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How To Transform Your Productivity By Adopting The Two-Minute Rule

Read on for the ultimate tip to conquer your to-do list. (Oh, and, it rhymes.)
by Ben Hughes | Aug 27 2018

Is your to-do list depressingly long, clogged up with all manner of minor tasks to the point where you can’t really tell what’s important or urgent anymore?

Got two minutes?

Enter productivity guru David Allen’s famous two-minute rule: whenever you come across a task that can be done in under two minutes, for example, responding to an email or sending a meeting invite, jump on it immediately. Don’t plan, don’t put it on your to-do list, don’t look for a time slot when you could do it, just do it.

A task of two minutes or less? Get it done, don’t digress!

Completing such short tasks actually takes less time than planning when and how to complete them, so get them out of the way then and there. Adhere to the two-minute rule, and you’ll find your to-do list growing mercifully shorter and less stress-inducing.

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