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The Wealth and Worth of Elliot Page: An Informative Glimpse into His Life

This article is an informative glimpse into the wealth, life, and personal experiences of renowned actor Elliot Page. Read to uncover interesting insights about this multi-millionaire personality's substantial net worth, relationships, veganism, residence, friendships, and memoir.
by Rob Gillham | Dec 1 2023
Credits: STERN

Elliot Page (36 years old) is an esteemed actor and producer who gained global recognition for his notable roles in films such as Juno, Hard Candy, and the X-Men series and his work on the Netflix series “The Umbrella Academy.”. However, what many fans are increasingly becoming curious about is Elliot Page’s net worth, often wondering about his financial standing given his high-profile acting career.

Elliot Page’s $8 Million Net Worth

According to sites such as Celebrity Net Worth, Elliot Page’s net worth is estimated at a staggering $8 million as of 2022. His movie career, in addition to his television work, has played a significant role in having him amass such a considerable fortune.

Not many realize the extent to which Page’s equity has grown over the years, considering his humble beginnings in the Canadian film and TV industry. This makes Elliot Page a millionaire, an actor whose talent and determination have undoubtedly paid off over the years.

Renowned actor Elliot Page has been honored with multiple awards and recognition for his standout roles in productions such as “Trailer Park Boys,” “Hard Candy,” “Juno,” and “Tallulah,” to name a few. Besides his stellar acting career, Page enjoys a successful stint as a voice-over artist and is sought-after for celebrity endorsements.

Not just limited to his profession, Page is fervently involved in philanthropy, advocating for numerous causes. Page has been particularly outspoken about bringing an end to the dictatorship in Burma.

Elliot Page’s Relationship Status

According to recent reports, Elliot Page does not have a partner. In December 2020, he came out as transgender, sharing his new name, Elliot, and identifying pronouns, he/they, with the world.

Since then, Elliot has been relatively private with details regarding his personal life and relationships, safeguarding his privacy. 

Coming out marked a monumental step in Page’s life. The announcement was met with worldwide support from fans and celebrities alike, further establishing him as an influential figure in the LGBTQ+ community.

Today, while Page doesn’t have a partner, he continues to inspire countless individuals around the globe through his advocacy work.

Emma Portner: Elliot Page’s Ex-Wife

Elliot Page was once united in matrimony with Emma Portner, a celebrated dancer and choreographer esteemed in her profession. Their wedding in the early months of 2018 was a beautiful testament to their love and dedication to one another. The duo frequently shared their joint moments on social media, posting endearing snapshots that appeared to illustrate a thriving marriage.

Nevertheless, in 2021 it was announced that Elliot and Emma had chosen to separate and divorce. They expressed that their journey as a couple had been deeply influential and transformative for them both.

Despite concluding their marital bond, they continue to respect each other and maintain a close friendship.

Kate Mara and Elliot Page’s Friendship

Kate Mara and Elliot Page’s budding friendship was first noticed on the sets of the 2015 film “My Days of Mercy,” where they played lead roles. Their compelling on-screen chemistry translated into an off-screen camaraderie that garnered attention.

Despite speculation suggesting otherwise, there is no concrete evidence indicating the current status of their friendship.

Whether they remain close friends or have distanced due to personal or professional reasons is unconfirmed for now. Nonetheless, it is clear that their time working together was significant, and they have shared fond memories from their days on set.

Elliot Page: Vocal Vegan

A well-known figure in the world of veganism, Elliot Page has long been a vocal advocate for animal rights. He continues to uphold his vegan lifestyle, demonstrating his steadfast commitment to the cause.

Elliot Page: Bestselling Author of Pageboy

Elliot Page has indeed carved a niche for himself in the global film industry, amassing significant wealth in the process, but his life goes well beyond his impressive net worth and his notable roles. In his memoir, Pageboy, Elliot Page pens his unique journey and personal experiences. It offers a unique, in-depth window into his life, available on Blinkist. 

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