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Simplify Everything: Simplify’s 2017 Sampler Episode

These must-hear moments from Simplify’s 2017 run will help you make great stuff, manage your time, and love yourself (and other people, too!).
by Caitlin Schiller | Feb 8 2018

Did you miss a couple of episodes of Simplify? Are you totally new to the show? Longing to get up to speed before Season 3 launches? Then you, gentleperson, have come to the right place.

In this sampler episode, hosts Ben Schuman-Stoler and Caitlin Schiller serve up the highlights from Simplify 2017 in 3 parts: 1) making great stuff 2) time management, and 3) relationships. Hear from Seth Godin, Dan Savage, Gretchen Rubin, and more.

“One question is: what did you do for fun when you were ten years old? Because what you did for fun when you were doing for fun when you were ten years old probably is something that you would enjoy as an adult in an adult form either in work or play.”

– Gretchen Rubin

What’s better than getting to the heart of a great idea? Getting to the heart of seven great ideas in under 40 minutes—which is exactly what happens in this episode.

Hear from season 1 and 2’s most beloved guests, including Seth Godin, David Allen, Dan Savage, Jaclyn Friedman, Ryan Holiday, and more.

And stick around after the last interview’s rolled to hear Ben & Caitlin’s very special Bookend and some quality overshares from their lives.

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Who speaks when?


Part I: Make more great stuff

2:00 – Seth Godin
5:02 – Gretchen Rubin
8:41 – Ryan Holiday

Part II: Manage your time

12:03 – David Allen
17:01 – Laura Vanderkam

Part III: Relationships

21:10 – Dan Savage
24:53 – Jaclyn Friedman

29:20 – The Bookend

What’s Simplify?

Simplify is a podcast for anybody who’s taken a close look at their habits, their happiness, their relationships, or their health and thought “There’s got to be a better way to do this.” We talk to bestselling writers, productivity wizards, sex geniuses, and happiness experts to find it for you.

Simplify is made with love by Blinkist. Click here to try Blinkist free for 14 days with the voucher code: thetruth

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Talk to us!

Great news: Simplify will be back! In preparation for season 3, we’re collecting your voices.

Specifically, we’d love to hear how you would answer one of the questions we always ask our guests: “What have you discovered was much easier than you initially thought it was?”

You can just record your answer with a voice memo app of your choice and then email it to us at [email protected]. We are looking forward to listening to your responses, and stay tuned—you just might hear yourself on a future episode of Simplify!

If you want to say hi to Ben and Caitlin in the meantime, you can find them on Twitter: @bsto and @CaitlinSchiller.

Who made this?

Your hosts are Caitlin Schiller and Ben Schuman-Stoler.

Stellar research and production assistance by the outstanding Natallia Darozhkina.

Thanks to Nico Guiang for our awesome intro and outro music. Listen more on Soundcloud or check him out on Facebook.

Sound and editing by Ody Constantinou, whose childhood ambition was to learn to blow glass, then build a terrarium large enough to live inside of for the entirety of his natural life.

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Season 1, Episode 3: David Allen
Season 1, Episode 5: Laura Vanderkam
Season 1, Episode 2: Dan Savage
Season 2, Episode 4: Jaclyn Friedman

Extra credit reading

Ben’s Picks:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Save the Cat by Blake Snyder

Caitlin’s Pick:

Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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