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Why Emails Are Ruining Your Life (And How To Take Back Control)

Stop looking at your emails, now! Learn how to get your head out of your inbox and into your work today with this quick and easy tip.
by Tom Anderson | Jan 27 2017

How many times have you checked your email in the last 24 hours? Probably far too many. Studies show that the average American office worker is interrupted an incredible 11 times every hour, mostly by emails. Seem familiar”Email is ruining your life

Email is ruining your life

We take such regular advantage of email because it’s so easy to use. Unlike letters, emails can be written and sent in a few seconds, at no cost whatsoever.

Unfortunately, what makes email so convenient also poses a danger to our productivity – and even to our health. Since people can send you questions and tasks almost instantaneously, you’re constantly bombarded with requests, which results in your jumping frenetically from one task to another all day long.

Luckily, there are ways to combat this email overload. One simple method is to check your inbox a set number of times each day – say, only in the mornings and after lunch. This way, you’re no longer at everyone’s beck and call and you’ll gain more control of your workday. Just make sure you don’t check it right before going to bed, when a heart-stopping request to rewrite that whole presentation, for instance – can really affect your mood and sleep.

Top Tip: check your inbox a set number of times each day

For more information on how email can disrupt your life – including why it’s somewhat akin to drug addiction – read the book The Tyranny of Email, by John Freeman.

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