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According to Apple This is One of the Best Apps for Lifelong Learning

Apple thinks Blinkist is one of the best apps for lifelong learning. Let’s take a look at what makes it so useful.
by Rob Gillham | Nov 6 2023

Benjamin Franklin’s success was largely thanks to his lifelong passion for learning. He left formal education at ten years old, and relied on learning from books throughout his life to accomplish his goals and fuel his curiosity.

People today are more distracted than ever before, and finding time to learn is getting harder. That’s where Blinkist comes in. The app puts the key insights from a nonfiction book and into an explainer pack that can be enjoyed in as few as 15 minutes. In 2017, the app was named by Apple as one of the best apps in the world.

Apple WWDC 2023
Blinkist is often selected as one of the apps to appear in the keynote presentation of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference – most recently in June 2023.

The app is now featured as one of the top twenty brands in the US App Store’s lifelong learning category, alongside big names such as TED, Udemy and Coursera. In 2019 alone, Apple featured Blinkist as an ‘App of the Day’ more than 500 times worldwide.

The Blinkist App is also revealed to be one of the most important apps for everyday use with the new iPhone 14 .

Blinkist is frequently featured as an ‘App of the Day’ by Apple.

Studies Have Shown That Blinkist’s Latest Feature Increases Learning

Especially Blinkist’s latest feature helps elevate the app into an even better experience for its users. Studies have shown that guided knowledge increases learning which is why Blinkist has just launched Guides, an exciting new way to learn and absorb knowledge in a comprehensive and effective manner. Guides is an exciting new way to learn and absorb knowledge in a comprehensive and effective manner. Thanks to interactive learning material and the help of experts such as Nir Eyal or Tiago Forte , Guides allow you to take an even deeper dive into a particular topic you are curious about. Whether you’re looking to learn something new or just want a quick way to overview a particular topic, Blinkist is one of go-to app for every iPhone 14 user .

“Blinkist has helped me read more – period. I love that I can get the key learnings from 10+ books a week, and immediately implement them in my own life. Blinkist has also helped me filter the books I purchase – if I couldn’t get enough of the book-in-blink, I buy it. ”
– Hitha Palepu, entrepreneur and author

Blinkist was founded by four lifelong learners—Niklas Jansen, Tobi Balling, Holger Seim, and Sebastian Klein—who needed a solution to a problem each of them shared. Their busy 9 to 5 lives meant there was little time left for learning.

The idea for the Blinkist app came after Sebastian had a eureka moment. He realized that the notes he used to make after reading a nonfiction book could be turned into something that could benefit everyone. That’s where the idea for a Blinkist explainer pack came from—but instead of a college student compiling the notes—Blinkist has a team of highly-skilled professionals doing the work.

Blinkist Founders
From left: The Blinkist founders: Niklas Jansen, Tobi Balling and Holger Seim. (Not pictured: Sebastian Klein)

Since then, Blinkist has grown remarkably. There are now over 28 million people learning with the app which has garnered over 10 thousand five-star reviews. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, who is a Blinkist user, even stopped by the office to support their mission and to empower millions to learn more.

Blinkist has grown with the help of $35 million from investors and industry experts who agree that Blinkist has a bright future. For instance, the investment bankers at GP Bullhound and the analysts at German TechCrunch equivalent, Gruenderszene, have predicted that the startup has what it takes to reach a billion-dollar valuation in the near future.

Now let’s take a look at what makes the Blinkist app such a powerful tool for lifelong learning.

A Book Explained in 15 Minutes

People today are busier than ever before. It’s hard to find 6 hours to read a great nonfiction book like The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. Plus, everyone’s reading list is constantly getting longer with recommendations from friends or colleagues. We all want to learn more and better ourselves but it’s becoming even more difficult to find the time to do it.

Solving this problem is what Blinkist is all about. With their app, it’s possible to tackle that reading list by getting the key information from a nonfiction book in just 15 minutes. To date, 28 million busy people, from different educational backgrounds, have turned to Blinkist to fit reading into their tight schedules, and keep up-to-date with the latest top titles.

A Learning App Built With Science in Mind

What makes Blinkist so special is the real science built into the app. People tend to learn best by example, and Blinkist was created based on the neuroscientific principles that make learning easier for our brains, through examples, case studies, and real-life scenarios.

With Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, to demonstrate why the development of language was so important to the evolution of humanity, the team uses the following example: a person who has found a food supply, or a predator’s hiding place, can tell the others where it is. In both cases, language gave the community a distinct advantage and helped our ancestors thrive.

“With Blinkist, I am able to read ten books a week – something I’ve never been able to do before. This helps a lot because I want to maximize my learning in order to develop”
– Kristo Ovaska, CEO and Co-founder of

Each explainer pack is also filled with practical advice based on the key ideas from each book, so anyone can immediately start to use what they learn to improve their daily life.

