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INFOGRAPHIC: The Fascinating History Of Your Morning Routines

Have you ever wondered about who came up with the tiny routines that you take for granted? Every little ritual started somewhere. Let’s delve into history to find where.
by Carrie M. King | Oct 17 2017

Us humans are creatures of habit. In fact, many of our most common daily rituals have histories that go back as far as the Stone Age.

You aren’t just wearing clothes today by accident. Some bright spark once had the good idea of wearing something to keep warm. In fact, your ancient ancestors have all had a hand in the way you live your daily life. To illustrate this, A Million Years In A Day by Greg Jenner takes a modern Sunday and investigates each seemingly mundane activity we go through, from brushing our teeth to reading the paper and looks at where and how these traditions started.

Want to dig a little deeper? Here are a few simple morning routines that you might not realize have a proud history.

Infographic explaining morning routines

Cool, eh? Want to learn more about the history of your day? Why not check out A Million Years In A Day on Blinkist now and get a little more insight into why we do the things we do.

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