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Want to Boost Your Productivity in 7 Days? Take the Blinkist Challenge

Welcome to the Blinkist challenge that will help you become more productive in just seven days.
by Rob Gillham | Jan 7 2022

Welcome to the Blinkist challenge that will help you become more productive in just seven days. Every day, over a whole week, you’ll get expert evidence-based techniques from the Blinkist app that will help you work more efficiently and effectively. So, whether you want to finish a major project at work or just get more done in your daily routine, this challenge is for everyone with too little time and too much to do. Don’t worry about finding reading time, either – all Blinkist books are available in audio, too, allowing you to listen in the car, on the treadmill, or while cooking.

But before we get this challenge started, here’s an overview of what Blinkist is all about. Blinkist is an app that takes core ideas from a nonfiction book and packages them into an explainer which you can enjoy in as little as 15 minutes. The method is backed by neuroscientific principles, designed with your brain in mind: what you’ll learn in this challenge is easy to understand, and hard to forget.

Today, there are over 5,000 explainers for nonfiction books in the app’s library, covering topics like parenting, history, and productivity. It’s an app for everyone – from busy students to parents, Olympians like Ian Warner, musicians like Ellie Goulding, and even Apple’s CEO Tim Cook.

There’s no app where you can learn from so many bestselling books on so many topics unless you purchased each individually. That’s the magic of Blinkist: there’s a whole world of learning in one place.

87.5% of users have made positive changes to their lives after downloading Blinkist. Join them by starting with our 7-day challenge, learn from a bestselling book on productivity each day, and see how many ideas can level up your daily routine.

Day 1: Learn How to Plan Your Day with 18 Minutes by Peter Bregman

What’s it about?

18 Minutes is a guide to improving productivity by focusing on meaningful work, reaching goals, and preventing distractions. The Blinkist explainer shows you how to identify the right kind of work for you and how to stay on track and hit your targets.

Key learning to boost productivity

Day 1 of our challenge focuses on laying a strong foundation. To follow through on our plans and stay productive, we have to spend our time wisely. Get Bregman’s expert advice in this explainer on how to plan your day, keep you focused, and stay on track with the wisdom of the 18-minute ritual.

Get all of the key ideas in just 10 minutes with the Blinkist explainer.

Day 2: Block External Inputs with Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday

What’s it about?

Stillness is the Key shows us the importance of stillness – the ability to think clearly, avoid distraction, conquer impulses, and find happiness. Drawing on wisdom from history’s greatest philosophers and on the habits of outstanding athletes, leaders, and artists, the Blinkist explainer shows how achieving stillness is a powerful way to find contentment and success in life.

Key learning to boost productivity

With distractions all around us – some controllable, some uncontrollable, it’s no wonder that we find ourselves experiencing periods of unproductivity. On day 2 of the Blinkist Challenge, pull this key learning from Stillness is the Key to increase efficiency: be present and limit the inputs in your life. For instance, turn off that podcast while answering emails, or use “do not disturb” to delay seeing calls and messages. Block out the endless inputs, and you’ll naturally find more time for what matters.

Get all of the key ideas in just 18 minutes with the Blinkist explainer.

Day 3: Rejuvenate with Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

What’s it about?

Free to Focus challenges some common myths surrounding productivity and proposes a new way to approach our workday. In a distraction-laden and attention-sapping world, this Blinkist explainer offers a reality check packed with practical tips.

Key learning to boost productivity

On day 3 of Blinkist’s productivity challenge, we want you to prioritize rest. We are always on the go, even when we are staying at home, and with such an active lifestyle, the motivation to stay productive can be hard to find. That’s why it’s vital to make time for rejuvenation; when we allow ourselves the time to recharge, we build the energy to work more efficiently. Did you know that adequate sleep makes it easier to solve problems, stay focused, and make good decisions? “Me time” isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity.

Get all of the key ideas in just 12 minutes with the Blinkist explainer.

Day 4: Unplug and Get Bored with Bored and Brilliant by Manous Zomorodi

What’s it about?

Bored and Brilliant argues that the constant distractions of modern life — from smartphones to advertisements and email — are depriving us of a crucial resource: boredom. When we’re constantly busy or being entertained, we have no time to process information or let our minds wander. This not only makes life more stressful; it harms our productivity, making it harder for us to focus when we need to.

