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How to Answer: What Interests You About This Position? – with Examples

Learn how to ace your job interviews with the perfect response to the question, "What interests you about this position?". Get useful tips and real-life examples!
by Chris Allmer | Jan 19 2024
How to Answer: What Interests You About This Position? - with Examples

As you’re reading this, we probably had some similar experiences: the weird feeling of being in a job interview. You’re sitting across from someone you might not know in a room that might seem a little scary, and then comes the big question: “What interests you about this position?

It might seem like a simple question, but it’s actually very important. In fact, a study on Twin Employment says that almost half (47%) of interviewers wouldn’t want to hire someone who doesn’t know much about their company.

That shows how essential it is to do your homework before the interview.

In this article, our goal is to help you understand and answer this question confidently and kindly. It doesn’t matter if you just finished school, have lots of experience, or are starting a brand-new career journey.

Knowing how to reply to “What interests you about this position?” can be a big help. 

Let’s now take a look and learn what this question really means, and find some examples for you to answer.

Understanding the Question: What interests you about this position?

Why Employers Ask This

Employers are not just looking for someone who can do the job; they are looking for someone who wants to do it. This question helps them gauge your enthusiasm for the role and your fit within their company culture (that’s how we do it at Blinkist).

It’s a chance for them to see if you’re seeking more than just a paycheck. After all, a motivated employee is often a productive one.

Why “What interests you about this position?” is a good question to be asked

For you, the candidate, this question is an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge about the company and the role. It’s a chance to show that you’ve done more than just a cursory glance at their website.

This is where you align your skills, experiences, and passions with the company’s needs and values.

How to Answer “What Interests You About This Position?” – 6 Examples

Here’s a simple way to tackle this question, along with some useful examples.

1. Know the Job Well

First, make sure you really understand the job you’re applying for. What will you be doing day-to-day? How does this job help the company?

Example: If the job is for a customer service role, you might say, “I’m interested in this position because I enjoy talking to people and solving problems. Helping customers gives me a lot of satisfaction, and I know this job is all about that.”

2. Match Your Skills to the Job

Link your own skills and interests to what the job involves.

Example: For a sales position, a good answer could be, “I’m interested in this sales role because I love connecting with new people, and I’ve always been good at explaining product benefits clearly. This job seems perfect for using these skills.”

4. Show You Fit the Company

Talk about how you fit in with what the company does and believes in.

Example: If the company is known for being innovative, you might say, “This job caught my eye because I’m all about trying new things and being creative, just like your company.”

A Glimpse into Blinkist’s Interview Approach

If you’re curious about how we at Blinkist conduct our job interviews and are seeking real-world scenario tips, take a peek at our Blinkist article: How to Prepare for Your Interview at Blinkist.

Nervousness before an interview is common, but being well-prepared can help you approach it with confidence and poise. At Blinkist, we want you to succeed during your interview, so we’ve gathered some valuable insights to assist you and one of them is, of course, that you show how you fit into the company.

5. Talk About Learning and Growing

Say how the job will help you grow or learn new things.

Example: For an entry-level position, you could say, “I’m excited about this position because it’s a great place to start my career. I’m eager to learn from experienced team members and grow my skills.”

6. Point Out Something Special

Mention something unique about the job that really interests you.

Example: “I was drawn to this position because of the company’s focus on teamwork. Working collaboratively in a team is something I really enjoy, and I understand that’s a big part of how things are done here.”

How to Answer “Why Do You Want to Work Here?”

The interviewer might not just ask you about the position you are applying for, but also why you want to work at their company. Here are also some tips on how to answer this question:

  1. Your Personal Connection: This is the heart of your answer. Talk about what specifically attracted you to the company and the role. Maybe you’re impressed with their innovative approach, or you admire their commitment to community service.
  2. Show Enthusiasm: Let your excitement for the job show. This isn’t just about saying you’re excited; it’s about explaining why. For example, if you love the idea of working on cutting-edge projects, say so and explain why that’s important to you.
  3.  Be Specific: Avoid vague answers like “I’ve heard good things about this company.” Instead, be specific about what you like and how it relates to your career goals and interests.

Other Job Interview Questions

Remember, these aren’t the only questions you’ll get asked. Be prepared to answer other common questions, like talking about your strengths and weaknesses or explaining why you left your last job.

For more ideas on how to tackle common interview questions, visit our article on “The 10 Most Common Job Interview Questions and the Best and Worst Answers for Each” here.

Our Conclusion and a Little Help from Blinkist

Remember the scenario at the beginning? You’re in a job interview, facing that all-important question: “What interests you about this position?

Now, equipped with valuable insights, examples, and strategies, you’re better prepared than ever to tackle it. Don’t forget: In a job interview, every question is a chance to shine.

By being genuine, showing your research, and explaining how your skills and interests match the job and company, you stand out as the ideal candidate.

But your journey to interview success doesn’t stop here. To fully empower yourself and confidently navigate interviews, dive into Interview Ready in 5 Steps.

In just 40 minutes, you’ll have access to six comprehensive chapters and five engaging content picks, covering every aspect of interview preparation.

Regardless of where you are in your career journey, this guide is your passport to interview excellence. Start your journey now and step into your next interview well-prepared, armed with knowledge and a solid strategy for success.

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