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Indeed vs LinkedIn: Which Platform is Right for Your Job Search?

Making the right choice between Indeed vs LinkedIn can make your job search more effective. In this comprehensive guide, explore each platform’s advantages, premium features, and how they can aid you in landing your dream job.
by Chris Allmer | Nov 16 2023

Looking for a new job is an exciting and pivotal moment in one’s career journey. However, it can also be an overwhelming and challenging process, often accompanied by numerous concerns and several questions.

From finding the right job listings to crafting a standout resume and navigating the complexities of the application process, job seekers face a multitude of considerations.

However, the process can become more streamlined and efficient with the help of online platforms like Indeed and LinkedIn. In this article, we will compare both platforms’ key features and benefits, answering commonly asked questions to help you decide which is best suited for your job search needs.

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Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, understanding the concerns whilst finding a job and the main highlights of both platforms can empower you to make informed decisions and approach your job search with clarity and purpose.

Indeed vs Linkedin: The Facts

Indeed and LinkedIn are two prominent online platforms that cater to job seekers, each offering unique features and benefits for their users.

Indeed, known as one of the largest job search engines, focuses primarily on job listings and applications. With its extensive database of millions of job postings from various industries and geographical locations, Indeed provides a comprehensive platform for finding employment opportunities.

Job seekers can utilize various search filters, such as location, salary, and job type, to refine their search and find the most relevant results. Additionally, Indeed offers a user-friendly resume builder that allows users to create professional-looking resumes with customizable templates.

Another valuable feature of Indeed is its Salary Insights, which provide users with an understanding of salary ranges for different job positions, aiding in negotiation and decision-making and allowing users to read and contribute to company reviews, offering valuable insights into potential employers.


On the other hand, LinkedIn is considered a professional social networking platform, offering tools to expand your network and build your personal branding. LinkedIn enables users to build and maintain professional connections across industries.

Creating a comprehensive profile on LinkedIn allows users to showcase their skills, experiences, and achievements to potential employers and industry professionals. Additionally, LinkedIn has its own job search feature that provides users with personalized job recommendations based on their profile information and preferences.

Apart from job searching, LinkedIn offers valuable industry insights, thought leadership articles, and networking opportunities through features like LinkedIn Groups, helping users stay informed and engaged within their chosen field. With LinkedIn, you’re not just seen – you’re remembered.

As you may see, each platform is designed for a specific purpose and has its own strengths. Let’s dive deeper into the main features and benefits of each one.

Indeed vs Linkedin: An Overview

Indeed Linkedin
Users worldwide 350 million visitors per month 950 million
Resume Builder Free tool. Several resume templates: summary, employment history, education, skills, certifications and professional interests. Free feature. Designed to look like a resume: summary, employment history, education, skills, certifications, peers recommendations and professional interests.
Job listings
Salary / Industry  Insights
Company Reviews
Networking features
Premium Subscription Payment options for Employers. Flexible pricing for Promoted Job Postings. Employers Payment options for Promoted Job Postings and Premium Account types:
  • Career: $39.99 / month
  • Business: $59.99 / month
  • Sales Navigator Professional: $99.99/month
  • Sales Navigator Team: $149.99/month
  • Sales Navigator Enterprise: Custom Pricing
  • Recruiter Lite: $2,399/year
  • Recruiter: $8,999+/year
  • Learning: $29.99 / month


What Is the Difference Between Indeed and LinkedIn?

Navigating through the jungle of job search platforms can be a challenging task. Indeed and LinkedIn offer unique paths towards landing your dream job, but what sets these popular platforms apart? What does each bring to the table? This section sheds light on the distinctive features and benefits of Indeed and LinkedIn, highlighting how each system may cater to diverse job search needs. 