Key learning to boost productivity

Take the opportunity to step away from your “productivity” apps on day 4. Don’t answer that email right away. Turn off your phone. Sign out of your work computer after work. It may seem like you have to always be “there” for work or on social media, but allowing your brain to unplug, calm down, and get bored actually increases productivity and creativity! Who knows, maybe when you’re bored, you’ll finally find a solution to that problem that’s been bugging you?

Get all of the key ideas in just 15 minutes with the Blinkist explainer.

“As a wife, a mom of three, and a full-time entrepreneur, I yearn for some time to read for both personal and professional reasons. Blinkist is my car companion and pre-sleep friend! I love it.”
– Oula Farawati, Co-founder & CEO Printati.

Day 5: Shift your mindset and think positively with #Upcycle Your Job by Anna Meller

What’s it about?

#Upcycle Your Job presents a six-step approach to finding the perfect work-life balance. Although geared toward working mothers, this method can be used by anyone looking to get more out of life without making career sacrifices in the process.

Key learning to boost productivity

Day 5 brings us to a shift in mindset: rather than focusing on what’s not making you productive during the day, focus on and observe what is making you productive. Focusing on the positive is a better way to lead and stimulate change. You will be amazed at what positivity can bring to productivity!

Get all of the key ideas in just 13 minutes with the Blinkist explainer.

Day 6: Take Tiny Steps with Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg

What’s it about?

Smarter Faster Better combines personal stories and business research to show that being productive isn’t just about managing your to-do list but also about making the right choices and maintaining the right mindset. The Blinkist explainer offers advice on how to stay motivated, keep yourself on track and work in teams effectively to maximize your creativity, productivity and success.

Key learning to boost productivity

Day 6 focuses on setting an ambitious goal, then breaking it down into smaller, easily achievable parts. So, you want to finish that big report by Friday so you can enjoy a stress-free weekend? It can be done – but not if you try and tackle it all at once. Instead, take it bit by bit, focus on accomplishing the steps, not the whole, and you will be amazed at how productive you can be.

Get all of the key ideas in just 12 minutes with the Blinkist explainer.

“I use Blinkist when I’m in between meetings and can’t get a giant task done, but at least I can be productive.”
– Sarah Schupp, Professor & Founder of

Day 7: Let’s Get Things Done with David Allen

What’s it about?

Getting Things Done introduces David Allen’s famous system for stress-free productivity. With this system, you can face an overwhelming amount of things to do but still be productive, creative, and relaxed as you tackle them.

Key learning to boost productivity

Finally, we’ve planned our 18-minute productivity ritual, practiced removing distractions, and learned how to break large tasks into bite-sized, manageable pieces. Now, on Day 7 of the Blinkist productivity challenge, it’s time to get things done! While David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) method is best learned as a whole (so make sure to get all of the GTD insights in the Blinkist app!), one key learning is this: Reflecting and constantly reviewing the way you work is key to maintaining productivity. What in this challenge worked for you? What didn’t? Is your to-do list getting done, or do you want to try more methods? Perhaps it’s time to implement these ideas into your life – or try some more new ones!

Get all of the key ideas in just 22 minutes with the Blinkist explainer.

Listen In

Blinkist explainers are also available in audio format, so you can take this challenge and other learnings with you on the go. Fit learning into a time of your day that isn’t convenient for reading. For instance, on day 6 of our challenge, you can listen to the key learning from Smarter Faster Better while taking a stroll around the park, and by day 7 you can sit down and get stuck into the learnings on productivity from Getting Things Done.

Key Learnings on Productivity and More, In One App

So, you’ve finished our 7-day productivity challenge. Where do you go from there? Blinkist has you covered with 5,000 explainer packs for nonfiction titles that cover wide-ranging topics from Economics to Biology and Philosophy.

There’s no other place where you can learn from so many bestselling books on productivity. That’s the magic of Blinkist: there’s a whole world of learning in one place.

7 Days to a More Productive You, 365 Days to a Whole New You

Why not download the Blinkist app today and start your 7-day free trial?Then, after 7 days of improving your productivity, create your own challenge and see what you can learn in a year.

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