The best 50 US Presidents books

US Presidents' history illuminates the political landscape of the United States, shaping the nation we know today. Our specially curated book list on this topic offers valuable insights into the lives and decisions of these influential figures.

Discover the rich tapestry of US Presidential history with our collection, providing a nuanced perspective on the leaders who have shaped the nation. Ready to delve into these captivating narratives and gain a deeper understanding of American politics?

The best 50 US Presidents books
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US Presidents Books: The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama

The Audacity of Hope

Barack Obama
Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream
4.5 (119 ratings)
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What's The Audacity of Hope about?

The Audacity of Hope is based on a keynote speech Barack Obama delivered at the 2004 Democratic Convention, which launched him into the spotlight of the nation. It contains many of the subjects of Obama’s 2008 campaign for the presidency.

Who should read The Audacity of Hope?

  • Anyone interested in American politics and international affairs
  • Anyone who wants to find out about Obama’s core values

US Presidents Books: American Lion by Jon Meacham

American Lion

Jon Meacham
Andrew Jackson in the White House
4.8 (42 ratings)
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What's American Lion about?

American Lion (2008) tells the story of Andrew Jackson, America’s seventh president. These blinks describe Jackson’s rise from poverty to the White House, and how he transformed the presidency from a relatively symbolic position into a powerful vehicle for representing the interests of the people.

Who should read American Lion?

  • Historians and students of history
  • Anyone interested in American politics
  • Fans of a good biography

US Presidents Books: Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard

Killing Lincoln

Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard
The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever
4.3 (80 ratings)
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What's Killing Lincoln about?

Killing Lincoln (2011) tells the story behind the assassination of president Abraham Lincoln, which took place in 1865, shortly after the Confederate army had surrendered, effectively putting an end to the US Civil War. Learn all about the conspirators who plotted the killing, what their motives were and the details surrounding the fateful night at Ford’s Theater.

Who should read Killing Lincoln?

  • History buffs
  • Readers curious about Lincoln’s assassination
  • Civil War fanatics

US Presidents Books: Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff

Fire and Fury

Michael Wolff
Inside the Trump White House
4.1 (63 ratings)
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What's Fire and Fury about?

Fire and Fury (2018) gives a fly-on-the-wall account of the Trump administration’s early days. With his insider access to the West Wing and over two hundred conversations with senior staff under his belt, Michael Wolff paints a fascinating portrait of an administration he claims is wholly unprepared to govern.

Who should read Fire and Fury?

  • Readers who want a behind-the-scenes peek into the White House
  • US citizens concerned about how fit Donald Trump is for the job
  • News junkies looking for more insight into the Trump presidency

US Presidents Books: Russian Roulette by Michael Isikoff and David Corn

Russian Roulette

Michael Isikoff and David Corn
The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump
4.0 (57 ratings)
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What's Russian Roulette about?

Russian Roulette (2018) relates the results of an investigation by two journalists into the Russian interference in the 2016 American presidential election. These include details on Trump’s business ties to Russia, the Russian connections of his campaign team, the Russian hacking of Democratic institutions, the disinformation campaigns on social media and what Russian intelligence might have gathered to compromise Trump. The blinks also tell how the American intelligence community and the Obama administration reacted to the Russian hacking.

Who should read Russian Roulette?

  • News junkies interested in the 2016 US presidential election
  • Concerned citizens who want to know more about Trump’s ties to Russia
  • Students of politics seeking an explanation for why Trump won

US Presidents Books: The World as It Is by Ben Rhodes

The World as It Is

Ben Rhodes
A Memoir of the Obama White House
4.5 (35 ratings)
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What's The World as It Is about?

The World as It Is (2018) is a deeply personal look at the Obama presidency, written by a man who not only worked closely with the forty-fourth president, but also became his friend. Taking us on a behind-the-scenes tour of Obama’s presidency, from his first campaign to Trump’s inauguration, these blinks also chronicle the author’s personal journey from fresh-faced staffer to hardened national security operator.

Who should read The World as It Is?

