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Blinkist News
If you just nod and smile when someone tells you they’re a product manager, Caroline is here to share exactly what that means and what she actually does every day.
Every job interview is a two-way street: you’re assessing the candidate and the candidate is assessing you. Here’s how to give your interviewee the best possible experience.
We’re thrilled to launch State of Mind, a new podcast series where Blinkist co-founder Niklas Jansen interviews outliers in their fields.
How do you hire the best talent at scale without expanding your HR team — or burning them out? Here, Deborah Caulet explains the unique process that’s been developed at Blinkist.
It’s extremely hard to give good feedback. Here, VIlma discusses her personal experience of feedback and how you can learn to give—and receive—feedback constructively.
You've passed the invitation and preparation phases. Congratulations! Now we'll help you find out how you can ace that interview once you're here.
Being nervous just prior to an interview is a natural reaction, so we've noted a few tricks to help you come in cool and collected.
Have you ever pictured yourself working at Blinkist? Our Talent Acquisition Lead provides some insights into how you can give your application a boost.
At Blinkist, remote work is part of our culture. We know that doing great work is about more than showing up to the office.
All good things must come to an end. As we say goodbye to the Blinkist Minute, we want to take a moment to celebrate it and to look forward to what’s next.