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Getting to Know Fernanda Neute, Mark Manson’s Wife

Mark Manson's Wife - A Significant Influence, Discover How They Met, Manson's Age, His Path to Financial Success, and His Writing Collaborations.
by Rob Gillham | Nov 17 2023

Meet Fernanda Neute, a designer from Brazil who is married to author Mark Manson (39 years old). This article shines a spotlight on the love story of this enthralling couple, providing an inside look into their personal life.

For those who are fans of Manson’s work or simply interested in getting to know more about the woman at his side, read on to learn more about Mark Manson’s wife.  

The Woman At The Author’s Side: Fernanda Neute

Mark Manson is married to Fernanda Neute. Fernanda is a Brazilian designer who runs her own design and lifestyle brand, Feliz Com A Vida. Mark Manson met his wife, Fernanda, during one of his self-reflective trips around the world, and he proposed to Fernanda in 2016 after dating for a few years.

Their bond grew stronger as time passed, leading to their wedding that same year.

Mark Manson: From Humble Beginnings to Bestselling Author 

Mark Manson, born on March 9th, 1984, in Austin Texas is currently 39 years old. He began his journey to becoming a well-recognized author and blogger in the early 2000s. After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Boston University in 2007, he started blogging, albeit casually at first. His early work revolved around dating advice, based on his personal experiences and observations.

With a unique approach to relationship advice that veered away from conventional wisdom, his blog started gaining significant traction. His work caught the attention of an international audience, leading to the creation of the website

His breakthrough came with the publication of his blog post, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck“, which went viral and became a sensation on the internet. This eventually led him to write a book with the same title, transforming him into a New York Times’ bestselling author. 

Manson’s early career is marked by his bold, unfiltered views on life and relationships, which became the cornerstone of his blogging, and later, his written works. His relatable advice, often laced with humor and blunt reality checks, resonated with a wide audience and paved the path for his successful career.

His Road to Prosperity 

Unlike most people who accumulate wealth through their day jobs, Manson made his fortune by sharing his philosophy about life and love. He built his wealth primarily through his endeavors as a professional blogger and author. The success of his books, specifically ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck‘, played a significant role in establishing his wealth.

Hollywood Friends: Manson’s Collaboration With Will Smith

Mark Manson also collaborated with one of the world’s most versatile and popular entertainers on a sterling memoir. This courageous book unveils the transformational journey from a life of outer success to inner happiness and human connection.

Working with Will Smith, Manson helped weave a tale unraveling Smith’s transition from a child in West Philadelphia to a rap sensation and Hollywood’s favorite. However, despite his professional triumph, a shift in Smith’s perspective on life led to the birth of his book: Will.

Manson’s expertise in self-awareness and personal growth played a crucial role in crafting a narrative around Smith mastering his emotions and fueling different stages of his life journey. This collaboration reiterated Manson’s standing in the realm of self-help literature. It also validated his knack for integrating genuine wisdom within life stories, making this book as unique and enlightening as the ones he has authored individually.

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