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A Hidden Love Story: The Enigmatic First Wife of Don Lemon – Discovering Stephanie Ortiz

Uncover the hidden truth behind Stephanie Ortiz, Don Lemon's elusive first wife, and explore the captivating mystery of their relationship in this revealing article.
by Robyn Kerkhof | Jul 27 2023

While Don Lemon is widely recognized for his successful career as a TV Journalist at CNN, his personal life has also garnered attention. The anchor is open about his sexual orientation and current relationship with Tim Malone, leaving fans astounded when rumors swirled about his previously unknown first marriage.

Who is Don Lemon’s first wife?  This article reveals the truth about his supposed relationship with Stephanie Ortiz, their marriage, and the reasons behind their divorce.

Who is Stephanie Ortiz?

Stephanie Ortiz is a famous American model turned actress. Born in 1982 in California, she is best known for her work on A Kiss of Chaos (2009), The Love Potion (2010), and The Grasslands (2011). 

As of 2023, she is 40 years old and became quite famous as a TV host for the program ​​“Know, Do, or Die” on JuiceTV.

The Mystery Behind Don Lemon’s First “I Do.”: Only a Rumor

It has been rumored that Don Lemon was married to Stephanie Ortiz, but the exact nature of their relationship remains uncertain. While some sources suggest that Lemon and Ortiz were indeed married, others question the validity of this claim.

The lack of extensive public information about their marriage has contributed to their union’s mystery. The true nature of Lemon and Ortiz’s relationship, whether married or not, continues to be a subject of speculation.

How Long Were They Together?

Contrary to prevalent rumors, no substantiated evidence supports the claim that actress Stephanie Ortiz and TV anchor Don Lemon were married. The origins of this misleading speculation remain unknown, yet it garnered considerable controversy due to Don Lemon’s open discussions about his sexual orientation. It is essential to clarify that Lemon and Ortiz were not legally wed.

There are sources that suggest they tied the knot in 2003, however, this information is unverifiable. Additionally, it should be noted that the couple did not have any children together.

Who is Don Lemon’s fianceé? Meet Tim Malone

Don Lemon’s current partner is Tim Malone, a real estate agent. Tim Malone is 36 years old and has carved out a successful career in the real estate industry. He has demonstrated his expertise and dedication to his work, helping clients navigate the complexities of the real estate market.

Don Lemon and Tim Malone first met in 2016 when Malone, acting as a producer on Lemon’s show, crossed paths with the esteemed journalist. Their connection blossomed, and they began dating shortly after their initial encounter. The couple got engaged on April 6, 2019, and they announced their exciting news on social media with a heartfelt post capturing their joyous moment.

“This Is the Fire”: Don Lemon’s Book is a Call for Justice

Two years after their engagement, in 2021, Lemon published the book “This Is the Fire”, an intriguing and daring memoir that offers insight into the extraordinary life of the author. The memoir traces Lemon’s journey from his Republican beginnings in Louisiana to his transformation into a passionate advocate for racial equality. Lemon opens up about his family background, including the fact that his parents were not legally married and his challenges as a gay, Black man growing up in the South.

 Throughout the memoir, Lemon candidly shares insights into his relationship with his partner, Tim Malone, highlighting the love that unites them and the importance of alliance and brotherhood in the fight against injustice. “This Is the Fire” encapsulates Lemon’s personal and professional growth, offering a profound and inspiring perspective on the ongoing struggle for equality.

In conclusion, delving into the intricacies of Don Lemon’s personal life has not only shed light on the complexities within relationships but also reminded us of the individuality and unique journeys each person embarks on.

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