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Podcast: How To Deal With Stress, PTSD and Burnout Using Mindfulness Techniques

Is mindfulness the secret key to personal development? Find out this & more in the second installment of our 2-part podcast special.
by Ben Schuman-Stoler | Mar 31 2017

In honor of #MindfulMarch, we wanted to bring you two short, special editions of the Blinkist Podcast. Last week, we reviewed the best non-fiction books on mindfulness; today we ask whether mindfulness techniques are part of the future of work and self care.

There’s no doubt that mindfulness appeals to a lot of people. One such mindfulness fan is internet superhero and podcast co-host, Caitlin. She and I sat down to work through my conflicted feelings about mindfulness, talk about the perks of loud breathing, and discuss a bunch of other relevant stuff:

1. What’s the link between mindfulness and modern stress levels?2. Does practicing mindfulness help heal traumas like PTSD?

3. Why are big-time corporations like Google investing in mindfulness?

4. Does being mindful really make you more creative and more productive? Will it give you good hair?

5. What is snake brain?

Whether you’re a mindfulness skeptic or a true believer, our twenty-minute conversation might persuade you to consider the opposing view.

Interview Highlights:

On magic

“I don’t think that mindfulness is magic. I don’t think that mindfulness is new. I don’t think that mindfulness is strange. I think that probably a lot of people have been practicing mindfulness for a long time without knowing it.”

On the body

“Research has found is that it’s the body and not the mind that holds on to trauma. Mindful bodywork like yoga and meditation help people heal.”

On the now

“Mindfulness actually is is the ability to really turn all of your focus onto the present without preconception or judgment and be comfortable in it.”’


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That excellent intro and outro music you heard is by Nico Guiang. You can find more of it on SoundCloud and Facebook.

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