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The Untold Story of Gary Coleman’s Wife: Shannon Price

Delve into the tumultuous life and legacy of Gary Coleman, his relationship with ex-wife Shannon Price, and the controversial events surrounding his demise. The enthralling account offers a deeper understanding of the reality behind the headlines.
by Rob Gillham | Jan 4 2024
The Untold Story of Gary Coleman’s Wife: Shannon Price

With his infectious smile, Gary Coleman is remembered for his fame in the 80s sitcom Diff’rent Strokes. However, besides his professional life, who was the woman at his side?

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Gary Coleman’s wife, from how they met to how their partnership ended. 

Shannon Price and Love at First Sight

Gary Coleman was formerly married to Shannon Price (38 years old). Coleman met Price when she was 22 on the set of the film Church Ball in 2007. The two quickly connected and got married a few months later. 

A Broadcast Divorce a Year Later

However, their relationship was not to last, their marital issues came to the public’s attention when they guest-starred on Divorce Court in May 2008 in an effort to save their relationship. 

Sadly, they ended up divorcing months later. Following the separation, Coleman obtained a restraining order to prevent her from living in his house while he was being treated in hospital.

Nevertheless, Price later declared that she and Coleman sustained a common-law marriage and stayed at his residence until Coleman’s passing.

Goodbye To A Sitcom Legend 

Gary Coleman underwent a significant heart surgery in 2009, and while specific details weren’t made public, he reportedly contracted pneumonia post-operation. 

During 2010, Coleman had to be hospitalized several times, and his condition was critical. Despite having ups and downs, his health quickly declined.

By the afternoon of May 27, Coleman had fallen unconscious and was put on life support. Tragically, the next day he passed away.

The Fight For Coleman’s Estate 

After Gary Coleman’s demise, a fight for his estate broke out between his ex-wife Shannon Price, and Anna Gray. 

Gray, who previously handled Coleman’s business affairs and managed his company, was declared a beneficiary in Coleman’s will two years before his marriage to Shannon. 

Once married, Coleman authored another will, this time listing Shannon Price as the beneficiary. However, after their divorce and the existence of two wills, a dispute over the rightful beneficiary ensued, which carried on for two years.

The investigation revealed that the second will was handwritten. Furthermore, the court identified the legal separation between Coleman and Price.

The revelations also included Price’s abusive tendencies towards Coleman, which made him to file a protective order against her in 2010, as per Forbes. 

These elements worked against Price, disqualifying her. The judge ruled in favor of the 2005 will, recognizing Anna Gray as the legitimate beneficiary.

The Lack of a Funeral for Coleman

Plans for a funeral for Gary Coleman were interrupted and later abandoned following disagreements between his adoptive parents, Anna Gray and Shannon Price, over his estate and body.

The 1999 will, specified that Coleman’s wake should be organized by those who held no monetary connection to him and had genuine personal regard for him. However, the 2005 document explicitly stated that there should be no memorial or funeral service for him.

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