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Work and Success

Die Wissens-App Blinkist vermittelt ein ganzes Sachbuch in nur 15 Minuten und ermöglicht es so im Alltag ganz einfach das Allgemeinwissen zu verbessern. 26 Millionen Menschen nutzen die App bereits, die meisten von ihnen sind Akademiker. Hier erfahren Sie, wie Blinkist funktioniert.
Find out everything about David Goggins and his Books here on Blinkist. We have curated a list of his best books and wish to provide the links to the relevant Blinks, so that you can start enjoying his nuggets of wisdom immediately.
Five years ago, when the short film “A millennial job interview” went viral on YouTube, many people — especially people who have worked in human resources — have had a lot to say about millennials. Some say they’re entitled and lazy, others say they’re unprofessional, and unable to take criticism or stay long term on a job due to their impatience and lack of work ethics.
Mark Cuban’s Book Recommendations give you an insight into his thoughts on business and entrepreneurship. Absorb this knowledge in 15 minutes per book!
Things can go wrong at work, but saying sorry — and how you say it — when it’s your fault makes a difference. Here’s how to apologize professionally for a mistake at work.
Schon wieder müssen Banken vom Staat gerettet werden. Droht die nächste Finanzkrise? Die Wissens-App Blinkist erklärt, wie Anleger und Sparer jetzt einen kühlen Kopf bewahren können.
Elon Musk is a controversial figure, but his genius and accomplishments in technology and business are undeniable. He's an avid reader, and Blinkist has compiled a list of 20 books that have inspired him, including works by Richard Feynman, Benjamin Franklin, and Steve Jobs.
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