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Bulletproof Problem Solving by Charles Conn and Robert McLean

Bulletproof Problem Solving

by Charles Conn and Robert McLean
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Bulletproof Problem Solving (2019) delves into one of the most important yet consistently neglected skills in the modern workplace: problem-solving. With routine jobs declining around the world, more and more employees are being tasked with tackling open-ended challenges. As we’ll see in these blinks, you don’t need an advanced degree in statistical analysis to be a great problem solver – you just need a dash of creativity and the right strategies. 

  • Creatives and thinkers
  • Analysts and number-crunchers
  • Graduates entering the workforce

Robert McLean studied finance before joining New York RAND as an analyst. He later worked on strategic and organizational issues for McKinsey in the United States, Australia, and Asia. McLean also served as the dean and director of the Australian Graduate School of Management. His current focus is social enterprise, philanthropy, and conservation. 

Charles R. Conn is a Canadian-American CEO and conservationist. He previously headed up Oxford Sciences Innovation, a venture-capital firm that invests in science and technology businesses. Conn is also the former warden and global CEO of the Rhodes Trust, the organization responsible for administering the Rhodes Scholarship.

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