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Discovering the Mystery Behind John Dillinger’s Wife: Beryl Hovious

Delve into the enigmatic bond between John Dillinger and his wife, exploring the mysteries, contradictions, and influence that shaped their tumultuous criminal journey. Unravel the complexities behind this captivating couple's love and criminal escapades.
by Rob Gillham | Jan 7 2024

John Dillinger, the notorious bank robber of the early 20th century, has remained a figure shrouded in legend and mystery. As fascinating as Dillinger’s life of crime is, many are equally curious about his personal life, particularly his romantic relationships.

This article reveals the truth behind John Dillinger’s wife and her life with the legendary criminal. 

Beryl Hovious: John Dillinger’s Wife 

In Indiana, John Dillinger met Beryl Hovious at a party, and they quickly fell in love and got married in April 1924, even though Beryl was still underage. 

They started their life together at Beryl’s family home, and John eventually found a job at a furniture store. They later moved into their own house and were happy for a while. 

However, John’s encounter with ex-convict Ed Singleton led him to plan and commit a failed robbery while drunk. He was caught and sentenced to 10 years in prison, a situation that made his relationship with Beryl suffer. 

Eventually, Beryl filed for divorce, which was granted in 1929.

Beryl Hovious’ Life After the Divorce: a Fresh Start 

Following their separation, Beryl found love again with Charles Byrum. 

Upon their marriage, Beryl and Charles settled back into life in Martinsville, taking over the management of a Linco oil station. As the 1940s dawned, Beryl and Charles had established themselves comfortably, purchasing a home in the quaint town of Hall.

Charles had made a career move and started working as a salesman for the Farm Bureau. Their family soon grew when they adopted a daughter, Marilyn, in 1941. 

Her marriage to Dillinger remained a rarely touched chapter, with only a solitary recounting in an interview with her nephew.

Evelyn “Billie” Frechette: Dillinger’s Girl

John Dillinger had multiple romantic relationships once his marriage to Beryl ended. The most notable one was with Evelyn “Billie” Frechette. She was known as “Dillinger’s girl”.

They met in 1933 and started a relationship.

As Dillinger’s partner, Frechette was involved in some criminal activities, mainly running errands for him. She was arrested in April 1934 for allowing him to hide in her apartment and obstructing justice, and she served two years in prison for violating the Federal Harboring Law.

After her release and John’s death, Evelyn traveled with the Dillinger family for five years as part of a theatrical show called “Crime Doesn’t Pay.” 

She returned to the Menominee Reservation and had two more marriages. She passed away from cancer on January 13, 1969, in Wisconsin, after surviving the drama and turmoil caused by her association with John Dillinger.

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