  • History and politics buffs
  • Anyone interested in an inside look at the highest levels of government
  • People who want a better understanding of the state of US politics today

US Presidents Books: The Big Lie by Dinesh D’Souza

The Big Lie

Dinesh D’Souza
Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left
3.0 (151 ratings)
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What's The Big Lie about?

The Big Lie (2017) is a right-wing account of current American political events. Author Dinesh D’Souza thinks that attacks against Trump from the Left are unfair. The progressive Left claim that Trump is a racist and a fascist, and have likened him to a Nazi, but this book radically upends these accusations. For D’Souza, the American Left is recycling one big lie. It’s the Democrats who are the real Nazis, the true fascists and racists.

Who should read The Big Lie?

  • Conservatives, Republicans, Trump-supporters, right-wing voters
  • Historians and political scientists
  • Progressive and liberal voters who want to understand populist arguments

US Presidents Books: No Is Not Enough by Naomi Klein

No Is Not Enough

Naomi Klein
Resisting the New Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need
3.3 (26 ratings)
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What's No Is Not Enough about?

No Is Not Enough (2017) offers a critical account of Trump’s first months in the Oval Office, reflecting on how he got there and what we should expect from him. At the heart of this account is not only an unmasking of Trump’s routine shock tactics, but also advice on how we can resist and forge a better tomorrow.

Who should read No Is Not Enough?

  • Readers trying to make sense of Trump’s presidency
  • Americans outraged by the policies of the Trump administration
  • Activists willing to resist the corporate takeover of politics

US Presidents Books: Presidents of War by Michael Beschloss

Presidents of War

Michael Beschloss
The epic story, from 1807 to modern times
4.4 (78 ratings)
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What's Presidents of War about?

Presidents of War (2018) is a panoramic study of eight US presidents and the conflicts into which they led their country. Detailing each POTUS’ motivations for war, their decisions once hostilities began, and the mood of the press and public at home, these absorbing portraits of wartime leaders look at American history on the grandest of scales – from the War of 1812 to Vietnam. 

Who should read Presidents of War?

  • Americans wanting to understand their past leaders
  • Foreigners whose knowledge of American history is limited to the twentieth century 
  • Future presidents trying to avoid the mistakes of their predecessors

US Presidents Books: The Threat by Andrew G. McCabe

The Threat

Andrew G. McCabe
How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump
3.1 (41 ratings)
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What's The Threat about?

The Threat (2019) offers an inside look at America’s famous nation-wide law enforcement agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI. Written with the lucid precision you’d expect from a high-ranking former FBI official, this book depicts the organization’s inner workings, details the methods it uses to protect the public, and explains why terrorism and President Donald Trump are currently the nation’s biggest threats.

Who should read The Threat?

  • Law-enforcement buffs wondering how the FBI operates
  • Concerned Americans curious about how the organization protects them
  • Law-abiding citizens seeking to understand the FBI’s biggest challenges today

US Presidents Books: Siege by Michael Wolff


Michael Wolff
Trump Under Fire
4.3 (41 ratings)
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What's Siege about?

Siege (2019) gives a detailed account of Donald Trump’s presidency between 2017 and early 2019, portraying a White House that always seems to be on the brink of collapse. In a blow-by-blow description of the seismic events of Trump’s second and third years in office, Michael Wolff evokes an administration under siege.

Who should read Siege?

  • Readers who are morbidly fascinated by the Trump presidency
  • Fans of gripping political narratives
  • US citizens wondering whether their president will see through a full term in office

US Presidents Books: American Carnage by Tim Alberta

American Carnage

Tim Alberta
On the Front Lines of the Republican Civil War and the Rise of President Trump
4.0 (76 ratings)
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What's American Carnage about?

American Carnage (2019) details the ideological battle at the heart of the Republican Party over the last decade. From George Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” to the Tea Party’s right-wing fervor, Tim Alberta covers the ideological metamorphosis that led to Donald Trump’s presidency.

Who should read American Carnage?

