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by Paul Hawken (ed.)
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There’s no doubt: global warming is real and its main driver is carbon emissions from human activity. Drawdown (2017) argues that despite the depth of the climate crisis humans have manufactured, it’s not too late for us to turn back the clock. From solar power to agroforestry to electric cars, Drawdown compiles countless proven ways that radically reduce human carbon emissions. This essential guide contains all the knowledge and technology that we need to reverse global warming and save the world.

  • Individuals who care about the future of humanity
  • Business owners, policy makers, activists and homeowners who want to make a measurable difference
  • Science nerds, tech enthusiasts and nature lovers

Project Drawdown is a community of scientists, activists and politicians dedicated to researching and spreading ways to solve global warming. Its champions and advisors include environmentalist Bill McKibben, forester Peter Wohlleben, and activists Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen. Paul Hawken, an environmentalist, journalist and entrepreneur, is the co-founder of Project Drawdown and the book’s editor.

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