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Jordan Peterson’s Twitter: Analyzing the Social Media Presence of the Renowned Psychologist

Uncover the Secrets of Jordan Peterson's Twitter: Dive Into His Account, Follower Count, Engaging Content, and the Reasons Behind His Admirable Persona. Delve into the World of Controversy and Influence That Surrounds His Social Media Presence.
by Robyn Kerkhof | Aug 30 2023

Jordan Peterson, the eminent Canadian psychologist, professor, and author, has garnered significant attention not only for his beliefs and perspectives but also for his active presence on social media. With a keen interest in psychology, philosophy, and cultural issues, Peterson has amassed a loyal following on platforms like Twitter.

In this article, we delve into the world of Jordan Peterson’s Twitter account, exploring his follower count, engagement, controversies, and his impact on social media. 

Jordan Peterson’s Fame: From Ph.D. To Social Media Influencer

Jordan Peterson, born June 12, 1962, is a renowned psychologist, professor, and author from Canada. Currently 61, he gained immense popularity in the late 2010s for his perspectives on topics such as psychology, politics, and cultural issues, often labeled conservative.

Through his thought-provoking insights, he has become a notable figure in intellectual discourse, sparking intense debates and discussions on numerous platforms, including his active presence on social media, particularly Twitter. 

He worked as a professor at the University of Toronto, Harvard, and McGill University, but he retired from teaching in 2021.

He is widely recognized for his insightful lectures, profound writings, and engaging public speaking events. At the moment, he has published three books, hosts his own podcast: “The Jordan B Peterson Podcast,” and is doing a worldwide tour presenting his latest book, “Beyond Order,” among several other activities. 


Jordan Peterson’s Twitter Popularity

Jordan Peterson’s official Twitter handle is @jordanbpeterson. As of the latest statistics, he has accumulated an impressive follower count of over 4.5 million. 

He maintains an active presence on Twitter, consistently sharing his thoughts and engaging with his audience. He typically tweets multiple times per day.

Being a prominent figure, Jordan Peterson’s tweets often generate significant social engagement. From retweets to comments and likes, his audience actively interacts with his content due to the thought-provoking nature of his ideas.

He never goes unnoticed,  usually reaching over 300 retweets and more than 2K likes on his posts.

Jordan Peterson’s Account Suspension for “Hateful Conduct Policy”

Due to the controversial nature of his ideas, Jordan Peterson has been embroiled in various polemics. His opposition to compelled speech, transgender, and political correctness, among other topics, has sparked heated debates and discussions.

One notable controversy involving Jordan Peterson on Twitter emerged when he commented on a tweet regarding Elliot Page, the actor formerly Ellen Page, who came out as transgender in 2020. Peterson expressed his belief that compelled speech legislation, such as using preferred pronouns, infringed upon free speech rights.

While critics accused him of transphobia, Peterson argued that his objections were rooted in the principle of compelled speech rather than a personal attack on individuals. 


This incident triggered a heated debate on Twitter, and on June 29, 2022, Jordan Peterson’s Twitter account faced suspension due to Twitter’s “hateful conduct policy.” The suspension demanded the deletion of the tweet to restore access.

However, Peterson expressed his strong opposition. Eventually, in November 2022, following Elon Musk’s acquisition of the company, Peterson’s Twitter account was restored.

Jordan Peterson’s Controversial Opinions: 

Jordan Peterson garners both admiration and criticism. However, many appreciate his dedication to free speech, his exploration of human behavior, and his ability to challenge conventional wisdom.

His profound insights resonate with audiences who appreciate his nuanced perspectives and intellectual rigor.

The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast and His Lectures on YouTube

Jordan Peterson has a strong presence on other social media platforms. On Instagram, he can be found at @jordan.b.peterson. He is also very active on YouTube, where his channel has amassed a significant following, reaching over 7.34M subscribers

In 2013 he started uploading recordings of his lectures and interviews. The channel initially featured lectures from his time at Harvard in 1996, as well as interviews and special lectures on topics like “Tragedy vs Evil” and “Psychology as a career”.

In 2014, he began uploading recordings from his classes at the University of Toronto, such as “Personality and Its Transformations” and “Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief”. The channel also included special lectures, interviews, Q&A sessions, and video essays. Now, he posts episodes of the The Jordan B Peterson Podcast in video format and other content he creates, such as interviews, dissertations and speeches.

In June 2022, Peterson signed a deal with The Daily Wire, a news company, granting them the distribution rights to his video and podcast library. As part of the agreement, Peterson will create bonus content and specials with guests for the DailyWire+ video on-demand platform.

He posts his Podcast episodes in video format and other popular content he creates such as interviews, dissertations, and speeches.

However, his presence on Youtube goes with controversy. The platform removed one of his videos, an interview with the Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., for vaccine misinformation. 

Both criticized YouTube and accused the company of interfering with a presidential election campaign; and later Elon Musk offered his support and approval to post the video on Twitter, a social media platform that, as Musk claims, “believes in free speech”. 

In conclusion, Jordan Peterson’s Twitter presence provides a glimpse into the captivating mind of a renowned psychologist and cultural critic. With his thought-provoking tweets, videos, and lively engagement, Peterson stimulates discussions and controversy among millions of followers worldwide.

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