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Thumbtack vs. Taskrabbit: Your Ultimate Guide to Online Service Platforms

Ever stared down that MALM chest of drawers, thinking, 'Why did I buy this?' or wondered where to find the right pro for your big project? We at Blinkist created exclusively for you our no-nonsense guide comparing Thumbtack and Taskrabbit.
by Chris Allmer | Nov 8 2023

Whether you’re facing a pile of unassembled IKEA furniture or planning a major home renovation, getting help has never been easier. Thanks to service platforms like Thumbtack and Taskrabbit, finding the proper assistance is just a click away. 

It’s like ‘knowing that guy’ who can do everything, whether it’s assembling your MALM chest of drawers or tackling that stubborn old tapestry that’s glued to your walls. In this article, we’ll reveal how to get the most out of these digital lifesavers in our Thumbtack vs. Taskrabbit comparison.

What are Thumbtack and Taskrabbit?

For those unfamiliar, both Thumbtack and Taskrabbit are platforms designed to connect consumers with service providers. From house cleaning and furniture building to specialized tasks like photography or graphic design, both platforms offer a wide array of services.

Thumbtack is a digital marketplace tailored for home projects, offering services from renovations to wedding photography. It’s ideal for those seeking long-term or project-based assistance.

Taskrabbit is an online platform connecting users with helpers for one-off tasks or short-term errands, from furniture assembly to quick room cleanups. Also, well known for its IKEA assembly partnership, it’s the go-to for quick fixes and odd jobs.

Key Features & Offerings

Features/Details Thumbtack Taskrabbit
Registration Fee Prices are determined per lead and vary depending on the nature of the job and the geographic area. There’s a one-time registration fee of $25 for service providers.
Service Fee Sellers have to buy credits to be able to contact buyers, the price of these credits varies Taskrabbit takes 15% of every service provided by sellers
Upgrade features Thumbtack Pro members have unique advertising options that make them more visible on the platform. Taskrabbit Elite members have access to various targeted marketing tools to broaden their reach.
Client Reviews Thumbtack showcases reviews, allowing potential clients to estimate the quality and reliability of the service providers. Client reviews are also transparently displayed, helping in the decision-making process.
Safety & Trust Background checks on select professionals, Optional profile verifications Background checks on all Sellers, ID verifications, In-app chat for safety
Payment Options Credit Card, PayPal Credit Card, PayPal
Rating on Trustpilot 4,2 (5,449 ratings) 4.5/5 (20,788 ratings)
Mobile App iOS and Android iOS and Android
App Review 4.9/5 (284,452 reviews) 4.58/5 (38,697 review)


What Is the Difference Between Taskrabbit and Thumbtack?

Taskrabbit and Thumbtack are both platforms that connect users with service providers, but they cater to slightly different needs. Here’s a breakdown of the primary differences:

Thumbtack Taskrabbit
Nature of Services Primarily focuses on a broader range of professional services. 

This includes home projects such as flooring installation, painting, and cleaning but also extends to areas like wedding photography, dog walking, and even tutoring.

Tailored more for one-off tasks or odd jobs. 

This includes activities like furniture assembly, moving help, TV mounting, or other short-term tasks.

Pricing Model Service providers usually pay per lead. This means they’re charged a fee when a potential client contacts them about a service. Service providers, or “Taskers”, typically pay a one-time registration fee. Clients then pay the Tasker’s hourly rate plus a service fee to Taskrabbit.
Engagement Clients provide details about the service they require and receive quotes from interested professionals and freelancers. 

They can then choose which professional they want to hire based on the quote and reviews.

Clients browse through available Taskers profiles for a specific job, view their hourly rates, and directly book a service.
Duration of Service Often leans towards longer-term projects or services. More suitable for short-term, specific tasks. For instance, while you might book someone for a specific job, it’s not typically a long-term engagement.

While there’s some overlap in the services offered by Thumbtack and Taskrabbit, Thumbtack generally covers a broader range of professional services, whereas Taskrabbit is more about immediate, short-term tasks. 

The best online service platform for an individual largely depends on the nature and duration of the service they require or wish to provide.

How Do I Sell My Services on Online Platforms?

How Do I Sell My Services on Thumbtack?

