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Meet Dave Ramsey’s Daughter: Rachel Cruze

Dave Ramsey's daughter Rachel Cruze: From childhood to successful author and financial speaker; Discover her life's journey, who she's married to, and her precious family, which continues the legacy of her father.
by Robyn Kerkhof | Sep 12 2023
Credits: Ramsey Solutions

Following in the footsteps of her renowned father, Rachel Cruze has emerged as a successful personality in her own right. Daughter of financial guru Dave Ramsey, this article offers a detailed look at Rachel’s life, career, and familial ventures.

As we introduce you to Dave Ramsey’s daughter, we’ll dive into her personal life, her contributions to the financial world, and the legacy initiated by her father that she now carries forward.

Meet Rachel Cruze: Dave Ramsey’s Daughter

Rachel Cruze (35 years old), Dave Ramsey’s daughter, was born on April 5th, 1989, in Tennessee, United States. Raised by an iconic father who revolutionized the approach to personal finance and overcoming debt, Rachel grew up imbibing strong financial values.

These principles later served as the foundation for her career, making her a well-recognized figure in the world of personal finance.

Rachel Cruze’s Personal Life

Adding to the intrigue surrounding Dave Ramsey’s daughter, Rachel Cruze is married to Winston Cruze. They walked down the aisle in 2009, and their union represents a deep compatibility extending beyond their everyday lives into their shared vision of financial peace and stewardship.

Social Media Star: Rachel Cruze’s Online Presence

Rachel Cruze, the daughter of renowned financial guru Dave Ramsey, has established a significant and influential social media presence through platforms like YouTube and Instagram. With a passion for personal finance and a commitment to helping others achieve financial freedom, Rachel has garnered a substantial following.

On YouTube, her channel features a wide range of informative videos offering practical advice on budgeting, saving, investing, and more. Her engaging and relatable content has attracted millions of subscribers eager to improve their financial well-being.

Additionally, on Instagram, Rachel shares valuable insights with her half a million followers and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life, connecting with her audience on a personal level and inspiring them to take control of their financial futures. Rachel Cruze’s social media presence continues to empower and educate individuals seeking financial stability and success.

In Her Father’s Footsteps: Rachel Cruze’s Career

Rachel Cruze, following in her father’s footsteps, is widely known as a personal finance expert. She co-authored the #1 New York Times best-selling book “Smart Money Smart Kids” with her father, Dave Ramsey. Adding to her accomplishments, Rachel has her self-help book, “Love Your Life, Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want.”

She is recognized for her simple, accessible approach to personal finance, breaking down complex principles into easy-to-understand terms. Her engaging personality and prowess in finance have made Rachel a popular speaker at universities and corporations across America.


Rachel Cruze: From Financial Guru To Mom of Three

Rachel Cruze and her husband, Winston, are proud parents to three wonderful children Amelia, Caroline and Charles. They view parenthood as a profound responsibility, understanding the power they have to shape their children’s perspectives on money.

The couple is passionate about teaching their kids the values of saving, spending, and giving, integral parts of the Ramsey money philosophy. Dave Ramsey, along with his daughter Rachel Cruze, has penned the insightful book, “Smart Money Smart Kids.”

This book serves as a guide to raising money-smart children in a world often distorted by materialistic perceptions. 

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