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The Top 10 Fun Apps & Best Mobile Games to Slay Boredom

Stuck waiting? Long commute? Download the top 10 fun apps & best mobile games to beat boredom! From brain-teasing puzzles to virtual karaoke, discover engaging games & apps to make the most of your downtime!
by Chris Allmer | May 6 2024
Slay Boredom with Fun Apps & Mobile Games

We’ve all been there: stuck in the dentist’s waiting room, crawling through traffic, or just experiencing a mental lull. That’s often when our phone becomes our best friend … and those little fun apps our life-savers!

Sure, mindless scrolling is also fine (we’ve all succumbed to the “doomscroll“), but what if you could use those in-between moments for something more engaging, something more fun?

Let’s find out and take a look at our Top 10 list of the most fun apps and mobile games. Some of them will challenge your brain, while others are purely for entertainment – and that’s perfectly okay!

So, let’s explore the world of fun apps that turn wasted time into moments you actually look forward to. From mind-bending puzzles to virtual karaoke sessions, these mobile games promise to keep you entertained, engaged, and enlightened.

But be aware, some of these fun apps might be a little bit addictive – you’ve been warned!

The Top 10 Fun Apps & Best Mobile Games


10. StarMaker: Sing Your Heart Out

Let’s start with our number 10, the StarMaker. Do you also dream of singing stardom? StarMaker makes it happen from the comfort of your living room.

Belt out your favorite tunes, engage in duets with friends or strangers, and explore a huge catalog of over 10 million songs. This mobile game is not just a fun app; it’s your personal concert stage, you little rockstar!


  • Free version
  • Subscription for more features
  • Some songs are available offline

9. Two Dots: Puzzle Your Way Through

Let’s enter the enchanting world of Two Dots, where simplicity meets endless challenge. Connect dots, conquer levels, and embark on a puzzle journey like no other. It’s addictive, it’s fun, and it’s the perfect companion for puzzle enthusiasts


  • Free version (with ads)
  • Subscription for more features (and no ads)
  • Playable offline

8. Fruit Ninja: Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Swipe, slash, and let the fruit fly! Fruit Ninja offers a slice of action-packed fun that’s hard to put down. It’s a classic game that continues to deliver quick bursts of entertainment, perfect for those moments when you need a fast escape. 


  • Free version (with ads)
  • Subscription for more features (and no ads)
  • Playable offline

7. Trivia Crack: Battle of Wits

Challenge your knowledge against friends and trivia enthusiasts around the globe. Trivia Crack is a mobile game of questions and conquests, spanning categories from history to science. It’s time to put your thinking cap on and crack the trivia code


  • Free version (with ads)
  • Subscription for more features (and no ads)
  • Downloaded categories playable offline

6. Heads Up!: Party Game Madness

Thank Ellen DeGeneres for this hilariously entertaining party game that’s perfect for gatherings or virtual hangouts. Guess the word on your forehead from your friends’ clues and enjoy bouts of laughter. Heads Up! is the ultimate icebreaker and party game.


  • Free version (limited decks)
  • Subscription for additional decks and categories
  • Playable offline with downloaded decks

5. OpenTalk: Global Conversations

Craving connection? OpenTalk connects you with people across the world, letting you practice languages, share stories, and make new friends. It’s a social mobile game that enriches your cultural understanding and satisfies the social butterfly in you.


  • Free version (with ads)
  • Subscription for more features (and no ads)
  • Limited available offline

4. Colorfy: Artistic Escape

Dive into a world of colors with Colorfy, this fun app turns your device into a digital coloring book. From intricate designs to simple sketches, it’s therapeutic, relaxing, and a creative outlet for anyone looking to unwind.


  • Free version (limited coloring pages)
  • Subscription for all coloring pages and no ads
  • Playable offline

3. Flow Free: Connect and Chill

Flow Free is the perfect blend of relaxation and mental workout. Connect matching colors with pipes to create a Flow. As you progress, the puzzles get more challenging, offering a satisfying way to pass the time, but also sharpening your mind.


  • free version (with ads)
  • Subscription for more puzzles (and no ads)
  • Playable offline

2. Duolingo: Learn and Laugh

Why not use your spare time to pick up a new language? Duolingo makes learning languages fun, with bite-sized lessons and interactive challenges. It’s educational, it’s entertaining, and it’s your ticket to becoming a polyglot from your couch.


  • Unlimited lessons per day
  • Subscription for unlimited lessons
  • Download lessons

And if you are looking for more language learning tips? Check out this Blinkist article for valuable insights from a language learning expert: 3 Tips from a Language Learning Expert that Will Get You Fluent, Fast.

And the Number 1 Fun App is: Blinkist!

Alright, we admit it – we’re a bit biased towards Blinkist, but hear us out! There are many reasons why we believe Blinkist is one of the most engaging and fun apps available.

With Blinkist, you get access to a massive library – over 7,500 titles! These are summaries of popular books and podcasts, covering a wide range of topics, like this one here, and this one, and that one.

But that’s not all!

We also create curated book lists for specific interests, like the “Top Picks from Female Leaders” or “Understanding the Web3 Revolution”.

Blinkist also invites experts in various fields to break down more complex topics in a clear and engaging way. And to make things even more fun, we include quizzes and interactive tasks to keep you motivated. For example, this one here: Declutter your life for more impact.

You are not a big reader? No problem! We offer all our book summaries in audio format as well. This means you can absorb the key ideas of a full book (think self-development hacks or the latest scientific breakthroughs) in just 15 minutes!

And yes, you can listen to a Blinkist summaries while using other apps or mobile games! So, level up your knowledge while you’re playing Fruit Ninja or Two Dots.

But don’t just take our word for it! Take Blinkist for a spin with our free 7-day trial. 

Explore everything we offer, and if it’s not a perfect fit, simply cancel. We think you’ll be surprised by how much Blinkist can enrich your life and why it deserves to be considered the number one fun app out there.

Get your free trial here

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