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Book Lists
If the lockdown has left you looking for more to read, here are 15 book recommendations from today’s top authors, actors, and executives.
Whether you want explore your own identity or just be a better ally, here are a selection of books that speak to LGBTQIA+ experiences.
So far, 2020 hasn’t exactly been a banner year but at least great nonfiction books just keep on coming. Here are a few of our favorites.
As protests against police brutality escalate, be an ally and educate yourself about the realities faced by people of color.
Lockdown has taught many of us, even sworn introverts, that there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. Here are some books to help you get through isolation.
Whether you seek greatness or wisdom in any area of life, these bestselling biographies can help you learn from those who have attained astonishing heights.
Not sure how your immune system actually works or how to keep it in tip-top shape? Here’s a list of books that’ll clue you in.
Find your own inspiration in these books that have shaped historical and contemporary thinking about the world and ourselves.
When your usual routines are disrupted and your only commute is from the living room to the fridge, it can be easy to let taking care of your health fall by the wayside.
Coping with the current crisis can certainly be challenging, but these nonfiction books may make getting through this ordeal a little easier.