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Internal successes should be celebrated by the whole organization. Today, we have compiled five amazing stories not only to shine light on these empowering victories but also to underline how one can achieve great outcomes even when there’s a challenge ahead.
The world’s highest achievers have one thing in common: an appreciation for reading. Books were their most profitable investment.
As technology makes knowledge increasingly accessible, fewer people need to fork out for expensive schools. Start learning now with the Blinkist app.
Implementing small, incremental changes every day is the true key to becoming a better person. Let the Blinkist app help you to become your best self.
Want to listen to some Shortcasts but not yet sure what’s available? Here’s a list of shows you can find in the Blinkist app.
We just released our new content format: Shortcasts. But what exactly is a Shortcast and why should you start listening to them right now? Let’s find out.
Want to be one of the first to hear the future of audio? Just open the Blinkist app today to experience our latest innovative format.
How did we turn Blinkist from a text-only app into an audio powerhouse? Let's take a look at the decks to find out.
Die Coronakrise trifft die Wirtschaft schwer. Vor allem Start-Ups bangen um ihre Existenz. Blinkist-Gründer Holger Seim gehört zu denen, die die Krise als Chance verstehen. Seine Wissens-App hat sich in der Vergangenheit bereits in schweren Zeiten bewährt. Das rät der Unternehmer jetzt.
A designer takes you through a four-month journey to redesigning the Blinkist Library.