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Society and Culture
If the pandemic has transformed you into an unwitting stay-at-home chef, our culinary guru has tips for creative cooking in the COVID era.
When so many of us are working remotely, being constantly online can feel essential to getting your work seen. But being always available may actually work against you.
Finding the motivation to learn a new skill is not always easy. The thought of helping someone else can provide a powerful incentive.
As long as people have been around, they’ve been trying to improve their lot in life but it took a while for self-help to become the industry we know today. Here’s the fascinating history of its origins and evolution.
As many of our lives remain paused, perhaps now’s a good time to reassess our ambitions.
As COVID-19 continues to take its toll, what can we expect to learn once this is all over?
Every year, leading dictionaries release their lists of words that defined the year. For Merriam-Webster in 2019, that word was ‘they.’
Confused about what’s happening to our planet? We mined key nonfiction texts to find out what experts have to say about global warming and climate change.
Do your part to preserve the planet by being a more environmentally conscious consumer.