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Keeping the Beat: Exploring the Lives of Donna Summer’s Children and their Musical Heritage

As the daughters of the ever-iconic Donna Summer, each child carries her legacy forward, each in their own unique way. Dive into the lives of Mimi, Brooklyn, and Amanda to discover their remarkable journeys in art, music, acting, and their personal lives. Their vibrant lives are a testimony to the enduring influence of the 'Queen of Disco.
by Rob Gillham | Jan 29 2024
Donna Summer's Children: Continuing the Queen of Disco's Legacy
Credits: Steven Ferdman / Patrick McMullan / Getty

Donna Summer, the “Queen of Disco,” will forever be remembered for her lasting contributions to the music industry. Her powerful voice and unique style redefined the disco genre and set the standard for future artists.

Having left us in 2012 at the age of 63, her legacy lives on through her timeless music and her beloved daughters.

Donna Summer and Bruce Sudano: A Powerful Partnership 

When it comes to the love of Donna Summer’s life, it was undoubtedly Bruce Sudano. Her husband, Bruce, stood beside her through the trials and triumphs of their time together.

Their marriage was a commitment of love and a robust creative partnership. As a singer-songwriter himself, Sudano played a crucial role in Donna’s career, co-writing some of her biggest hits like “Bad Girls.”  

Donna had three daughters in her two marriages – Mimi, Brooklyn, and Samantha. 

Mimi Sommer: The private jewelry designer

Mimi was born Natalia Pia Melanie Sommer on February 16, 1973. The father of Donna’s oldest daughter is her first husband, the Austrian actor Helmuth Sommer, from whom Donna took her stage name. 

Among Donna’s daughters, Mimi Dohler is known for her privacy preference. She got married in 1995 to Rick Mathew Dohler, and both her father, Helmuth Sommer, and stepfather, Bruce Sudano, walked her down the aisle. She has two daughters, Vienna and Savannah.

Mimi bravely shared her personal experience of childhood sexual abuse by a person associated with their housekeeper in the 2023 documentary Love to Love You, Donna Summer

Currently, Mimi has carved a niche as a jewelry designer, selling her creations on Etsy.

Brooklyn Sudano’s Journey in the Entertainment Industry 

Donna Summer and Bruce Sudano tied the knot on July 16, 1980, and welcomed their first daughter, Brooklyn Sudano, into the world on January 5, 1981.

Growing up, Brooklyn often joined her mother on stage during summer breaks. After high school, she chose Vanderbilt University for her studies before heading to New York City to attend the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.

Her talent was soon discovered and she was signed by the renowned Ford Modeling Agency.

Brooklyn Sudano has established herself in the entertainment world with a diversified career as an actress, singer, and dancer.  She’s well-known for her roles in films and TV shows such as Taken, My Wife and Kids, Rain, and Cruel Summer.

Brooklyn married Mike McGlaflin in 2006, and they have one child. 

Carrying the Melody Forward: Amanda Sudano’s Musical Journey 

Donna Summer gave birth to her youngest daughter, Amanda Sudano, on August 11, 1982. 

Just like her sisters, Amanda also chose a path teeming with creativity.

Amanda and her husband, Abner Ramirez, co-founded the folk music ensemble Johnnyswim. The two initially crossed paths in 2001, but romance didn’t blossom until 2005.

After exchanging vows in 2009, the couple debuted their first EP a year later.

They had three children: Joaquin, Luna, and Paloma.

Donna Summer’s children, legacy, and life are all testaments to her greatness. The “Queen of Disco” may have left us, but her indelible mark on the world resonates through her music and descendants.

They continue to honor her exceptional life in their unique ways. Indeed, Donna Summer’s spirit endures through them.

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