The best 11 Environment books

The environment is a topic of utmost importance in our modern world. From climate change to biodiversity loss, understanding the intricacies of environmental issues is crucial. Join us on a journey to explore the complexities of our planet and the actions we can take to protect it.
Delve into this thoughtfully curated book list that offers diverse perspectives and eye-opening insights. Whether you're an environmentalist or simply curious about our natural world, these books are a must-read for anyone who wants to make a positive impact.

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Environment Books: The World Is Blue by Sylvia A. Earle

The World Is Blue

Sylvia A. Earle
How Our Fate and the Ocean's Are One

What's The World Is Blue about?

In "The World Is Blue," renowned marine biologist Sylvia A. Earle takes readers on a journey through the world's oceans, exploring their beauty, importance, and the urgent need for their protection. Drawing on her own experiences and scientific research, Earle provides a compelling account of the threats facing our oceans and offers solutions for preserving these vital ecosystems. This book serves as a call to action for individuals and governments to take responsibility for the health of our planet's blue heart.

Who should read The World Is Blue?

  • Those who are interested in marine conservation and protecting the world's oceans
  • People who want to learn about the impact of human activities on marine ecosystems
  • Individuals who are curious about the latest scientific research and discoveries in marine biology

Environment Books: The Nature Fix by Florence Williams

The Nature Fix

Florence Williams
Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative

What's The Nature Fix about?

The Nature Fix explores the scientific evidence behind the healing power of nature. Florence Williams takes readers on a journey around the world to uncover the benefits of spending time in natural environments, from reducing stress and anxiety to improving cognitive function and creativity. This book offers a compelling argument for reconnecting with the natural world in our modern, technology-driven lives.

Who should read The Nature Fix?

  • Anyone seeking a stronger connection with nature
  • Individuals interested in the impact of nature on mental and physical well-being
  • People looking for practical tips on incorporating nature into their daily lives

Environment Books: Where the Water Goes by David Owen

Where the Water Goes

David Owen
Life and Death Along the Colorado River

What's Where the Water Goes about?

Where the Water Goes explores the complex and often controversial world of water management in the western United States. David Owen takes readers on a journey along the Colorado River, examining the various uses and challenges surrounding this vital resource. From agriculture to urban development, he delves into the history and future of water in a region facing increasing scarcity and competition. This thought-provoking book sheds light on the importance of responsible water usage and the need for sustainable solutions.

Who should read Where the Water Goes?

  • Anyone curious about the complex and controversial topic of water usage and management
  • People seeking a deeper understanding of the environmental impact of human activities related to water
  • Readers interested in exploring the connections between water, politics, economics, and society

Environment Books: The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan

The Worst Hard Time

Timothy Egan
Teddy Roosevelt and the Fire That Saved America

What's The Worst Hard Time about?

The Worst Hard Time tells the gripping story of the Dust Bowl, a devastating environmental disaster that took place during the 1930s in the American Great Plains. Through extensive research and interviews with survivors, Timothy Egan brings to life the hardships and resilience of the people who endured this catastrophic event. The book also explores the causes and consequences of the Dust Bowl, shedding light on the importance of environmental stewardship.

Who should read The Worst Hard Time?

  • History enthusiasts who are fascinated by the Dust Bowl era in America
  • Environmentalists and those interested in the impact of human activity on the environment
  • Readers who enjoy exploring stories of resilience and the human spirit in the face of adversity

Environment Books: The Big Thirst by Charles Fishman

The Big Thirst

Charles Fishman
The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water

What's The Big Thirst about?

The Big Thirst explores the global water crisis and the innovative solutions being developed to address it. From the politics of water rights to the science of water conservation, Charles Fishman delves into the complex and essential role that water plays in our lives. This thought-provoking book challenges us to rethink our relationship with this precious resource and consider the impact of our actions on the future of water.

Who should read The Big Thirst?

  • Individuals curious about the impact of water scarcity on our world
  • Environmentalists and those interested in sustainable practices
  • Policy makers and government officials aiming to address water-related challenges

Environment Books: No Impact Man by Colin Beavan

No Impact Man

Colin Beavan

What's No Impact Man about?