  • Anyone with an interest in American politics 
  • Budding Washington hacks
  • Those anxious about the rise of the far right

US Presidents Books: Impeachment by Jeffrey A. Engel, Jon Meacham, Timothy Naftali and Peter Baker


Jeffrey A. Engel, Jon Meacham, Timothy Naftali and Peter Baker
An American History
4.2 (38 ratings)
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What's Impeachment about?

Impeachment (2018) details how the Framers of the US Constitution envisioned the process of removing a president, and how the three impeachment proceedings prior to Trump’s have played out. Spanning the years right after the American Revolution to the late twentieth century, Impeachment looks at how the Framers imagined impeachment as a safety valve for democracy, as well as how Congress used impeachment to sanction Presidents Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton. 

Who should read Impeachment?

  • News junkies who’ve read every think piece about the Trump impeachment
  • History hounds obsessed with the American experiment 
  • Anyone looking for a better grasp on current US affairs

US Presidents Books: Crime in Progress by Glenn Simpson, Peter Fritsch

Crime in Progress

Glenn Simpson, Peter Fritsch
Inside the Steele Dossier and the Fusion GPS Investigation of Donald Trump
3.7 (26 ratings)
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What's Crime in Progress about?

Crime in Progress (2019) is the thrilling inside story of the intelligence agency that first started investigating the links between Donald Trump and Russia. Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch of Fusion GPS relate how they commissioned the infamous Steele Dossier, which alleged that the Russians had leverage over Trump, and the astonishing series of events to which this led.

Who should read Crime in Progress?

  • Fans of American politics
  • Readers who enjoy a political thriller
  • Anyone who’s been glued to the news for the past several years

US Presidents Books: The Conscience of a Conservative by Barry Goldwater

The Conscience of a Conservative

Barry Goldwater
4.4 (146 ratings)
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What's The Conscience of a Conservative about?

The Conscience of a Conservative (1960) is a classic statement of the conservative mindset. Penned in an age of bipartisan support for big government, Barry Goldwater’s manifesto rekindled a conservative movement committed to shrinking the state. Over the next 20 years, Goldwater’s positions on topics such as taxation, education, and welfare became commonsensical on the American right, laying the foundations for the 1980s Reagan revolution. 

Who should read The Conscience of a Conservative?

  • History buffs and politicos 
  • Advocates of limited government 
  • Liberals interested in the other side of the argument

US Presidents Books: A Very Stable Genius by Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig

A Very Stable Genius

Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig
Donald J. Trump's Testing of America
3.6 (104 ratings)
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What's A Very Stable Genius about?

A Very Stable Genius (2020) is the definitive account of Donald Trump’s time in the White House. After three years of silence, dozens of public officials and other first-hand witnesses familiar with the workings of the Trump administration went on record with reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker. Their testimony forms the backbone of these blinks, which reveal the forty-fifth president of the United States up close. 

Who should read A Very Stable Genius?

  • Politics buffs 
  • News junkies looking for the bigger picture 
  • Journalists and reporters

US Presidents Books: Profiles in Corruption by Peter Schweizer

Profiles in Corruption

Peter Schweizer
Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite
3.3 (71 ratings)
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What's Profiles in Corruption about?

Profiles in Corruption (2020) challenges us to question and confront the moral integrity of the politicians at the forefront of the modern progressive movement in America. Derived from a range of sources, from financial reports to corporate documentation, eight profiles of the biggest names in left-wing politics tell us a harrowing story of illicit exchanges, cover-ups, and double-crosses.

Who should read Profiles in Corruption?

  • Americans concerned about the integrity of Democratic politicians
  • Truth-seekers who want to know what goes on behind Washington’s closed doors
  • Fans of political intrigue

US Presidents Books: The Lincoln Conspiracy by Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch

The Lincoln Conspiracy

Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch
The Secret Plot to Kill America's 16th President – and Why It Failed
4.6 (65 ratings)
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What's The Lincoln Conspiracy about?

The Lincoln Conspiracy (2020) tells the story of the first assassination attempt on America’s 16th president – before he was even president. Organized by a secret cabal of pro-slavery Southern secessionists, the plot was foiled by famous private detective Allan Pinkerton, as well as Kate Warne, one of his agents, and the first female detective in America.

