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Mind and Body
What do you gift the smartest person you know for Christmas? A hit of knowledge of course! Choose one of these apps for a gift that keeps on giving.
God rest ye merry gentlemen (and women) for tis the season of mulling wine, roasting chestnuts, jolly gluttony and err, fighting with your siblings. Here’s how to get through without too much strife.
Instead of putting off making a change until you’re in a confetti-strewn hangover on New Year’s Day, why not use December to find a little resolution?
It doesn’t have to be just during Thanksgiving. Taking a moment to remember what we’re grateful for has a whole buffet of benefits.
Why valuable insights are more likely to come to us when we stop overthinking
If your significant other values actions above all else, here’s what you need to know about communicating in their love language.
If your partner interprets love in terms of time together, here’s how you can effectively respond to their needs.
Sonya Renee Taylor shares her message of how Radical Self-Love can be an answer to a range of global issues in today’s Simplify Episode.
Read Caitlin's interview with Sonya Renee Taylor about the benefits—to yourself and the world—of practicing a radical form of self-acceptance.
From intimate expressions to long-distance relationships, here’s your guide to communicating in the love language of physical touch.