  1. Create a Profile: Sign up and fill in your profile with relevant details, including the services you offer, your experience, and rates.
  2. Set Your Preferences: Indicate the kinds of jobs you want, where you want to work, and your availability.
  3. Buy Credits: Thumbtack operates on a “pay-per-lead” model, so you’ll need to buy “credits” to send quotes to potential clients. When a client contacts you first, or if they hire you, you’ll pay a fee.
  4. Start Quoting: Once your profile is complete, and you’ve purchased credits, you can start sending quotes to clients who post jobs that match your skills and preferences.

How Do I Sell My Services on Taskrabbit?

  1. Create a Profile: Sign up on Taskrabbit’s platform
  2. Select Your Skills: Choose the tasks you are skilled in from the list provided, or suggest your own.
  3. Await approval: Fill in your profile, add your skills and describe what you offer. Once approved, set your rates and define your work area.
  4. Pay your fee: If your registration is successfully processed, you’ll be charged a one–time, non-refundable $25 registration fee.
  5. Start Tasking: Once your profile is live, clients can hire you for tasks. You’ll receive notifications for jobs that match your skills, and you can choose to accept or decline them.


How Do I Buy Services on Thumbtack or Taskrabbit?

How to Buy at Thumbtack

  1. Search for the Service: Visit Thumbtack’s website or app and enter the type of service you’re looking for, such as “house cleaning” or “wedding photographer.”
  2. Provide Details: Depending on the service, you’ll be prompted to provide more details about the job, like the size of your home or the event’s date.
  3. Receive Quotes: Based on the details you provide, Thumbtack will show you professionals in your area who can perform the service. These professionals will send you quotes for the job.
  4. Review Profiles: Browse the profiles of the professionals, reading reviews, checking out photos of their previous work, and comparing quotes.
  5. Contact the Pro: Once you’ve chosen a professional, you can message them directly through Thumbtack to ask further questions or finalize details.
  6. Book & Pay: Once both parties agree, you can schedule the service. Payment methods and terms vary, but many professionals on Thumbtack accept payments directly through the platform.

How to Buy at Taskrabbit

  1. Search for a Task: Go to Taskrabbit’s website or app and enter the task you need help with, e.g., “furniture assembly” or “yard work.”
  2. Choose a Tasker: The platform will display a list of Taskers who specialize in the job you need. You’ll see their hourly rates, reviews, and availability.
  3. Select Date & Time: Once you’ve chosen a Tasker, you can select a date and time that work for you.
  4. Book the Task: Confirm the details and book the task. You’ll provide your payment information during this step
  5. Communicate: Use Taskrabbit’s messaging system to communicate with the Tasker if you have additional instructions or questions.
  6. Payment: Once the task is completed, Taskrabbit will charge your provided payment method. The platform also allows you to tip the Tasker if you are pleased with their service.

Remember, while these platforms facilitate the connection between clients and service providers, it’s essential to communicate clearly with the person you’re hiring to ensure you’re on the same page regarding the task’s expectations and payment. 

And for those of you seeking to polish their communication skills, especially when you have to organize several workers for a bigger project, consider diving into the Blinkist summary “Communicate with Mastery” by J. D. Schramm with Kara Levy on Blinkist.


Thumbtack vs. Taskrabbit: The Pros and Cons

Both online platforms have their unique selling points and challenges. Whether you want to start selling your services or find help for your next project, our no-nonsense comparison of the pros and cons of the online service platforms, Taskrabbit and Thumbtack, will help you decide which one is best for you.

Thumbtack Taskrabbit
Scope of Services Broad range of professional and home services Ideal for quick, everyday tasks and odd jobs
Client Interaction Directly connect with clients for detailed project discussions Straightforward tasks with predefined requirements
Pricing Control Freedom to price based on the project’s specifics & your expertise Set your hourly rates based on your skill level and market demand
Cost Structure Pay for every lead, regardless of conversion Pay a one-time registration fee, plus a percentage fee for each completed job
Market Saturation Some categories may be crowded, making it harder to stand out Your success can hinge on early reviews; a slow start may require patience and persistence
Job Longevity Provides both one-off and longer-term project leads Primarily focuses on single, shorter-term tasks

Thumbtack and Taskrabbit stand for the future of service-based platforms. While they serve similar overarching purposes, their niches are more specific. Thumbtack is for those you need in-depth professional assistance, whereas Taskrabbit is the one for those in need of instant help.

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