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Understanding Michelle Zauner’s Connection to Her Mother and Korean Roots

This article delves deep into Michelle Zauner's life and career, heavily impacted by the passing of her mother. Discover how she channeled her grief into art, shaping her music and writing.
by Robyn Kerkhof | Nov 2 2023

In the emotionally charged world of Michelle Zauner (34 years old), an Asian-American musician known by her stage name, Japanese Breakfast, the figure that looms large is her late mother, who has left an indelible mark on her life and art. Zauner’s mother’s resilience, passion, and cultural heritage have been profound influences, shaping Zauner’s music and books.

This article unfolds the heartfelt story of her mother’s life and legacy, offering insight into the intimate relationship they shared and the influence it continues to bear on Zauner’s work even today. Through a tale of loss, love, and enduring legacy, we delve deep into Michelle Zauner’s personal journey of remembrance and artistic expression.

Mother’s Influence

Born on March 29, 1989, in Seoul, South Korea, Michelle Chongmi Zauner is the daughter of Chongmi, a homemaker, and Joel Zauner, who worked in car sales. Her cultural heritage is a fusion of her mother’s Korean roots and her father’s American-Jewish ancestry.

When Zauner was just nine months old, she moved with her family to Eugene, Oregon, where she was brought up. Michelle Zauner’s mother, Chongmi, was a native of South Korea who sadly passed away from a fast-moving cancer.

Raised in Seoul until she relocated to Thailand in her 20s, Chongmi had a significant impact on Michelle’s life, shaping her identity and career.

Michelle Zauner tragically lost her mother to cancer in 2014. It was her mother’s swift battle with the illness that formed the backbone of Zauner’s memoir, Crying In H Mart, and influenced her music, painting it with themes of grief and longing. 

A Love Story Across Continents

Michelle Zauner’s parents first crossed paths in Seoul, South Korea. Her father, Joel Zauner, was a Jewish American car salesman assigned to a job in Seoul, where he met Chongmi. Despite the cultural differences and language barriers, they found love and formed a family together.

Connection to Her Asian Roots

Michelle Zauner is of mixed heritage, with her mother being Korean and her father Caucasian. Much of her work, including her music and Crying In H Mart, reflects her exploration and acceptance of her Korean-American identity.

Love and Loss in Crying In H Mart

Crying In H Mart is a touching, bittersweet memoir by Michelle Zauner that recounts her grief following her mother’s death and her journey towards embracing her Korean heritage. Through her book, she explores the depths of her relationship with her mother, her struggle to grapple with the void left by her mother’s death, and the role food played in connecting her to her roots.

Its candid narrative of love, loss, and identity has resonated with many readers, contributing to its popularity.

Michelle Zauner’s life has been deeply shaped by her mother’s memory, her Korean heritage and the unwavering support of her father. Her journey through grief is beautifully depicted in her poignant memoir, Crying in H Mart, a true testament to a daughter’s love for her mother and her grappling with the duality of her Korean-American identity.

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