Who should read The Lincoln Conspiracy?

  • Civil War fanatics
  • Lincoln geeks
  • Anyone interested in the story of abolitionism

US Presidents Books: It Was All a Lie by Stuart Stevens

It Was All a Lie

Stuart Stevens
How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump
4.0 (128 ratings)
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What's It Was All a Lie about?

It Was All A Lie (2020) is former Republican political consultant Stuart Stevens’ take on how Republican leaders, desperate for power, have mortgaged their purported values to support Donald Trump.

Who should read It Was All a Lie?

  • Americans disappointed by the Trump presidency
  • Lovers of well-crafted snark
  • Political junkies

US Presidents Books: A Promised Land by Barack Obama

A Promised Land

Barack Obama
4.5 (442 ratings)
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What's A Promised Land about?

A Promised Land (2020) is the first volume of the memoirs of Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States. The memoir chronicles Obama’s journey from teenage Honolulu ne'er-do-well to Chicago community organizer and on to one of the most beloved – and mistrusted – figures in American history.

Who should read A Promised Land?

  • Anyone wanting to understand modern American politics
  • Lovers of deep-dive biography
  • Those looking to learn college-age Obama’s strategy for picking up girls

US Presidents Books: Donald Trump v. The United States by Michael S. Schmidt

Donald Trump v. The United States

Michael S. Schmidt
Inside the Struggle to Stop a President
3.9 (62 ratings)
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What's Donald Trump v. The United States about?

Donald Trump v. The United States (2020) tells the story of the 2016 presidential campaign and the subsequent Special Counsel investigation into the Trump administration. It details the ways in which the investigation was assisted by the White House counsel – and how it was curtailed by Trump and the Justice Department.

Who should read Donald Trump v. The United States?

  • News junkies
  • Citizens concerned about US democracy
  • People curious about the Mueller investigation

US Presidents Books: Promises to Keep by Joe Biden

Promises to Keep

Joe Biden
On Life and Politics
4.0 (75 ratings)
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What's Promises to Keep about?

In Promises to Keep (2007), Joe Biden recounts personal anecdotes from his childhood and long career in politics. He reveals how he was taught by his parents to always follow his convictions, and how he entered politics as an underdog, but quickly built a career in the Senate that spanned four decades. Lastly, he recounts how personal and professional adversity have made him a more resilient and insightful father, husband, and political leader.

Who should read Promises to Keep?

  • Voters wanting to know more about one of the US presidential candidates
  • Memoir-lovers who want to learn about the personal life of a remarkable politician
  • Historians interested in how Senate politics has changed over the last four decades

US Presidents Books: Compromised by Peter Strzok


Peter Strzok
Counterintelligence and the Threat of Donald J. Trump
3.9 (41 ratings)
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What's Compromised about?

Compromised (2020) is an inside account of the FBI’s handling of the now-famous Midyear Exam and Crossfire Hurricane investigations concerning Hillary Clinton and the Trump campaign, respectively. It tackles partisan media and White House accusations head-on, from the point of view of a person at the center of it all.

Who should read Compromised?

  • Politically engaged Americans on both sides of the aisle
  • Those who have been exposed to conflicting narratives about the FBI
  • Curious followers of current events and politics

US Presidents Books: Speaking for Myself by Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Speaking for Myself

Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Faith, Freedom, and the Fight of Our Lives Inside the Trump White House
3.4 (63 ratings)
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What's Speaking for Myself about?

Speaking for Myself (2020) is an insider’s account of Donald Trump’s first two years in office by the woman whose job it was to present the president’s thinking to the world – press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Alongside fascinating snapshots of Trump’s decision-making process, values, and sense of humor, Sanders offers readers a glimpse of the inner workings of the White House and the role of the press in American political life.

Who should read Speaking for Myself?

