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The Replaceable Founder

by Ari Meisel
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The Replaceable Founder (2018) takes a unique look at how leaders can perform the valuable job of making themselves obsolete. By creating strong organizational structures, including streamlined production and hiring processes, company founders can build organizations that are sure to function and even thrive without them. This is an ideal scenario since it allows the ambitious founder to focus on what they love most: bringing innovative ideas to life and creating companies that promise great work experiences for everyone.

  • Company founders who want to spend less time at work
  • CEOs who need to better organize their business
  • Anyone interested in being more efficient and productive

Ari Meisel is an American company leader and author. After his business studies at the University of Pennsylvania, he founded his own company Less Doing, which specializes in helping other individuals and companies automate and delegate their work so that they can work less, but work more intelligently.

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