Blinkist Improves Lives

What sets Blinkist apart from every other learning app is the fact that Blinkist can literally change your life. Over 87.5% of 3,500 users based in the US said that they make changes to their daily lives based on what they learn in the app.

“I read a lot of management, self-improvement, and entrepreneurial books through Blinkist because I can gain specific knowledge on my industry or on ways to improve myself.”
– Steven Renwick, CPO of Regis24

Blinkist is packed with useful life advice that can have significant benefits for you. For example, in the explainer pack for The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, the Blinkist content team leaves you with a range of nuggets of actionable advice based on the author’s work.

Blinkist is for Every Type of Lifelong Learner

Millions of lifelong learners have chosen Blinkist to boost their knowledge about a whole range of fascinating topics. Like the anonymous user below, some are career-driven individuals who seek out the latest ideas to get ahead. They’re also regular folks who love reading nonfiction but don’t have the time to fit it into their busy lives, and those who are on a journey to better themselves with the best ideas from great nonfiction books.

“As an aspiring entrepreneur, I’m always trying to consume as many new ideas as possible. I currently read a book or so a week, but Blinkist has been a great way to revisit books quickly and to consume books I’m interested in but wouldn’t otherwise pick up.”
– Anonymous Blinkist user review.


I use Blinkist when I’m in between meetings and can’t get a giant task done, but at least I can be productive.”
– Sarah Schupp, Professor & Founder of


The Learning App with an Award-Winning Design

Blinkist hasn’t just received praise for its mission to help everyone fit learning into their lives, but for the unique app they’ve built. In 2018, the Blinkist tech and design teams began an ambitious overhaul of their app and completely redesigned it with user-friendliness in mind.

The app’s redesign was so well-received that Google gave Blinkist a Material Design Award and the United Nations even singled out Blinkist as a leader in learning and education with a World Summit award in 2016 for its contributions. Apple, a company that made history with its software, is a fan of Blinkist and named it one of the world’s best apps in 2017.

Over 90 Thousand 5-Star Ratings

When Blinkist isn’t winning awards, it’s winning the favor of millions of users worldwide. To date, the app has received over 90K five-star ratings from Android and Apple users. In fact, nearly 75% of all user ratings for Blinkist were five stars.

What some users enjoy most about Blinkist is how the learning experience can fit around your life. Just take a look at what some users are saying:

“Perfect for populating your mind with smart thoughts and the latest research. I use the audio format while in transportation.”
— 5-star review


“Very informative and insightful. I can cook dinner and enjoy the knowledge over audio.”
— 5-star review

It’s up to you when and where you learn with Blinkist, whether on the go or staying at home. With so many positive reviews you can be confident that Blinkist is a world-class app that users love.

Learning On-the-Go

For those constantly on-the-go, audio can sometimes fit into the day better than reading, which is why every 15-minute explainer pack in the Blinkist app is available in audio format. They come with professional narration and even sound cues to make the learning experience more personal, engaging, and memorable. With Blinkist, users can take learning with them on a morning jog, while cooking, or even while sitting in traffic.

“I use Blinkist when I’m in between meetings and can’t get a giant task done, but at least I can be productive.”
– Sarah Schupp, Professor & Founder of

Plus, the flexibility of the Blinkist experience means that it can be enjoyed in audio format on the morning commute and then continued in text while at home. Each audio explainer pack can then be further developed upon with the opportunity to download the entire audiobook for an even deeper study of select titles.

A Breadth of Content for Every Curious Mind

The Blinkist library has over 5,700 of the most popular nonfiction books from 28 categories to learn from. With 40 new titles added each month, chosen from the bestseller lists of major publications like The New York Times.

There are books in almost every major category to choose from, to meet every lifelong learning goal. Books in the career and success, entrepreneurship, and business sections can help everyone improve their professional life. And, with titles from the relationships and health and nutrition sections, people can improve their personal lives, too.

The Blinkist app also behaves like a personal librarian to help you sort through all that great learning content. The app is built with machine learning to adapt itself to each individual. This gives each user a personalized feed of recommendations and reading lists based on their learning habits when using Blinkist.

The App That’s Part of a Self-Development Trend

Blinkist is one of the top 20 lifelong learning apps as it is part of a growing self-development trend. Millions have already benefited from learning with Blinkist and it’s even influencing their decisions in daily life. For instance, a recent survey of 3,500 users based in the US found that 87.5% of respondents would often make changes to their lives based on what they learned using Blinkist.

“As a productivity coach and one of the lifelong learners, I can’t tell you how happy I was to find Blinkist. If you enjoy nonfiction reading and are short on time, Blinkist will be your new favorite app.”
– Karen Trepte, Huffington Post


All kinds of busy people use the Blinkist app to become their best selves. They’re parents, students, managers, and teachers. All of these learners are committed to making the most of their time and talent by bettering their minds using Blinkist, no matter their educational background.

So, you’ve seen how powerful the Blinkist app is and how it’s helping millions of people around the world learn. Why not download it today and begin your own lifelong learning journey?

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