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The Rich Woman: Meet Kim Kiyosaki, Robert Kiyosaki’s Wife

Meet Kim Kiyosaki, not only Robert Kiyosaki's wife but a successful entrepreneur, investor, and real estate mogul herself. Discover her remarkable journey, her role in Kiyosaki's prosperity, and the legitimacy of the 'Rich Dad' story.
by Robyn Kerkhof | Sep 12 2023
Credits: The Daily CPA

Best known for his international best-seller Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki has successfully built a reputation as one of the world’s most profound personal finance gurus. But, while his professional exploits are largely recognized, not many people know about his personal life.

Among the commonly asked questions revolve around Robert Kiyosaki’s wife. This article seeks to address queries about Kiyosaki’s family status and the existence of the ‘Rich Dad’ character from his books.

Meet Kim Kiyosaki: Author and Businesswoman

Robert Kiyosaki’s wife, Kim Kiyosaki, plays a significant role in his personal and business life. Kim, an entrepreneur and author, is often the unrecognized force behind the Rich Dad Company’s success.

Kim Robert Kiyosaki, born on January 26, 1957, in Honolulu, Hawaii, is an American entrepreneur and businesswoman. As of 2023, she is 65 years old. Unfortunately, not much is known about Kim’s personal life, including her parents, siblings, life growing up, or her education, as she has been quite private about these details.

Her career kicked off as an employee at a well-known business magazine in Honolulu, Hawaii. This was the beginning of her journey, leading her to develop her clothing brand, which became a multi-million dollar enterprise with distribution throughout the United States.

How Kim Met Robert Kiyosaki

Kim met her future husband, Robert Kiyosaki, during this time. The couple began collaborating and investing in various real estate projects.

Five years into their marriage, the consideration of retirement began to surface. In 1994, Robert sold his seminar enterprise and officially retired.

However, the couple did not stop working. Together, they formed Cashflow Technologies in 1997. The goal of this company was to provide business start-up wisdom and experience to others.

Kim strove to empower women by emphasizing the need for financial literacy, freedom, and independence. In 2006, she wrote her first book, Rich Woman, which quickly rose to Amazon’s best-seller list.

Since then, Kim has published several books, including “Rich Woman: A Book on Investing for Women” in 2006 and “The Business of the 21st Century” in 2010. In addition, Kim and Robert established a company named Rich Dad, dedicated to teaching people about cash flow management.

Kim Kiyosaki is married to Robert Kiyosaki, an American entrepreneur, author and founder of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company. The couple, married since 1985, has been collaboratively operating and managing their diverse business and real estate investments. Information on whether or not the couple has children is not in the public domain.

Robert Kiyosaki’s Family 

Despite his multifaceted career and global fame, Robert Kiyosaki remains relatively private about his family. He is married to Kim, and together, they have no children. They, however, consider their financial education company, The Rich Dad Company, as their family.

The Rich Woman: Kim’s Own Personal Brand

Kim has her own brand, “Rich Woman,” where she highlights her work as a speaker, author, and real estate investor. Kim has co-authored several books with Robert Kiyosaki, including “Rich Woman” and “It’s Rising Time!“, which focus on empowering women to take control of their financial futures and encouraging them to pursue entrepreneurship and investing.

She has been actively involved in speaking engagements, seminars, and events alongside her husband, promoting financial education and the concepts presented in their books.

The Truth Behind Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Character

Kiyosaki’s renowned book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” revolves around crucial financial lessons he learned from two father figures. His “Poor Dad” was his biological father, an educationist with traditional beliefs about money, while the “Rich Dad” was his friend’s father, Richard Kimi, who espoused innovative money-making techniques.

Kiyosaki maintains that the “Rich Dad” character was a real person in his life, despite the ongoing debate about the character’s literal existence.

Kim Kiyosaki and The Rich Dad Company

The Rich Dad Company is a financial education company that provides resources, seminars, books, and educational materials to teach individuals about financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and investing. The company was founded based on the principles outlined in the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book series written by Robert Kiyosaki.

Kim Kiyosaki, the wife of Robert Kiyosaki, played a significant role in helping establish The Rich Dad Company. While Robert Kiyosaki is the face of the brand and the author of the books, Kim Kiyosaki has been involved in various aspects of the business. She has been a partner in building the company’s brand and has been an advocate for financial education, especially for women.

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