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Blinkist News

Apple recommends Blinkist for lifelong learners, top thinkers, and anyone who wishes they had more time to learn the powerful ideas in nonfiction books.
Yuval Noah Harari dives into the history of humankind, including how exactly life as we know it came to be. Here’s what you need to know from his book, Sapiens.
Blinkist is an app used by top thinkers around the world –– it provides genuine value for people who love to learn.
Whether you’re trying to make a good habit stick or break a bad habit, James Clear’s Atomic Habits shows you how to do it. Here are the 5 most useful lessons from the book.
Apple thinks Blinkist is one of the best apps for lifelong learning. Let’s take a look at what makes it so useful.
Meet Blinkist, a Berlin-based, award-winning startup that improves millions of people’s lives on a daily basis.
Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman shares the science of how our brains make decisions, and how we can make better ones.
«So viele Bücher, so wenig Zeit.» Aus dieser Erkenntnis entwickelten drei Studenten eine App, die das Lesen revolutioniert und die Nutzer schnell schlauer macht.
Der neue Trend unter Akademikern: Die Wissens-App Blinkist bringt Kernaussagen aus über 5000 Sachbüchern auf das Smartphone. Nutzer können sich das Wissen eines ganzen Sachbuchs in nur 15 Minuten aneignen.