  • Trump haters interested in the other side of the story
  • Journalists, reporters, and broadcasters
  • History and politics buffs

US Presidents Books: The Economists’ Hour by Binyamin Appelbaum

The Economists’ Hour

Binyamin Appelbaum
False Prophets, Free Markets, and the Fracture of Society
4.3 (68 ratings)
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What's The Economists’ Hour about?

The Economists’ Hour (2019) is a compact history of how economists came to dominate our political discourse. This work traces the rise of neoliberal ideology from the 1960s to today.

Who should read The Economists’ Hour?

  • Political wonks wanting to parse the current climate
  • Citizens concerned about America’s rightward shift
  • Anyone asking, “how did things get so bad?”

US Presidents Books: Where Law Ends by Andrew Weissmann

Where Law Ends

Andrew Weissmann
Inside the Mueller Investigation
4.2 (36 ratings)
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What's Where Law Ends about?

Where Law Ends (2020) offers a behind-the-scenes look at the special counsel investigation that resulted in the controversial Mueller Report. It takes you step-by-step through the 22-month process of interviews and evidence gathering that resulted in unprecedented findings that raise serious questions about America’s democratic institutions.

Who should read Where Law Ends?

  • American voters worried about election interference
  • People curious about the limits of executive power
  • Fans of gripping legal investigations

US Presidents Books: First Principles by Thomas E. Ricks

First Principles

Thomas E. Ricks
What America's Founders Learned from the Greeks and Romans and How That Shaped Our Country
4.3 (249 ratings)
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What's First Principles about?

Over the years, much has been made of the influence of Enlightenment ideas –⁠ particularly those of English philosopher John Locke –⁠ on America’s founding fathers. First Principles (2020) takes a different approach. It focuses instead on the ways in which Greek and Roman history and philosophy profoundly shaped the values and goals of America’s first four presidents, and how classical ideas are embedded in the nation to this day.

Who should read First Principles?

  • Anyone interested in American history, or political philosophy
  • Students of Greek and Roman classics

US Presidents Books: American Kompromat by Craig Unger

American Kompromat

Craig Unger
How the KGB Cultivated Donald Trump, and Related Tales of Sex, Greed, Power, and Treachery
4.0 (70 ratings)
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What's American Kompromat about?

American Kompromat (2021) tells the dark and unsettling tale of how the Russian KGB began cultivating Donald Trump as an asset –⁠ and then hit the jackpot when he became the president of the United States. Drawing connections between Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, and a mysterious Catholic sect called Opus Dei, it explores the reasons why Trump repeatedly did Putin’s bidding –⁠ and who enabled him to do so.

Who should read American Kompromat?

  • Americans trying to make sense of Trump’s connection to Russia
  • Fans of political gossip and conspiracies
  • Citizens concerned about how politicians and businessmen weaponize their power

US Presidents Books: Zero Fail by Carol Leonnig

Zero Fail

Carol Leonnig
The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service
4.0 (41 ratings)
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What's Zero Fail about?

Zero Fail (2021) is a no-nonsense account of the ineptitude and recklessness that have plagued the US Secret Service in recent decades. From Kennedy to Trump, the Service has continually covered up for, and even promoted, agents who made impulsive, ill-considered and simply bad decisions. 

Who should read Zero Fail?

  • Popcorn-munching gossip-lovers
  • American history buffs
  • News junkies

US Presidents Books: Richard Nixon by John A. Farrell

Richard Nixon

John A. Farrell
The Life
4.3 (112 ratings)
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What's Richard Nixon about?

Richard Nixon: The Life (2017) is a thorough biography of one of the most controversial American presidents. Tracing Nixon’s life from his humble upbringing through his meteoric political ascent to his crashing downfall in the Watergate scandal, it reveals a complex, troubled, and sentimental man.

Who should read Richard Nixon?

  • US-politics aficionados
  • Biography enthusiasts who love a scandal
  • People looking to deepen their knowledge of American history

US Presidents Books: The Reckoning by Mary L. Trump

The Reckoning

Mary L. Trump
Our Nation's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal
3.2 (213 ratings)
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What's The Reckoning about?

