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Book Lists

Discover the subtle yet powerful Korean superpower of Nunchi, and how you can use it to connect with anyone, transforming everything from your work life to your love life.
Do you ever get overwhelmed by your ambition? Don’t panic. Here’s how you can achieve your goals with the Japanese art of Kaizen.
Es war noch nie leichter, in die Fußstapfen von einem der erfolgreichsten Unternehmer der Geschichte zu treten. Wenn Elon nämlich nicht gerade Raketen oder Fahrzeuge baut, liest er viel. Das können auch Sie. Hier erfahren Sie, wie.
Want to feel more satisfied with life? We picked out these 5 books that will change your outlook.
For those on the Republican side of the aisle, these 5 books will teach you everything you need to know about right-wing thinking.
When he’s not building rockets, boring tunnels beneath Los Angeles, or sending cars into space, Elon Musk reads a lot. Here are 9 nonfiction books he thinks we should all read.
The holiday season is underway. For many people, that time can equate to stress and anxiety. That’s why we put together a guide to help you and your family (re-)connect in the days ahead. To a more peaceful and jolly season!
Es braucht nur ein paar Minuten am Tag, um neue Wege zu einem glücklicheren Leben zu finden. Blinkist zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie in nur 15 Minuten pro Tag mehr Zufriedenheit und Achtsamkeit finden können.
Want to know the secrets to better communication? Learn how to connect with others, express yourself clearly, and more, with Blinkist.
Want to stand out in your field? Discover the hidden talents that will set you apart from the competition and learn how to develop them with Blinkist.