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How To Find Time To Learn When You Have A Busy Schedule

No time to learn? You're in for a treat. Entrepreneur, mom and author Hitha Palepu shares how she fits daily learning into her already busy lifestyle with the Blinkist app.
by Sinead O'Reilly | Feb 16 2017

Most of us feel pretty busy, but Hitha Palepu is a prime example of someone who thrives at this pace.

She’s a mother, mentor, an accomplished author and the co-founder of Bridge2Act. An extraordinary platform which allows you to donate to vetted non-profit organizations and charities. Her website’s name, Hitha On the Go, is a fair representation of just how she operates.

With all of the above at play, you’d think that Hitha would have enough on her plate. But with this vast variety in work and lifestyle her appetite to learn has only grown.

Hitha Palepu

Hitha’s solution is the Blinkist app.

Blinkist helps lifelong learners like her access the great nonfiction books they ache to read, but might not have time to dive into in full.

Sound too good to be true? Noted.

Admittedly, the app cannot control or alter time, but what it can do is give you the most important aspects of a book in the blink of an eye – more than 1,900 of them, as a matter of fact.

It’s with the Blinkist app that Hitha manages to fit her daily learning into her already busy lifestyle.

The Blinkist App

Download the Blinkist app

The app has especially transformed Hitha’s morning routine.

As soon as she rises Hitha is very much on-the-go.

Following meditation and journaling, Hitha digs into her first read of the day using the Blinkist App.

Hitha follows up by listening to yet another bestseller with Blinkist audio.

This hands-free way of reading allows her to dive into her day—make coffee, get together her workout clothes, and get her kids ready to go—without wasting a moment of time she could be learning.

By the time most people wake up, Hitha has already read the highlights from two nonfiction books, and is ready to tackle her day.

Hitha loves reading about history, science, productivity/work, psychology, and business, but is interested in just about everything.

Blinkist has given her the resources to increase her knowing on these subjects each and every morning.

She’s also able to apply her learnings immediately. From learning about Nike’s founding success in Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog, to changing work methods through Francesco Cirillo’s Pomodoro Technique Hitha builds the knowledge she gathers through Blinkist into ever-better days.

Ultimately, Hitha created more space, more success, and more knowledge by carving out a place for learning with Blinkist.

Want to join Hitha and become your own one-woman force to be reckoned with? Try the app for free at and get insights into how you can grow, succeed, and get smarter in minutes a morning.

Hitha’s solution is the Blinkist app.

Blinkist helps lifelong learners access great nonfiction books they would love to read but unfortunately do not have time to.

The app gives you the most important insights from a nonfiction book in less than 15 minutes – and you can choose from 1,900 titles.

The Blinkist App

Download the Blinkist app

This is how she manages to fit daily learning into her already busy lifestyle. Hitha uses the app as soon as she gets up. By the time most people are starting to get out of bed, she has already read and listened to insights from 2 nonfiction books.

While learning is important, one of the best parts about Blinkist is that it helps her to apply the learnings immediately into her daily life. New work methods? Check. Time-management skills? Check. Being a better communicator? Check. All in a day’s read.

Want to join Hitha and become your own force to be reckoned with? Try the Blinkist app for free and make the most of your time.

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