The Reckoning (2021) is an unflinching look at contemporary American society. This sharp treatise draws informative connections between the nation’s traumas and its current issues.

Who should read The Reckoning?

  • Voters struggling to understand the contemporary political landscape
  • Citizens concerned about the future of their country
  • Anyone interested in a critical analysis of American society

US Presidents Books: Renegades by Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen


Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen
Born in the USA
4.1 (325 ratings)
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What's Renegades about?

Renegades (2021) documents eight intimate and enlightening conversations between two living legends: the musician Bruce Springsteen and the former US president Barack Obama. These two friends delve into some of the issues that have defined both of their careers, including American identity, fatherhood, class and racial divides, wrestling with the past, and maintaining hope for the future.

Who should read Renegades?

  • American citizens concerned about the country’s future
  • Fans of “the Boss” and the forty-fourth president
  • Music buffs

US Presidents Books: I Alone Can Fix It by Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker

I Alone Can Fix It

Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker
Donald J. Trump's Catastrophic Final Year
3.8 (96 ratings)
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What's I Alone Can Fix It about?

I Alone Can Fix It (2021) is the definitive behind-the-scenes account of Donald Trump’s final 12 months in the White House. Drawing on in-depth interviews with participants in the drama, it charts how a president who was on course for reelection ended up presiding over a doomed and bloody attempt to cling on to power. Along the way, it reveals the thinking behind Trump’s dysfunctional responses to the coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement. 

Who should read I Alone Can Fix It?

  • Politics buffs
  • Current affairs junkies
  • Americanophiles

US Presidents Books: Reagan by H. W. Brands


H. W. Brands
The Life
4.3 (185 ratings)
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What's Reagan about?

Reagan (2015) is the definitive account of the life of a towering figure in American history. Starting with his childhood in Illinois, the narrative follows the course of Ronald Reagan’s life, from his charmed days in Hollywood to his time as governor of California and, finally, from the White House to the world stage of the Cold War.

Who should read Reagan?

  • All those who think they know what Reagan was all about
  • History buffs
  • People looking to understand modern American conservatism

US Presidents Books: Founding Brothers by Joseph J. Ellis

Founding Brothers

Joseph J. Ellis
The Revolutionary Generation
4.6 (227 ratings)
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What's Founding Brothers about?

Founding Brothers (2002) complicates and enriches our understanding of the American revolution. The men who founded America lived and worked in uncertain times. The future was far from certain, and even the truths they held to be self-evident often led to strikingly different conclusions. But they clung to one another – as friends, as rivals, and even as enemies. Together, they formed a fraternity of remarkable minds that could collectively solve the problems each of them on their own could not.

Who should read Founding Brothers?

  • History buffs
  • Americanophiles 
  • Anyone who loves stories

US Presidents Books: The January 6th Report by Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol

The January 6th Report

Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol
3.6 (217 ratings)
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What's The January 6th Report about?

The January 6th Report (2022) is the official Congressional report into the storming of the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. The report confirms that Donald Trump, the outgoing president, was the root cause of the attack on the Capitol, and the committee recommended that he broke numerous laws in the process and should be brought to justice.

Who should read The January 6th Report?

  • News addicts who were gripped by the events of January 6
  • Politics enthusiasts
  • Anyone with an interest in democracy – and its limits

US Presidents Books: And There Was Light by Jon Meacham

And There Was Light

Jon Meacham
Abraham Lincoln and the American Struggle
4.6 (73 ratings)
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What's And There Was Light about?

And There Was Light (2022) is a biography of Abraham Lincoln that takes a nuanced look at a complex leader. Focusing especially on Lincoln’s evolving views on and actions around slavery, it’s a picture of a man who wrestled with his moral convictions while attempting to hold together a divided nation. Echoes of that struggle still ring out today, making it essential to keep Lincoln’s story at the forefront of American consciousness.

Who should read And There Was Light?

  • American history enthusiasts
  • People interested in controversial historical figures
  • Budding political pundits looking to add to their historical knowledge

US Presidents Books: Confidence Man by Maggie Haberman

Confidence Man

Maggie Haberman
The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America
3.7 (306 ratings)
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What's Confidence Man about?

