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Anne Lamott

A Handbook on Meaning, Hope and Repair

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Stitches by Anne Lamott is a touching memoir of the author's struggles with addiction, grief, and faith. She shares her journey of healing, offering hope and inspiration for those facing their own challenges.


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    It’s easy to find meaning in life when everything is going well, but it can be tricky when the going gets tough.

    Isn’t it amazing when life just seems to work out? You and your family are healthy, you have a job you love and everything feels like it’s in the right place.

    It’s common to feel that life is in order after experiencing good fortune, and this tendency has to do with the human ability to find sense, meaning or purpose in a string of positive events. Simply put, it’s easier to see meaning in life when things work out for us.

    This tends to be the result of expecting things to turn out a particular way, while failing to see chaos as an inherent aspect of life’s overall meaning. Instead, we find meaning in the things we purposefully intend to do, like finding a job we love. If we achieve these things, that sense of meaning is naturally reinforced.

    Because of this positive reinforcement, rather than seeing the mess and chaos of our lives as meaningful, we quarantine them, associating them with negativity. The same can be said for stigma and failure, which people tend to associate with painful, difficult or unplanned experiences.

    So, given this tendency, it should come as no surprise that, when we experience suffering or difficult moments, we find it hard to feel positive about life or think of it as meaningful. Just consider catastrophic events like terrorist attacks, natural disasters or the loss of a loved one. In painful moments it’s hard to believe that life has any positive meaning at all.

    In such instances, it doesn’t even matter if the event happens to us or to another person. The painful experiences of one person are still part of the human community and, in that sense, all people are affected by the negative things that happen to all others.

    In other words, we’re all joined together by bad experiences. For instance, if someone murders another human, the rest of society is partially responsible, since they live in the same human community as that person.

    But this realization doesn’t have to be a total downer – there’s actually a lot to gain from these negative experiences and, in the blinks that follow, you’ll learn about how to cope with life’s struggles.

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    Worum geht es in Stitches?

    Stitches (2014) is about embracing the negative aspects of life that you’re powerless to change, and building a community to help you work through them. These blinks explain why so many people run from suffering and pain, and why acknowledging such difficult experiences is the only way to overcome them.

    Bewertung von Stitches

    Stitches (2013) by Anne Lamott is a powerful memoir that explores the author's personal journey of loss, healing, and resilience. Here's why this book is definitely worth reading:

    • Raw and honest storytelling: Lamott's candid account of her struggles and triumphs draws readers in, creating a deep emotional connection.
    • Universal themes: The book touches on topics like grief, forgiveness, and the complexities of family dynamics, making it relatable to a wide range of readers.
    • Inspiring message of hope: Despite the hardships she faces, Lamott's unwavering optimism and resilience shine through, inspiring readers to find strength in their own challenges.

    Bestes Zitat aus Stitches

    How can there be more meaning than helping one another stay warm and stand up in the wind.

    —Anne Lamott
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    Wer Stitches lesen sollte

    • Anyone who works with or for other people
    • People who feel overwhelmed by suffering
    • Fans of self-help and Lamott’s other books

    Über den Autor

    Anne Lamott is the author of the New York Times bestseller Help, Thanks, Wow. Her writing offers lessons and ideas, learned through personal experiences, that focus on being happier, more loving and kinder to those around us.

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    Stitches FAQs 

    What is the main message of Stitches?

    The main message of Stitches is the healing power of creativity and storytelling.

    How long does it take to read Stitches?

    The reading time for Stitches varies, but it typically takes a few hours. The Blinkist summary can be read in just 15 minutes.

    Is Stitches a good book? Is it worth reading?

    Stitches is a heartfelt and insightful book worth reading. It offers a unique perspective on healing and resilience.

    Who is the author of Stitches?

    The author of Stitches is Anne Lamott.