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What is a Shortcast?

We just released our new content format: Shortcasts. But what exactly is a Shortcast and why should you start listening to them right now? Let’s find out.
by The Blinkist Team | Oct 20 2020

If you already know Blinkist, then you’ll know what we do best: we take a longer, denser piece of content and pull out the most useful, interesting, and helpful ideas into a pack you can explore in about 15 minutes.

Until recently, we’ve focused only on nonfiction books in text and audio. Now, we’re adding podcasts to the mix. As lovers of great audio, we work hard to make sure our Blinks—packs of key insights from nonfiction books—are warm, pleasurable, and informative to listen to.

With our podcasts, Simplify, Self? Help! and State of Mind, we created new avenues to help authors and thinkers share their most powerful takes on how to navigate life’s challenges.

And now with Shortcasts, we’re working directly with podcast creators to help you discover the most essential nuggets from their back catalogues.

A Shortcast is a short version of a podcast episode crafted around its key ideas. Each episode is curated and built in collaboration with the podcaster to make sure it’s true to their unique voice, style and ideas.

Launching in collaboration with an impressive roster of creators such as Malcolm Gladwell, Dr. Laurie Santos, Natalie Lue, Dr. Rupy Aujla and Omar Zenhom, there are many, many more Shortcasts to come.

Every Monday and Thursday, we’ll share new episodes to make sure you have access to the best ideas in podcasting. Keep an eye on Blinkist Magazine and our emails for more information about upcoming episodes and new podcast partners.

To get a taste of what’s to come, listen to the explainer above and now that you know what a Shortcast is, why now check one out for yourself in the Blinkist app? Great ideas are waiting for you.

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