Confidence Man (2022) is a full account of Trump’s life in the spotlight. It tracks his career from early New York real estate deals to his tumultuous tenure in the White House. It shows how his aggressive personality was molded early on and only intensified as the stage grew bigger.

Who should read Confidence Man?

  • Politics junkies
  • People interested in the January 6 attack on the US Capitol
  • Anyone interested in the unique life of Donald J. Trump

US Presidents Books: Never Give an Inch by Mike Pompeo

Never Give an Inch

Mike Pompeo
Fighting for the America I Love
3.8 (47 ratings)
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What's Never Give an Inch about?

Never Give an Inch (2022) gives insight into US foreign policy during the Trump administration. Pompeo, the former Secretary of State, outlines his personal beliefs, candidly discusses his views on international politics, and reflects on challenges and successes from his time in the State Department.

Who should read Never Give an Inch?

  • Republicans
  • People who want to know more about the Trump administration
  • Anyone who’s interested in US and international politics

US Presidents Books: The Courage to Be Free by Ron DeSantis

The Courage to Be Free

Ron DeSantis
Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival
3.4 (78 ratings)
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What's The Courage to Be Free about?

The Courage to Be Free (2023) is an account of Ron DeSantis’s career so far, focusing on his work as governor of Florida. He reflects on his approach to leadership and outlines his vision for America.

Who should read The Courage to Be Free?

  • Republicans and anyone who has right-wing political views
  • People interested in US politics
  • Anyone who wants to know more about a potential future president

US Presidents Books: The River of Doubt by Candice Millard

The River of Doubt

Candice Millard
Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey
4.1 (57 ratings)
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What's The River of Doubt about?

The River of Doubt (2005) is about former US President Theodore Roosevelt's perilous 1913–1914 expedition into the Amazon rainforest alongside Brazilian explorer Cândido Rondon. It chronicles the challenges they faced, from disease and dangerous wildlife to potential mutiny, as they navigated an uncharted river. The journey pushed every member to their limits and nearly cost Roosevelt his life.

Who should read The River of Doubt?

  • History buffs interested in Roosevelt's post-presidential adventures
  • Explorers fascinated by the Amazon
  • Anyone looking for tales of human endurance

US Presidents Books: Becoming FDR by Jonathan Darman

Becoming FDR

Jonathan Darman
The Personal Crisis That Made a President
4.3 (116 ratings)
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What's Becoming FDR about?

Becoming FDR (2022) tells the remarkable story of the personal health crisis and recovery that transformed Franklin D. Roosevelt from a self-centered, pampered golden boy to the mature, empathetic President who would go on to lead a nation through the darkest days of The Great Depression and the second World War. 

Who should read Becoming FDR?

  • History buffs looking for the inside story on one of America’s defining presidents
  • Political minds curious about the personalities that shaped the twentieth century
  • Anyone curious about how crisis and adversity can shape character

US Presidents Books: An Ordinary Man by Richard Norton Smith

An Ordinary Man

Richard Norton Smith
The Surprising Life and Historic Presidency of Gerald R. Ford
4.6 (27 ratings)
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What's An Ordinary Man about?

An Ordinary Man (2023) is the complete biography of Gerald R. Ford, the thirty-eighth president of the United States. Under his leadership, America navigated its gravest constitutional crisis since the Civil War and confronted its most profound economic slump since the Great Depression. While Ford can be seen as an “accidental president,” historian Richard Norton Smith argues that his accomplishments were numerous and significant.

Who should read An Ordinary Man?

  • History buffs 
  • Politicos interested post-Watergate America
  • Fans of in-depth biographical works 

US Presidents Books: Tired of Winning by Jonathan Karl

Tired of Winning

Jonathan Karl
Donald Trump and the End of the Grand Old Party
2.7 (175 ratings)
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What's Tired of Winning about?

