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Trevor Moawad with Andy Staples

How to Think Neutrally and Gain Control of Your Life

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It Takes What It Takes by Trevor Moawad with Andy Staples is a self-help book that shares powerful lessons on the importance of mindset, and the impact it has on our success and happiness in life. It offers practical strategies and tools to develop a winning mindset and overcome obstacles.


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    The power of neutral thinking

    Do you remember the last time life caught you off guard? Perhaps you became emotional, reactive, or even judgmental. What if there were a way to navigate these situations with more clarity and less emotional baggage? Enter the concept of neutral thinking – a mindset free from biases and judgments.

    Imagine you’re Russell Wilson, one of the NFL’s top-tier players. Picture a crucial playoff game. The stakes are high, the pressure is mounting – and then, suddenly, you throw multiple interceptions. The crowd gasps and the weight of the world is on your shoulders. But instead of spiraling into negative self-talk or becoming paralyzed by fear, you reset. This reset doesn’t mean you ignore the mistakes or brush them under the rug. Rather, you acknowledge them, and you understand that the past can’t be changed. But the next move, the next pass, the next decision – that’s entirely up to you.

    Russell embodies this art of neutral thinking. No matter the turbulence of the past season or personal challenges, he kept his eyes on the present moment, understanding that dwelling in the past or worrying about the future doesn’t serve his current game. It’s a mindset that acknowledges reality but doesn’t let emotions dictate the course of action.

    Here’s another example: astronauts are masters of neutral thinking, too. Remember those famous words “Houston, we've had a problem”? Well, on April 14, 1970, the crew of Apollo 13 did have a problem. During the mission, an accident occurred in one of the service module’s oxygen tanks, compromising the spacecraft’s sources of power and oxygen. Stranded in space, facing dire circumstances, panic and despair could have easily taken over. But these astronauts, along with their ground-control team, exemplified the art of how to stay calm and practice neutral thinking. They tackled one problem at a time, acknowledging the severity of the situation, but not letting emotions cloud their judgment. This mindset allowed them to ingeniously craft solutions on the fly, ultimately saving their lives and ensuring a triumphant return to Earth.

    So how can you apply their wisdom to your daily life? First, understand that emotions aren’t your enemies. They’re signals, indicators of something deeper. Neutral thinking isn’t about burying those emotions – it’s about recognizing them and not letting them drive the car. To help yourself in these situations, pause and take three deep breaths before reacting. This simple act can help shift your perspective from emotional to neutral, allowing for clearer decision-making.

    Secondly, it’s vital to remember that every moment offers a new choice. No, you can’t change what happened five minutes ago, but you’re in full control of the next five minutes. Whether you’re gearing up for a big presentation, navigating personal relationships, or just deciding what to eat for dinner, taking a neutral stance can make the decision clearer and less fraught with unnecessary baggage.

    In essence, neutral thinking is your compass in the stormy seas of life. Embrace it, practice it, and watch as you navigate challenges with newfound clarity and purpose.

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    Worum geht es in It Takes What It Takes?

    It Takes What It Takes (2020) unveils the transformative power of neutral thinking. Dive into real-world examples and practical strategies that teach you to navigate life’s challenges with clarity. Gain control, harness your mindset – and watch your world shift.

    Wer It Takes What It Takes lesen sollte

    • Elite athletes seeking mental resilience and performance enhancement
    • Professionals pursuing clarity, focus, and decision-making skills
    • Self-help enthusiasts exploring transformative mindset shifts

    Über den Autor

    Trevor Moawad was a renowned mental-conditioning expert. He honed the mental prowess of elite athletes like Seattle Seahawk Russell Wilson. His expertise shone beyond sports, influencing top-tier professionals across various domains. He died in 2021.

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