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Mind and Body

Want to sleep better? Gather the insights from different experts on how to improve your sleeping routine.
It doesn’t have to be just during Thanksgiving. Taking a moment to remember what we’re grateful for has a whole buffet of benefits.
Host of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, Natalie Lue, shares how to step away from being over-responsible for other people in order to better take care of you!
Whether you share close quarters or are in a long-distance relationship, here’s your guide to communicating in the love language of physical touch.
Meditation skeptic? This Shortcast episode with ABC anchor, New York Times bestselling author and meditation advocate, Dan Harris, might just change your mind.
Beth Kempton, author of ‘Wabi Sabi,’ shares how this Japanese worldview can help us manage any obstacle life has to throw at us.
Though some may argue that audiobooks and podcasts—and audio Blinkist—are inferior to words on a page, science says otherwise.
Want to get better at decision-making? Daniel Kahneman’s groundbreaking Thinking, Fast and Slow can help you learn to work with, not against, your brain.
What kind of life would you have if you followed your desires and intuitions? Glennon Doyle asks herself, and us, who we really want to be.
In an uncertain world, practicing mindfulness can calm the mind and body. We’ve gathered some mindfulness techniques to help beginners and seasoned pros alike.