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Gay Hendricks

Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level

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"The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks is a self-help book that explores how we limit ourselves and provides strategies to overcome our fears and achieve our full potential.


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    People often resist happiness, but controlled breathing can help us overcome this fear.

    No one said life would be easy, and sometimes it can really feel like an endless swamp of problems, but ask yourself this: Are you really prepared for a life of happiness? Can you even imagine an entire day without having something to complain about?

    Everyone has their own inner resistance to happiness, an oddly human trait that deserves some close scrutiny.

    Despite spending a lot of time and energy striving for happiness, human beings aren’t especially comfortable or skilled at feeling good or being at peace. School teaches us a lot of things, but there are no high school classes on how to deal with success and happiness.

    If you were to take the time to look within and uncover why you resist happiness, the answer would likely be related to fear – a fear of achieving your full potential. Because here’s the thing: when you become the best you can be, that means there’s no more excuse for why you aren’t making your dreams come true.

    This is a fear that must be conquered if you truly want success and happiness. Taking the big leap into a life of happiness requires a great deal of confidence.

    So let’s explore the ways you can learn to overcome this fear and start taking the right kinds of risks.

    The first technique for breaking the fear barrier is breathing.

    Back in the mid-1900s, psychiatrist Fritz Perls developed Gestalt therapy, which recognized that fear is, essentially, a sort of breathless excitement. With some focused breathing, you can transform that fear into a positive and powerful excitement that can be used to make great things happen.

    Let’s say you’re about to take the stage for a performance or to give a speech. The common reaction to a scary situation like this is for our breath to become constricted, which only makes the fear stronger. But if you take a moment to breathe deeply, you can take control and transform the fear into the powerful energy that lets you take the stage and captivate your audience.

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    Worum geht es in The Big Leap?

    The Big Leap (2009) is a treasure trove of valuable insights on how to overcome the fears and tendencies that stand in the way of lasting success. Hendricks shows us the many ways we can self-sabotage our own dreams and offers practical ways of avoiding these all-too-common pitfalls.

    Bewertung von The Big Leap

    The Big Leap (2009) presents a powerful framework for overcoming our inner barriers and reaching our full potential. Here's why this book is worth reading:

    • It offers practical tools to help readers identify and overcome their self-limiting beliefs, allowing them to step into a bigger and more fulfilling life.
    • The book explores the concept of the "upper limit problem," providing insights into how we sabotage ourselves and offering strategies to break through these barriers.
    • With compelling stories and relatable examples, it keeps readers engaged, making personal growth an exciting journey rather than a dull chore.

    Bestes Zitat aus The Big Leap

    If you say yes to the big leap, you have done the hardest part.

    —Gay Hendricks
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    Wer The Big Leap lesen sollte

    • Husbands and wives struggling to balance their lives
    • Students of psychology and behavioral science
    • Ambitious people from all walks of life

    Über den Autor

    Gay Hendricks is a psychologist who has long specialized in couple’s therapy and promoting the use of conscious breathing as a tool to save relationships. He’s also the best-selling author of many self-help books, including Five Wishes and Conscious Living.

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    The Big Leap FAQs 

    What is the main message of The Big Leap?

    The main message of The Big Leap is that we can overcome our personal barriers and achieve our full potential.

    How long does it take to read The Big Leap?

    The reading time for The Big Leap varies depending on the reader's speed. However, the Blinkist summary can be read in just 15 minutes.

    Is The Big Leap a good book? Is it worth reading?

    The Big Leap is a great read that offers valuable insights into personal growth and overcoming self-limiting beliefs.

    Who is the author of The Big Leap?

    The author of The Big Leap is Gay Hendricks.