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Unlock Your Greatness – The Best Books on Coaching

You want to master the art of coaching? Start with our comprehensive Blinkist Guide 'Unlock Your Greatness' by Michael Bungay Stanier and learn more about the art of mentoring in our expert-led curation of the best books on coaching.
by Chris Allmer | Oct 24 2023

Michael Bungay Stanier: The Man Behind “Unlock Your Greatness”

Michael Bungay Stanier isn’t just another name in the coaching and leadership arena; he is a force to be reckoned with. His reputation has preceded him, with honors such as becoming a Wall Street Journal bestseller for his book “The Coaching Habit”. But what truly makes Michael stand out in the coaching world?

About Michael Bungay Stanier

Born in Australia, Michael’s journey in coaching began in the UK, where he was named Coach of the Year. He then moved to Canada and founded Box of Crayons, a company that helps organizations shift from advice-driven to curiosity-led. With an Oxford degree and a lasting passion for coaching, Michael has established himself as a thought leader in the industry. 

If you want to learn more about Michael Bungary Stanier and why he became successful, read this article called “What a Great Coach reads”. Here, Michael shares a list of books that had a big impact on his life.

And because we like to spoil our readers, Michael Bungary Stanier has – exclusively for Blinkist – crafted an outstanding Guide sharing his learnings and insights to help you too, become the great coach you’ve always aspired to be.

Unlock Your Greatness – How to Become a Better Coach

This Blinkist Guide is designed to help people improve their coaching skills so they can inspire themselves and others. It provides practical advice on how to revive ambition, understand the essence of coaching, and become a more effective coach.

Contrary to what you might think, coaching isn’t about giving advice but instead about guiding employees to find their way to success. In this Guide, you’ll learn how you, too, can become a great coach. 

The 5 Steps to Become a Great Coach

  1. Start with the Worthy Goal: There are lots of ways to look at goal-setting—SMART goals, BHAGs, and so many more. But there’s a more important question here, and it’s framework-free: how do we reclaim the ambition to actually work on our biggest goals?
  2. Focus on What Matters: Tim Galway, tennis coach extraordinaire, is an OG in the world of coaching and sharing his ideas about coaching.
  3. Coaching as an Act of Service: This chapter stresses the value of service in the coaching profession. It cites the work of Henry Kimsey-House’s “Co-Active Coaching” as a significant resource.
  4. Make the Most of Your 1-on-1: 1-on-1s can be bureaucratic and impersonal. In this episode of “Brave New Work,” we’ll learn how to make this weekly face-to-face with your direct reports the most high-impact, human part of your day.
  5. What’s Next? Moving Forward: Summarizing the entire Guide, this chapter propels readers to apply their newfound knowledge and become effective coaches.

When you think about the lessons from “Unlock Your Greatness,” it becomes clear that coaching goes beyond just teaching. It is an art and a science, twisted with threads of insight, self-awareness, and growth. Building on this foundation, Blinkist Magazine has curated a list of five more books on coaching to ensure our readers continue their journey of self-improvement and leadership development.

Blinkist Top 5 Books on Coaching

1. Lead Like a Coach by Karen Morley

Morley’s “Lead Like a Coach” offers a refreshing perspective on leadership, urging leaders to put on the hat of a coach. It underscores the importance of building trust, setting clear expectations, and nurturing team members to reach their full potential. With actionable strategies, Morley charts a course for creating high-performing, resilient, and adaptive teams in today’s dynamic world.

2. The Coach’s Survival Guide by Kim Morgan

Every coach, regardless of their expertise level, faces challenges. Kim Morgan’s guide offers clarity, solutions, and strategies. From ethical dilemmas to navigating the complexities of human behavior, “The Coach’s Survival Guide” is a priceless resource for those of you dedicated to the coaching profession.

3. Co-Active Coaching by Henry Kimsey-House

Famed as a cornerstone in professional coaching literature, “Co-Active Coaching” highlights the collaborative nature of the coaching relationship. Kimsey-House introduces a holistic model where the coach and coachee get on a mutual journey of growth, and transformation.

4. Unlocking Potential by Michael K. Simpson

Simpson’s work is a clarion call for leaders to step up in a world filled with untapped potential. “Unlocking Potential” maps out seven pivotal coaching skills, from effective communication to creating a culture of continuous feedback, guaranteeing teams and individuals reach their zenith of capabilities.

5. Growing Great Employees by Erika Andersen

Channeling the wisdom of nature, Andersen uses the metaphor of gardening to explain leadership. “Growing Great Employees” digs into the complex nuances of nurturing talent, stressing that with the right care, patience, and environment, every employee can blossom into their best version.

Coaching and mentoring hold a crucial role in contemporary workplaces, benefiting both enterprises and their workforce. Allocating time and resources to mentor employees fosters their professional advancement and deepens their allegiance to the organization. In the following compilation of books about coaching, you will find the classics mentioned above and even more insights into the art of impactful coaching.

The fascinating world of coaching can also feel a bit overwhelming. But Blinkist is here to save the day and breaks down the key insights from top books about coaching into bite-sized summaries, making it a breeze for busy folks or anyone keen to broaden their knowledge without getting bogged down.

And with our a 7-day free trial, now is the perfect time to fuel both your personal and professional growth with some top-notch coaching insights.

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