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Introducing ‘Two Minutes with Seth Godin,’ Our First Original Audio Series

Exciting new series with internationally-acclaimed author Seth Godin marks our first adventure into original, author-led content.
by The Blinkist Team | Jan 13 2020

At Blinkist, we love helping you to discover new knowledge even if you feel like you don’t have the time—especially if you feel like you don’t have the time. That’s why today, we’re excited to launch an exclusive partnership with global teacher, author and entrepreneur Seth Godin. Together we’ve created our first-ever original content partnership: an audio series called ‘Two Minutes with Seth Godin,’ which brings you a fresh perspective on work, life and the world around us.

Each episode of ‘Two Minutes with Seth Godin’ is hyper-focused on tangible takeaways in areas of personal and professional development. “I’m always searching for new ways to look at everyday things—finding the magic, that thing that’s surprising about them,” says Seth Godin. “Working with Blinkist to give people a fresh perspective on the work of building their lives just felt right.”

This collaboration marks a new chapter in our long-standing relationship with Seth. Always a firm favorite with Blinkist fans—and the rest of the internet!—the nine titles we have on Blinkist are consistently among the top rated and most-added to your libraries. He’s also been on our podcast, Simplify, twice—once talking about the power of doing bad work, and once to chat about his most recent release, This Is Marketing.

“We know that Blinkist subscribers love any content that is connected with Seth Godin because he has a way of cutting through thick concepts and problems in a very clear and creative way,” shares Rachel Mallender, Head of New Content Development, Blinkist. “We’re thrilled that Seth has agreed to partner with Blinkist and are excited for our subscribers old and new to hear his fantastic unique perspectives on everyday ideas.”

More than a traditional content partnership, ‘Two Minutes with Seth Godin’ signifies the next evolution in our vision for the future of learning. We developed this new micro format based on the preferences and listening tendencies of you, our audience. Our co-founder, Niklas Jansen, says, “Our listeners want to learn quickly and often, so we created a new format for them to be time-efficient. A mainstay on our most-read lists, Seth is the perfect author and partner for us to explore this new frontier.”

‘Two Minutes with Seth Godin’ consists of 52 episodes with new installments to be delivered twice weekly – every Monday and Thursday – over the course of 26 weeks. For a sneak preview, listen above, and let us know what you think. We’re excited to set off on this adventure with you.

Photo of Seth Godin by Jill Greenberg
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