Tired of Winning (2023) invites you into a gripping narrative of political intrigue and legal drama, centering on Donald Trump's unprecedented challenges and actions that reshaped American politics. Experience a compelling journey through political chess games, legal battles, and the ongoing saga of a figure who continues to dominate the American political landscape.

Who should read Tired of Winning?

  • Political history enthusiasts
  • Followers of US presidency studies
  • Anyone interested in contemporary American politics

US Presidents Books: Renegade by Adam Kinzinger & Michael D'Antonio


Adam Kinzinger & Michael D'Antonio
Defending Democracy and Liberty in Our Divided Country
3.0 (10 ratings)
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What's Renegade about?

Renegade (2023) offers an insider’s perspective on the turbulent political landscape in the United States. Focusing on the challenges and divisions within the Republican Party, it delves into the personal and political consequences of standing against party norms during a time of heightened partisanship, showcasing the complexities of democracy and liberty in a divided country.

Who should read Renegade?

  • Political science students and researchers
  • Members of the Republican Party seeking introspection
  • American history and contemporary politics enthusiasts

US Presidents Books: Teddy and Booker T. by Brian Kilmeade

Teddy and Booker T.

Brian Kilmeade
How Two American Icons Blazed a Path for Racial Equality
4.2 (70 ratings)
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What's Teddy and Booker T. about?

Teddy and Booker T. (2023) tells the story of how President Theodore Roosevelt and Booker T. Washington, two wildly different Americans, faced the challenge of advancing racial equality in the early 1900s. When Roosevelt welcomed Washington into his circle of advisors in 1901, they confronted violent racist backlash, having risen to prominence in an era of increasing Jim Crow laws and lynching. Though coming from vastly different backgrounds, both men embodied the pioneering American spirit and believed progress was possible through collaboration. 

Who should read Teddy and Booker T.?

  • History buffs
  • Leadership readers
  • People looking to be inspired

US Presidents Books: Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin
4.4 (44 ratings)
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What's Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin about?

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (1793) provides an intimate look at Franklin's successes and failures, revealing his views on practical wisdom and self-improvement. It showcases his journey from a young apprentice to a renowned figure in history, offering valuable life lessons along the way.

Who should read Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin?

  • History enthusiasts
  • Self-improvement seekers
  • Fans of personal narratives

US Presidents Books: My Life by Bill Clinton

My Life

Bill Clinton

What's My Life about?

My Life is a memoir by Bill Clinton that offers a detailed account of his life, from his childhood in Arkansas to his time as the 42nd President of the United States. Clinton reflects on his personal and political experiences, providing insights into key events and decisions that shaped his presidency and legacy.

Who should read My Life?

  • Readers who are interested in the personal and political life of Bill Clinton
  • Individuals who want to gain insights into the challenges and triumphs of a former US president
  • People who enjoy memoirs and firsthand accounts of historical events

US Presidents Books: American Sphinx by Joseph J. Ellis

American Sphinx

Joseph J. Ellis

What's American Sphinx about?

American Sphinx by Joseph J. Ellis delves into the complex and enigmatic personality of Thomas Jefferson. Through meticulous research and insightful analysis, the book uncovers the contradictions and complexities of the third President of the United States, painting a multidimensional portrait of a man who played a pivotal role in shaping American history.

Who should read American Sphinx?

  • History enthusiasts who want to gain a deeper understanding of Thomas Jefferson
  • Readers interested in the complexities of American politics and leadership
  • Those who enjoy biographies that offer a nuanced and thought-provoking portrayal of historical figures

US Presidents Books: Five Presidents by Clint Hill, Lisa McCubbin

Five Presidents

Clint Hill, Lisa McCubbin

What's Five Presidents about?

Five Presidents by Clint Hill and Lisa McCubbin provides an insider's account of the lives and legacies of five American presidents: Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford. Through firsthand anecdotes and historical insights, the book offers a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs faced by these leaders during their time in office.

Who should read Five Presidents?

  • History enthusiasts who want an insider's look at the lives of US presidents
  • Readers interested in the behind-the-scenes workings of the Secret Service
  • Individuals curious about the personal interactions and relationships between presidents and their security detail

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