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#1 Financial App Has 5 Secrets to Make You a Fortune

Want to learn about the US economy — both what it’s doing now and what the future holds? This brand new series can help.
by Vanessa Gibbs | May 15 2023

When it comes to the US economy, it can be hard to keep up. After all, from soaring inflation rates to widespread tech layoffs to energy security in the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there’s a lot going on.
And even if you can keep up, these topics aren’t exactly the easiest to get your head around.

To help, the learning app Blinkist has partnered with the Financial Times to create a series called “Making Sense of the US Economy.” In this series, experts will walk you through everything you need to know in just a few hours.

Financial Times Partners With German Knowledge App Blinkist

The series is narrated by Peter Spiegel, who’s the US managing editor of the Financial Times. It covers five key topics related to the US economy, including energy, inflation, markets, ESG, and technology.

For each topic, Spiegel chats with an expert and dives into useful background information, the latest developments, and what’s coming up in 2023.

There are infographics to make tricky topics easier to digest, and useful recaps at the end of each discussion, so you walk away remembering the most important points.

Learn about tricky topics from the Financial Times experts in around 15 minutes.

You can find the series on the Financial Times website and for free on Blinkist for your first 7 days.

“Blinkist caters to readers with more curiosity than time.”

Understand the Concepts Behind the Biggest Economic Stories of This Year

One quick internet search and you’ll find endless articles about the economy. But how do you know which ones to trust?

This series might be your answer. It not only comes from a world-leading publication and an award-winning app, but it also has expert journalists to guide you through important topics.

These experts include Derek Bower, US energy editor of the Financial Times, Katie Martin, markets editor, and Colby Smith, US economics editor.

Want More Guided Learning Opportunities? Blinkist Has the Solution

As well as this series with the Financial Times, Blinkist has a library of learning series called Guides.

Blinkist Guides serve as just-in-time learning lessons addressing personal or professional challenges — with step-by-step guidance from trusted experts who have been there before. They combine the simple progression of online courses, wisdom from acclaimed books, and actionable advice.

You can discover Guides such as “5 Steps to Accomplish Your Goals” with senior leadership consultant Kory Kogan and “Manage Your Mental Health at Work” with psychotherapist Nora Dietrich.

Trust One of the World’s Best Apps With Your Learning

You probably already know the Financial Times is a world-leading publication. But who exactly is Blinkist and why did this renowned publication partner up with it?

Well, Blinkist isn’t exactly a new kid on the block, either.

Blinkist is known for sharing the most important parts of nonfiction books in 15-minute explainers. It’s won awards from Google and the United Nations, and it’s been praised by Forbes and The New York Times. Apple even named it one of the top 20 apps for lifelong learning.

And it’s now working with top publications like the Financial Times to share even more bite-sized learning content.

Read or listen to bite-sized explainers of nonfiction books.

26 Million Users Already Use Blinkist to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Staying ahead on important topics like the US economy can feel like a full-time job, but millions around the world turn to Blinkist to make it happen.

Blinkist has 26 million users who use the app’s content to stay in the know about topics that are important to them.

Want proof? Users have given Blinkist 94,000 5-star reviews in app stores. Here’s what a few of them have to say:

“Get to the core understanding of ideas and concepts a lot quicker in an enjoyable and fast, expertly laid out app that saves a lot of time!”
–5-star review.
“Perfect for busy people who love to learn.”
–5-star review.
“I find the app a great way of expanding my knowledge of a variety of subjects from science to politics to self motivation. It’s a great app to read on the go or last thing at night before bed.”
–5-star review.

Brush Up on Important Topics in 15 Minutes a Day

Beyond the “Making Sense of the US Economy” Guide, Blinkist has plenty of bite-sized content to help you brush up on just about any topic.

There are more than 5,700 nonfiction books on the app across 27 categories including politics, technology, and entrepreneurship. And the library is always growing — 70 new books are added every month.


Stay Informed On the Go

Both Blinkist’s bite-sized explainers and its Guides are available in audio form, so you can listen and learn on the go. That means you can fit learning into your day while you’re walking the dog, running errands, and traveling to work.

Plus, Blinkist uses neuroscientific principles to make its content as memorable and easy to digest as possible. So, whether you’re diving into the US economy, the latest in psychology, or entrepreneurship advice, you’ll remember what you listen to.

“When we started most apps were for social media or gaming. We wanted to do something different and build an app that would add genuine value to someone’s life.”
–Holger Seim, CEO of Blinkist.

Want to stay informed about what’s going on with the US economy in 2023? You can listen and learn about the US economy by downloading the Blinkist app for free. Start learning now!

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