"No Impact Man" is a thought-provoking memoir by Colin Beavan that chronicles his year-long experiment to live a zero-waste, environmentally sustainable lifestyle in the heart of New York City. Through his personal journey, Beavan challenges readers to reconsider their own impact on the planet and inspires them to make positive changes for a more sustainable future.

Who should read No Impact Man?

  • Individuals looking to reduce their environmental impact and adopt a sustainable lifestyle
  • Those interested in exploring alternative ways of living and challenging societal norms
  • Anyone seeking inspiration and practical tips on making positive changes in their lives and the world

Environment Books: The Third Bank of the River by Chris Feliciano Arnold

The Third Bank of the River

Chris Feliciano Arnold
Power and Survival in the Twenty-First-Century Amazon

What's The Third Bank of the River about?

The Third Bank of the River is a captivating exploration of the Amazon and the people who call it home. Through vivid storytelling and in-depth research, Chris Feliciano Arnold delves into the complex history, environmental challenges, and cultural significance of the world's largest river, offering a thought-provoking examination of the interconnectedness of humanity and the natural world. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the Amazon and the issues surrounding its preservation.

Who should read The Third Bank of the River?

  • Readers who are interested in exploring the complexities of family and relationships
  • People who enjoy literary fiction and lyrical writing style
  • Those who appreciate stories that delve into the human condition and provoke deep reflection

Environment Books: Death by Landscape by Elvia Wilk

Death by Landscape

Elvia Wilk

What's Death by Landscape about?

Death by Landscape is a gripping novel that delves into the complexities of human relationships and the haunting power of nature. Set in the Canadian wilderness, the story follows a woman haunted by the disappearance of her childhood friend during a camping trip. As she navigates her own life and relationships, she is forced to confront the dark secrets hidden within the landscape. Wilk's beautiful prose and intricate storytelling make this a thought-provoking and unforgettable read.

Who should read Death by Landscape?

  • Readers interested in thought-provoking speculative fiction
  • Those curious about the implications of technology and urbanization on our environment
  • Anyone who enjoys exploring complex themes of alienation, identity, and the meaning of home

Environment Books: Countdown by Alan Weisman


Alan Weisman
Our Last Best Hope for a Future on Earth?

What's Countdown about?

In "Countdown," Alan Weisman explores the pressing issue of overpopulation and its potential consequences for our planet. Through in-depth research and interviews with experts, Weisman delves into the challenges and possible solutions to this global problem, offering a thought-provoking and urgent call to action. This book will make you reconsider the impact of our growing population and the importance of finding sustainable ways to coexist with our planet.

Who should read Countdown?

  • People who are curious about the impact of human population on the planet
  • Those who want to understand the consequences of overpopulation on resources and the environment
  • Readers who are interested in exploring potential solutions for a sustainable future

Environment Books: A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold

A Sand County Almanac

Aldo Leopold

What's A Sand County Almanac about?

A Sand County Almanac is a collection of essays written by conservationist Aldo Leopold. It explores the beauty and ecological importance of the natural world, while also addressing the need for conservation and environmental ethics. Leopold shares his observations and reflections on the land and its inhabitants, inspiring readers to appreciate and protect the environment.

Who should read A Sand County Almanac?

  • Nature enthusiasts who want to deepen their understanding of the environment and conservation
  • Environmentalists seeking inspiration and insights on sustainable living
  • Readers interested in the intersection of ethics, philosophy, and the natural world

Environment Books: Gathering by Diane Ott Whealy


Diane Ott Whealy
Memoir of a Seed Saver

What's Gathering about?

Gathering is a memoir by Diane Ott Whealy that chronicles her journey to preserve heirloom seeds and the stories behind them. Through her personal experiences and family history, Whealy explores the importance of preserving biodiversity and the cultural significance of these seeds. This book is a celebration of the connections between people, plants, and the earth.

Who should read Gathering?

  • Individuals interested in organic gardening and sustainable farming
  • People curious about the history and origins of heirloom plants
  • Gardeners looking for practical tips and advice on seed saving and biodiversity

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