Key Features of Indeed:

  1. Job Search: As one of the world’s largest job search engines, Indeed brings many opportunities to your fingertips. Its highly efficient search functionality allows you to sift through millions of job postings from countless businesses across various industries. Whether you’re eyeing a role in a start-up firm or a position in a multinational corporation, Indeed can provide you with suitable options. It excels in its simplicity, getting you directly to a job offer without first building an extensive profile or network. You can easily upload your resume and apply for jobs with a single click. 
  2. Resume Builder: When it comes to creating a standout resume, Indeed excels as an impressive resource. Its robust Resume Builder tool guides you through every step of the process, helping you showcase your skills, experiences, and qualifications in the most effective way. You can easily customize various resume templates to match your style or target job, ensuring your resume’s aesthetic aligns with its content. What makes Indeed’s Resume Builder more appealing is its efficient capability to seamlessly connect your resume to your job applications within the platform. This can significantly reduce your job application time, allowing you to apply to fascinating opportunities faster.
  1. Salary Insights: Indeed possesses a remarkable relevance regarding salary insights, which is an essential factor in the job search process. Offering a robust Salary Comparison tool Indeed gives potential candidates a comprehensive understanding of the market’s pay scale. You can find out estimated salaries for specific roles across different companies and locations, helping you make more informed decisions. This tool not only aids you in salary negotiations by providing a fair benchmark, but it also allows you to get a sense of the financial feasibility of job opportunities in relation to your personal budget or lifestyle.
  2. Company Reviews: Indeed stands out for its extensive collection of company reviews, proving itself as an invaluable resource in your job search. Real employees submit these reviews, offering unfiltered insights about the company culture, leadership, career growth opportunities, work-life balance, and more. These firsthand accounts can help paint a vivid picture of what you may encounter in different workplaces as a crucial deciding factor in your job selection process. Moreover, it can equip you with critical information to ask more targeted questions during your job interview, demonstrating your initiative and level of interest in the job. 


Key Features of LinkedIn:

  1. Professional Networking: LinkedIn is designed specifically to facilitate connections between professionals, making it an excellent tool for expanding your network. Making connections on LinkedIn isn’t merely about adding to your connection count; it’s about creating meaningful relationships that can open up avenues for mentorship, partnerships, and even job opportunities. Participating in LinkedIn groups and contributing to discussions can position you as a knowledgeable figure in your field, widening your reach. The platform also allows you to follow thought leaders and track trending topics that can serve as conversation points. Moreover, LinkedIn’s recommendations and endorsements feature enables your skills and experience to be validated by colleagues, boosting your profile credibility. 


  1. Job Search: The relevance of LinkedIn in your job search cannot be overstated. LinkedIn provides a more streamlined and interactive job searching experience, unlike traditional job boards. It utilizes the vast user-provided information to recommend jobs tailored to your skills, experiences, and career preferences. Your profile is a living resume instantly accessible to thousands of potential employers worldwide. Moreover, the platform’s job alert function lets you stay ahead of the game by notifying you of new opportunities as soon as they arise. Also, you can include a “Job Seeker” badge on your profile to let employers know you’re open to opportunities, making you more approachable.
  2. Personal Branding: LinkedIn lets you showcase your skills, experience, and achievements through your profile. By creating a rich and engaging profile, participating in relevant discussions, and sharing thoughtful content, you can position yourself as an industry thought leader and illustrate the unique value you bring to the table. As every interaction on LinkedIn contributes to the perception of your professional brand, it offers an unparalleled opportunity to build meaningful relationships within your professional network.
  3. Industry Insights: LinkedIn offers unmatched relevance regarding industry insights, effectively serving as your professional news feed. Its Pulse feature, for instance, offers curated news and posts tailored to your interests, keeping you informed about the latest industry trends or shifts. LinkedIn Influencers, leaders in various fields, often share their expertise and perspectives on market developments, thereby giving you access to top-tier insights. Plus, most companies maintain active LinkedIn profiles, posting updates about their current projects, future plans, and company culture. With LinkedIn’s industry insights, you’re not merely staying informed; you’re fostering a habit of continuous learning and staying a step ahead in your professional journey. 

