The best 12 Consumer Behavior books

Understanding consumer behavior is crucial in today's business landscape. Why do people buy what they buy? What motivates their purchasing decisions? Dive into this book list to gain insights into the fascinating world of consumer behavior.
From psychological theories to real-life case studies, these books offer invaluable knowledge for marketers, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in understanding what drives consumer choices. So, join us on this journey of discovering the secrets behind consumer behavior.

The best 12 Consumer Behavior books
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Consumer Behavior Books: The 800 Blueprint by Anthony Daniels

The 800 Blueprint

Anthony Daniels

What's The 800 Blueprint about?

The 800 Blueprint by Anthony Daniels is a comprehensive guide to understanding and improving your credit score. With practical tips and strategies, the book provides a step-by-step plan to help you achieve an excellent credit rating of 800 or above. Whether you're looking to buy a house, get a loan, or simply take control of your financial future, this book offers valuable insights to help you reach your goals.

Who should read The 800 Blueprint?

  • Individuals who want to improve their credit score and financial health
  • Entrepreneurs looking to secure funding for their business ventures
  • People who want to understand the credit system and how to leverage it to their advantage

Consumer Behavior Books: Ninja Selling by Larry Kendall

Ninja Selling

Larry Kendall

What's Ninja Selling about?

Ninja Selling (2017) by Larry Kendall offers a revolutionary sales approach that focuses on building relationships and providing exceptional value rather than pushing products or services. Drawing on his own experience and expertise, Kendall provides practical strategies and techniques for sales professionals to become more effective and successful in their work.

Who should read Ninja Selling?

  • Sales professionals looking to improve their approach and increase their success
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to refine their sales strategies
  • Individuals interested in mastering the art of influence and communication

What's Communicating with the Multicultural Consumer about?

Communicating with the Multicultural Consumer by Barbara Mueller provides valuable insights into the complexities of reaching diverse consumer groups. Through real-world examples and practical strategies, the book offers guidance on how businesses can effectively engage with multicultural audiences, navigate cultural differences, and create meaningful connections through their marketing and communication efforts.

Who should read Communicating with the Multicultural Consumer?

  • Marketing professionals seeking to understand and reach multicultural consumers
  • Entrepreneurs looking to expand their customer base across diverse cultural groups
  • Advertising and PR professionals aiming to create inclusive and impactful campaigns

Consumer Behavior Books: Consumer Behavior by Michael R. Solomon

Consumer Behavior

Michael R. Solomon

What's Consumer Behavior about?

Consumer Behavior by Michael R. Solomon delves into the complex factors that influence our purchasing decisions. From psychological and social influences to the role of culture and technology, this book offers valuable insights for marketers and businesses looking to understand and connect with their target audience.

Who should read Consumer Behavior?

  • Individuals interested in understanding why and how consumers make purchasing decisions
  • Marketers looking to create effective strategies to target and influence consumer behavior
  • Business professionals seeking insights into consumer psychology and motivation

Consumer Behavior Books: Judgment Under Uncertainty by Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky

Judgment Under Uncertainty

Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky

What's Judgment Under Uncertainty about?

Author: Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky

Description: This book explores the ways in which people make judgments and decisions under uncertainty. Drawing on extensive research in psychology and behavioral economics, the authors reveal the systematic errors and biases that can influence our thinking. They also propose strategies for improving decision-making in both personal and professional contexts.

Who should read Judgment Under Uncertainty?

  • Anyone interested in understanding the limitations of human judgment
  • Professionals in fields such as psychology, economics, and decision making
  • People who want to improve their own decision-making processes

What's Lost Department Stores of San Francisco about?

Lost Department Stores of San Francisco by Anne Evers Hitz takes readers on a nostalgic journey through the history of iconic department stores in the city. From the elegant City of Paris to the beloved Emporium, the book captures the essence of these lost treasures and their impact on San Francisco’s retail landscape. Featuring rare photographs and engaging storytelling, it offers a captivating glimpse into a bygone era.

Who should read Lost Department Stores of San Francisco?

  • Museum curators or historians looking to learn about the history of department stores
  • San Francisco locals interested in the city's retail history
  • Readers who enjoy nostalgic stories and learning about bygone eras


What's Product-Led Growth about?

Product-Led Growth by Wes Bush is a comprehensive guide that explores how companies can leverage their product as the main driver of growth. Through real-life examples and actionable strategies, the book delves into the shift from traditional sales and marketing tactics to a customer-centric approach, ultimately empowering businesses to create valuable, user-friendly products that drive sustainable growth.

