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Pandemics: An Essential Reading List

Learn the basics about contagion, staying indoors and working remotely from the best nonfiction authors.
by The Blinkist Team | Mar 17 2020

You’re staying at home, you’re washing your hands, you’re socially distancing, and your newsfeed is buzzing with new updates on how the coronavirus is progressing around the world… At an unprecedented time like this, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and frightened.

However, simply by staying in and safe, you’re contributing to the global efforts to fight this pandemic. We’ve compiled a list of titles that will help you stay informed, stay calm, and give you tips on how to adjust to this new, temporary reality. We’ll be sharing one title free every day, so check out our Free Daily for more.

Pandemic by Sonia Shah

Pandemic (2016) explores the fascinating world of pathogens and diseases and how they can spread from a bat in China to five other continents in a single day. How do these diseases evolve, and how does modern society help contribute to their success? And most importantly: what can we do to stop the next pandemic?

An Elegant Defense by Matt Richel

An Elegant Defense (2019) is an erudite and approachable exploration of the immune system. Using the difficult story of a dear friend as a starting point, author Matt Richtel leads the reader through a mind-boggling tour of one of the world’s most complex systems – what he calls our “elegant defense.”

Super Immunity by Joel Fuhrmann, MD

Super Immunity (2011) reveals the secret to a better, stronger immune system and healthier body: superfoods. These blinks shed light on the shortcomings of modern medicine and teach you how to take advantage of the healing powers of plant foods rich in nutrients and phytochemicals.

Remote by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

In Remote, you are given an inside look at a new kind of work relationship made possible by modern technology, called “remote work.” The book details companies’ common fears about allowing employees to work remotely and in contrast, outlines the many benefits of remote work. Importantly, it offers practical advice to managers who employ remote workers or are considering introducing remote work options for their company.

A Planet of Viruses by Carl Zimmer

A Planet of Viruses (2011) takes you on a whirlwind tour into the hidden world of viruses. You’ll discover how our understanding of these tiny, abundant organisms has evolved over time and how our lives are influenced by them, from their power to kill to their protective properties.

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking

Different countries, like different people, have different personalities. Some are more upbeat; some are more downcast. Out of all the countries in the world, Denmark is often rated as the happiest. And that’s because Denmark has hyggeThe Little Book of Hygge (2016) explains this concept in full and offers tips on how you can achieve it, too – wherever you live.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up isn’t just a guide to decluttering, it’s a best seller that’s changed lives in Japan, Europe and the United States. The Wall Street Journal even called Marie Kondo’s Shinto-inspired “KonMari” technique “the cult of tidying up.” Kondo explains in detail the many ways in which your living space affects all aspects of your life, and how you can ensure that each item in it has powerful personal significance. By following her simple yet resonant advice, you can move closer to achieving your dreams.

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