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Boost your Productivity with These Books by David Allen

David Allen’s books have helped people improve their time-management on projects at work and home. Find out what you can learn from this productivity guru.
by Fionnuala Kavanagh | Nov 3 2017

The ‘ping’ of an email flying in, a news flash popping up on your screen, and your phone vibrating with every new text: these are the sweet treats of the digital world that tempt your attention away from the task at hand and pile on the procrastination pounds. With increased distractions, and growing pressure to perform at a quicker working pace, people are looking for methods to boost their productive output. If you want to cut down on your stress levels and gain valuable time, try implementing a new organizational regimen that trains your focus and efficiency. Smarten up your working habits by following the advice of world-renowned productivity coach, David Allen.

David Allen is famous for helping thousands of people to be more productive. He is ranked among the top five executive coaches in the world, and celebrated globally for being a mastermind of both organizational and personal productivity. David Allen’s time-management system and accompanying books are incredibly popular because they give easy to follow advice on how to improve your daily working methods and achieve more. Read on to learn about David Allen’s top books.

Getting Things Done

In his debut bestseller, David Allen shows us how we can pick up our work pace without burning ourselves out. He tells us that being busy is not the same as being productive, and the key to efficiency is to have a relaxed mind. How can we achieve this? We need to tidy up the clutter in our heads by implementing a task-management system. The “Getting Things Done” method is based on straightforward concepts such as outcome-thinking and dividing big projects into smaller tasks. A great alternative to conventional time-management systems, Getting Things Done has revolutionized the professional lives of thousands of people globally. Not only does David Allen’s winning method help us use our time better, but also gives us the space to think clearly about the tasks at hand and to be in the right frame of mind to unleash our creativity.

Making it all Work

In his second bestseller, David Allen provides the scaffolding for us to build the same productivity principles outlined in ‘Getting Things Done’ into our outside-of-work lives. This easy-to-follow guide gives readers the best methods for organising tasks into hierarchies of importance and priority lists. To reach our full potential, we need to be able to see the bigger picture, hold on to our creative vision, as well as maintain an unwavering focus. David Allen shows us how to achieve all of this and more, by giving readers clarity of mind and teaching us how to harness spontaneity and intuition. If you want to learn how to deal with information overload, and stop feeling swamped by life’s daily commitments and chores, then read this top book by David Allen.

Ready for Anything

In order to be more creative and productive you need to prepare yourself. That’s the key message of David Allen’s third brilliant book, Ready for Anything. David Allen shows us how to be organised but flexible, so we have the strength to deal with whatever life may throw at us and free up space for creative thinking. This book gives us the tools to work more effectively and keep a cool head when we are working under pressure. Ready for Anything is a great introduction to David Allen’s famous productivity-management system; it explains the behavioural science behind procrastination and provides practical tips on how to cut time-wasting habits. Pick this bestseller to learn how to work towards your life goals systematically, so you can achieve them in a shorter amount of time.

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