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Behind Donnie McClurkin’s Wife: The Rumours About Nicole Mullen

Dive into the compelling narrative of Donnie McClurkin's speculated wife, his children, the activities of his ex-fiancée, a recent car accident, and how these experiences have shaped his life. An in-depth exploration that highlights the personal and spiritual journey of this renowned gospel artist.
by Rob Gillham | Dec 28 2023
Behind Donnie McClurkin's Wife: The Rumours About Nicole Mullen

As a famous gospel singer, many people have speculated and sought to uncover whether Donnie McClurkin (64) has a wife or partner. This article reveals the truth behind the rumors that Donnie has a wife and tells the real story about his life.  

Donnie McClurkin’s Wife: The Truth About His Relationship With Nicole Mullen 

Unfortunately, a common misconception floating around is that Donnie McClurkin is married. The renowned gospel artist, however, has never been officially married.

In 2016, there were circulating reports of Donnie McClurkin embarking on a romantic journey with the contemporary Christian artist Nicole C. Mullen (56), leading to the couple getting engaged. 

However, the couple never married, and they split when Nicole went on to marry another man, Stacey Scott, in 2021. 

In an eye-opening interview on TV One’s Unsung, McClurkin opened up about his relationship history and confessed his lack of experience with long-term relationships, admitting that his past affairs – with both genders – may have left him somewhat in the dark about the wants and needs of women. This revelation hinted at his fear that he may never experience marriage.

Donnie McClurkin’s Traumatic Early Life and Controversies

Donnie McClurkin, born in Copiague, New York, faced trauma at a young age. He lost his two-year-old brother to a speeding driver at the age of eight. He experienced childhood sexual abuse from his great-uncle.

Additionally, two of his sisters struggled with substance abuse. Despite these challenges, McClurkin found solace in church and was influenced by his aunt, who sang backup for Andraé Crouch.

Music became McClurkin’s outlet, and he formed groups like “The McClurkin Singers” and “The New York Restoration Choir.” In 2002, he opened up about his homosexuality, attributing it to childhood molestation and traumatic exposure to pornography from a very young age.

He believed in the power of prayer and will to reverse his orientation and rejected his former lifestyle.

McClurkin’s views on homosexuality as a “curse against God’s intentions” caused controversy during Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign, resulting in him being removed from the performance roster.  In 2013, they disinvited him from the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington due to his controversial opinions.

McClurkin continued to publicly oppose same-sex marriage after its legalization by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2015.

McClurkin’s Son: An Unknown Mother 

While Donnie McClurkin may not have a wife or partner currently, he still has a family. According to McClurkin, he had a son, Matthew, in 2000, whose mother’s identity has not been made public.

McClurkin has always openly expressed his love and pride for his child.

Brush With Death: Donnie McClurkin’s Car Accident

Donnie McClurkin had a severe car accident in 2018, which stirred worry among his fans and the general public. According to his social media posts, McClurkin fell asleep at the wheel, but luckily, he survived the crash.

He attributes his survival to God’s grace, heightening his faith further.

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