Who should read Product-Led Growth?

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs looking to grow their SaaS company
  • Product managers and team leaders seeking to improve user acquisition and retention
  • Marketing professionals who want to shift from traditional sales-driven methods to a product-led approach

Consumer Behavior Books: Misbehaving by Richard H. Thaler


Richard H. Thaler

What's Misbehaving about?

Misbehaving (2015) by Richard H. Thaler challenges the traditional economic theory by exploring the irrational behaviors of individuals and the impact they have on decision-making. Through engaging anecdotes and insightful analysis, Thaler offers a new perspective on economics and provides practical advice for understanding and influencing human behavior.

Who should read Misbehaving?

  • Individuals who are curious about insights from behavioral economics
  • Professionals looking to better understand and anticipate human behavior in business and decision-making
  • Readers who enjoy engaging and thought-provoking stories with practical implications

Consumer Behavior Books: A Consumers' Republic by Lizabeth Cohen

A Consumers' Republic

Lizabeth Cohen

What's A Consumers' Republic about?

A Consumers' Republic by Lizabeth Cohen examines the rise of consumer culture in post-World War II America. It delves into how the government, businesses, and consumers themselves shaped the economy and society, and the impact it had on issues such as labor rights, gender roles, and racial inequality. A thought-provoking exploration of the power dynamics at play in the marketplace and the broader implications for American life.

Who should read A Consumers' Republic?

  • History enthusiasts interested in the post-World War II era in America
  • Those curious about the impact of consumer culture on society and the economy
  • Individuals seeking to understand the historical roots of contemporary consumerism

Consumer Behavior Books: Methods of Persuasion by Nick Kolenda

Methods of Persuasion

Nick Kolenda

What's Methods of Persuasion about?

Methods of Persuasion by Nick Kolenda offers a deep dive into the science and psychology behind persuasion. Exploring various techniques and real-life examples, it provides insights into how individuals can influence others and make more effective decisions.

Who should read Methods of Persuasion?

  • Individuals seeking to understand and improve their persuasive abilities
  • Marketers and sales professionals looking to increase their influence and impact
  • Leaders and managers aiming to effectively communicate and inspire others

Consumer Behavior Books: The Velvet Rope Economy by Nelson D. Schwartz

The Velvet Rope Economy

Nelson D. Schwartz

What's The Velvet Rope Economy about?

'The Velvet Rope Economy' by Nelson D. Schwartz exposes how the wealthy and powerful have created a system that gives them exclusive access to the best opportunities and resources, leaving the rest of society to struggle. Through in-depth analysis and real-life examples, Schwartz reveals the harmful effects of this unequal economy and proposes solutions to level the playing field.

Who should read The Velvet Rope Economy?

  • Individuals curious about the growing economic divide
  • Readers interested in the impact of inequality on society
  • Those looking for insights into the privileges and challenges associated with wealth

What's Consumer Behaviour in Sport and Events about?

Consumer Behaviour in Sport and Events by Daniel C. Funk delves into the unique factors that influence consumer choices and behaviors in the context of sports and events. From understanding fan loyalty to analyzing the impact of marketing strategies, this book offers valuable insights for professionals and enthusiasts in the sports and events industry.

Who should read Consumer Behaviour in Sport and Events?

  • Marketers and professionals in the sports and events industry who want to understand consumer behavior
  • Students studying sport management, marketing, or business
  • Sport event organizers and managers looking to improve their marketing strategies

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Consumer Behavior Books

What's the best Consumer Behavior book to read?

While choosing just one book about a topic is always tough, many people regard The 800 Blueprint as the ultimate read on Consumer Behavior.

What are the Top 10 Consumer Behavior books?

Blinkist curators have picked the following:
  • The 800 Blueprint by Anthony Daniels
  • Ninja Selling by Larry Kendall
  • Communicating with the Multicultural Consumer by Barbara Mueller
  • Consumer Behavior by Michael R. Solomon
  • Judgment Under Uncertainty by Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky
  • Lost Department Stores of San Francisco by Anne Evers Hitz
  • Product-Led Growth by Wes Bush
  • Misbehaving by Richard H. Thaler
  • A Consumers' Republic by Lizabeth Cohen
  • Methods of Persuasion by Nick Kolenda

Who are the top Consumer Behavior book authors?

When it comes to Consumer Behavior, these are the authors who stand out as some of the most influential:
  • Anthony Daniels
  • Larry Kendall
  • Barbara Mueller
  • Michael R. Solomon
  • Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky