The Editorial Team
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Caitlin Schiller

Caitlin is Editor-in-Chief of Blinkist Magazine and general word wrangler at Blinkist. She’s been writing for digital – agency side and freelance – for more than a decade. Caitlin studied English and Spanish literature and has lived in a handful of countries, where she’s eaten all the delicious things and picked up odd lexical delights.

Caitlin’s recommended read is Just Listen by Mark Goulston

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Tom Anderson

Tom is a writer and editor at Blinkist. He is from the North of England and is Blinkist’s designated Tea Master. He holds a degree in Political History and Museum Studies from Newcastle University. Tom works with Blinkist’s team of readers, helping them extract the key insights from nonfiction books. 

Tom’s recommended read is The Black Jacobins by C.L.R James

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Therese Sivertsson

Therese is a writer for Blinkist Magazine. Originally from northern Sweden, she studied Business at Stockholm School of Economics before moving to Berlin to work in the start-up scene. At Blinkist she manages PR & Events and keeps her desk minimalistically neat.

Therese’s recommended read is Sex At Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá

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Emily Phillips

Emily (of Blinkist newsletter fame) can confirm that she is, indeed, a very real person. A person who voices Blinkist communications, a know-it-all who helps frustrated users when the app is being difficult, and a Martha who occasionally bakes cakes to win favor among her colleagues. Emily studied Comparative Literature, French, and German at Bryn Mawr College and for the last four years has been working for learning and publishing startups. 

Emily’s recommended read is The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner

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Melissa Kabakci

As Content Marketing intern, Melissa is our resident authority on UTM links, Instagram and post-apocalyptic click-worthy questions. Currently based in Berlin, Melissa is pursuing a BA in International Business. She speaks fluent English, French, Turkish and dabbles in German. When not working at Blinkist, you can find her curled up in the sun reading Knausgård. 

Melissa’s recommended read is What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith

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Michael Benninger

Michael is a writer, editor, and lifelong geek living in San Diego, California. He’s been writing for print and digital publications for more than a decade. When not at a keyboard, he can usually be found biking around the beach, staring at a cinema screen, or buried in a good book. Michael’s recommended read is Waking Up by Sam Harris.

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Tim Metz

Tim Metz is the co-founder of Saent, the world’s first smart device and app designed to help you focus, do great work, and live a more fulfilling life. You can download the app for free. Tim lives and works from Beijing, China, and writes regularly about productivity, work-life balance, and entrepreneurship. You can follow him on Twitter.

Ben Hughes

Ben Hughes is the head of content at Blinkist, a service that lets you read the key lessons from the latest and greatest nonfiction books in 15 minutes or less. Ben is a former management consultant with a background in corporate strategy, psychology and applied maths.

Johanne Schwensen

Johanne Schwensen is a psychologist. She writes on the human mind, self-help, negotiation, and happiness. Johanne practices therapy in the heart of Berlin and organizes various psychology-related activities and discussions in the city.

Sebastian Klein

Sebastian is cofounder at Blinkist, a service that feeds curious minds key insights from non-fiction books. As Blinkist’s Editor-in-Chief, he specializes in distilling complex concepts from great books into smart, beautiful language.

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