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Society and Culture
As J.D. Vance’s memoir arrives on the small screen, the author’s portrayal of life in Appalachia again comes under fire.
As we face a second wave of the pandemic, restrictions are once again coming into place all over the world. Have no fear, these books may help you to navigate through the second lockdown.
There has been no denying the political divide leading up to this year’s election, but history shows the US has survived more serious schisms.
Ever think it was weird that witches are so closely associated with the humble broomstick? It is. It’s very weird.
Just over a month ago, an icon left us. Now, we’ve assembled some of her most memorable quotes to guide us all towards better lives along with a list of books to help us get there.
With Americans already in queues for the polls and posting their votes, the world is watching with bated breath. Here is a list of books that might help you better understand the ballot.
In Caste, Isabel Wilkerson investigates how class and hierarchy are intertwined in the way that race, and racism, play out in the United States.
How did podcasting grow from nerdy niche projects to a powerful million-show-strong medium? We dive into the history to find out.
This fascinating first-hand account offers insight into what life was like in the Chinese city where the coronavirus crisis emerged.
Do you want to learn more about the history of the major world religions, or how to approach difficult conversations with openness and understanding? Karen Armstrong’s books are the answer!