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From Intel to Twitter: The Fascinating Stories Behind 8 Behemoths of Business

These titles describe the ups and downs of the world's biggest companies, such as Amazon, Enron and Google.
8 books | Curated by Blinkist
The Smartest Guys in the Room
Bethany Mclean, Peter Elkind

The Smartest Guys in the Room (2003) tells the remarkable tale of energy trader Enron – once a poster child for market innovation on Wall Street – and its dramatic fall from stratospheric heights. These blinks detail a gripping story of financial deceit, while shedding ...

Hatching Twitter
Nick Bilton

Hatching Twitter tells the story of the four men responsible for Twitter as we know it. It’s a tale of backstabbing, superstar glory and billions of dollars that chronicles the drama and defining decisions that made Twitter what it is today.


Alibaba’s World
Porter Erisman

Alibaba’s World (2015) tells the story of Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba, which was founded in 1999. Alibaba’s World offers valuable insights into leadership and business acumen that can help you put your company on the path to success.

Business Adventures
John Brooks

Business Adventures comprises twelve riveting case studies of key developments in business, economics and finance. While they concern events and companies you may never have heard of, the case studies are highly entertaining and the lessons learned from them ar...

The Intel Trinity
Michael S. Malone

The Intel Trinity (2014) offers the first comprehensive history of Intel, arguably the most important company of our “digital age.” The company’s success is based on three key people – Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore and Andy Grove – whose personalities formed a formidable b...

The Everything Store
Brad Stone

Despite being a billion-dollar company today, Amazon was built on humble beginnings in Jeff Bezos’ garage. From the get-go, Bezos was driven by the grand vision of creating an Everything Store – which has, in the meantime, virtually come true. Focusing equally on the co...

The House of Rothschild
Niall Ferguson

The House of Rothschild (1998) offers a detailed, insider look into the famed Rothschild family’s multinational partnership. By examining the relationships and strategies that launched the Rothschilds to success, the book demystifies this historic family, making their m...

Fred Vogelstein

Dogfight (2013) recounts the tale of how a once amicable business partnership between tech giants Apple and Google turned into a bitter rivalry as the companies fought for control of the mobile internet device market.

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