more attractive to investors and how to build the relationships you need to secure start-up capital.

Who should read Startup Seed Funding for the Rest of Us?

  • Start-up founders looking for investors
  • Entrepreneurs working outside a major start-up community
  • Innovators wanting to commercialize a product

Venture Capital Books: The Cult of We by Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrell

The Cult of We

Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrell
WeWork, Adam Neumann, and the Great Startup Delusion
4.2 (125 ratings)

What's The Cult of We about?

The Cult of We (2021) tells the story of how the office-space company WeWork became the world’s most valued startup – only to come crashing down a few years later. Written by the reporters who broke the story of WeWork’s disastrous downfall in 2019, it explores WeWork's trajectory through a journalistic and financial lens, demonstrating how the most prominent investors in the world were blinded to the company’s risks for nearly a decade.

Who should read The Cult of We?

  • People interested in economics
  • Startup and entrepreneurship enthusiasts
  • Anyone curious about startup financing

Venture Capital Books: The Contrarian by Max Chafkin

The Contrarian

Max Chafkin
Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley's Pursuit of Power
3.4 (137 ratings)

What's The Contrarian about?

The Contrarian (2021) is a biography of controversial venture capitalist, tech investor, and PayPal founder Peter Thiel. It explains how Thiel’s politics have informed his career – and how he became one of the most powerful people in the US.

Who should read The Contrarian?

  • People looking for gossip on Silicon Valley
  • US politics junkies
  • Those interested in the intersection of tech and power

Venture Capital Books: No Red Lights by Alan Patricof

No Red Lights

Alan Patricof
Reflections on Life, 50 Years in Venture Capital, and Never Driving Alone
4.1 (117 ratings)

What's No Red Lights about?

No Red Lights (2022) is part-autobiography, part-guidebook to assembling the core fundamentals of your career. Geared primarily toward aspiring venture capitalists but helpful for anyone interested in business, it’s packed with instructive lessons and useful advice. Simultaneously, it is a glimpse into the life of man who’s spent 50 years learning –⁠ and living –⁠ the tricks of the trade.

Who should read No Red Lights?

  • Aspiring venture capitalists and other businesspeople
  • Business students in search of tried-and-true advice
  • Memoir and autobiography fans

Venture Capital Books: Birnam Wood by Eleanor Catton

Birnam Wood

Eleanor Catton
A Novel
4.0 (8 ratings)

What's Birnam Wood about?

Birnam Wood (2023) is an engrossing thriller about what happens when a group of idealistic activists cross paths with the wrong venture capitalist. What looks like an amazing opportunity soon turns into a deadly nightmare, full of lies, cover-ups, and dangerous bedfellows.

Who should read Birnam Wood?

  • Fans of suspenseful stories
  • People interested in modern eco-thrillers
  • Anyone looking for a novel filled with surprises, twists, and turns

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