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Work and Success

Die Wissens-App Blinkist vermittelt ein ganzes Sachbuch in nur 15 Minuten und ermöglicht es so im Alltag ganz einfach das Allgemeinwissen zu verbessern. 28 Millionen Menschen nutzen die App bereits, die meisten von ihnen sind Akademiker. Hier erfährst du, wie Blinkist funktioniert.
Have you ever wondered why setting up a sick out-of-office message is more than just a courtesy? Discover how this simple message can be a game-changer for you and your team, and learn how to communicate like a pro.
Shine in your next interview with a stellar response to “Tell me something interesting about yourself”. Here’s your ultimate guide to standing out!
Struggling to kick-start your email? Writing that opening sentence can either make or break your email's effectiveness. At Blinkist, we've gathered 110 ideas for email opening sentences to help you come up with interesting and creative ways to start your emails.
Discover the power of Blinkist Guides. Guides take you on an interactive journey to elevate your leadership skills. Embrace your true potential and become the influential leader you were destined to be!
Planning a vacation, attending a conference, or simply need a sick leave? It's crucial to inform your colleagues and clients with an effective out-of-office message. This guide walks you through crafting the perfect out-of-office response, making sure your absence won't result in confusion or miscommunication.
Equip yourself for your next job interview with the best words to use and avoid. Get insights from Jonah Berger's 'Magic Words' and Blinkist's guide 'Interview Ready in 5 Steps'. Turn your language into a powerful tool to project professionalism and secure your dream job.
Facing the challenge of cancelling a job interview? Our detailed guide offers expert advice on how to do it right without damaging future opportunities. Plus, explore tips and resources to ensure you're prepared for your next interview.
Make a great first impression and build strong connections with these essential networking tips for beginners.
Are you sweating over how to apologize to your boss after making a mistake? Fear not! Apologizing doesn't have to be a nerve-wracking experience. In this guide, we'll walk you through the when, why, and how of saying sorry to your boss, complete with real-life examples.
Eine Abschieds-E-Mail an Kollegen ist freundlich, höflich und kann sogar zu neuen Chancen führen. Hier erfährst du, wie du eine solche E-Mail schreibst und in Erinnerung bleibst.