Premium Features

As we delve further into the nuances of Indeed and LinkedIn, it’s important to consider their premium offerings. Both platforms extend advanced features with their premium subscriptions, designed to supercharge your job search. However, these come with associated costs. In this next paragraph, we will further explore these features and fees, answering the question: Is it worth paying for premium services on Indeed or LinkedIn? Let’s navigate this together.


Indeed, it currently does not offer a Premium subscription for job seekers. Indeed primarily provides its paid services to employers, offering them options such as Sponsored Jobs, Featured Employer branding, and resume database access. Whilst they charge employers for these enhanced features, job seekers can make the most of Indeed’s comprehensive search tools, salary insights, company reviews, and resume builder for free. This makes Indeed a very cost-effective platform for anyone in the job market.


On the other hand, LinkedIn Premium offers four different subscription tiers catered to job seekers, sales professionals, talent professionals, and general business professionals. This section will focus on LinkedIn Premium Career, which is most relevant to job seekers.

  • Direct Messaging with InMail: Reach out directly to potential employers, even those outside your network, with InMail credits. You get 3 InMail messages per month with Premium Career.
  • Who’s Viewed Your Profile: This feature provides detailed insights into who’s been looking at your profile over the past 90 days, offering potential networking opportunities and chances to connect.
  • Applicant Insights: This tool gives you a competitive edge by showing how you compare to other applicants for the same job role, helping you understand where to improve.
  • Learning Resources: LinkedIn Learning is included with your subscription, offering unlimited access to a wide range of courses, from coding to leadership management, to enhance your skill set.

LinkedIn Premium Career is currently priced at $39.99 per month. However, the value you get should be based on your job search’s intensity, your need for networking, and the industry in which you’re hoping to advance. LinkedIn often offers a one-month free trial, so you can explore the benefits firsthand to see if they align with your needs. If you choose to pay annually, you could save up to 33% compared to paying monthly.

LinkedIn Free Account Linkedin Premium Career
InMail Messages No 5 inMail messages per month
Applications information and insights No Information about other applicants
Personalized recommendations Based on past applications Top Applicant recommendations
Who’s Viewed Your Profile Only visit number Complete information from the last 365 days.
Learning No More than 16.000 courses
Interview Preparation Tools No Full Access

Now, you may ask, “Is it worth the cost?” Truly, it depends on your individual needs and your job searching phase. If you are aggressive in your job search, finding value in deep insights and exclusive learning materials, or prefer a competitive edge with direct reach to hiring managers, these premium features may be worth the investment. Ultimately, both platforms offer solid free capabilities that may suffice for many job seekers, but paying for premium could be what gets your foot in the door of your dream job. So, spark some thought, assess your resume needs, and make the leap if it’s right for you!

Indeed vs LinkedIn: Our Recommendations

In conclusion, LinkedIn and Indeed offer distinct features and benefits, making them indispensable tools in your job search toolkit. LinkedIn shines in its networking capabilities, industry insights, and personal branding opportunities, while Indeed excels in its expansive job listings, user-friendly resume builder, and candid company reviews. 

Neither platform belittles the other; instead, they complement each other, catering to the diverse needs of job seekers in different stages of their career journey. At the end of the day, we recommend using both platforms in conjunction to maximize your job search’s reach and effectiveness. 

For even more wisdom and practical advice, delve into Blinkist’s “How to Land Your Dream Job” collection. Moreover, we also invite you to explore the ‘Work and Success‘ section of Blinkist Magazine. It’s a treasure trove of helpful articles designed to help job-seekers and professionals eager to scale new heights in their careers. Remember, it’s not a question of LinkedIn or Indeed, but rather LinkedIn AND Indeed. Fuel your passion, equip yourself with the right knowledge, and you will surely step into the career path you’ve always envisioned.

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